5 Words To Avoid in SMS Marketing Campaign

Introduction to SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the best options for businesses and organizations to improve their sales by reaching and retaining new and existing clients. All other marketing strategies and methods have less impact as compared to SMS marketing.

While dealing with an SMS campaign, it is very important to consider the recipient’s consent and the type of text you send to the people who have opted-in.

You must be aware of the terms that can offend the recipient and will harm your brand image. A single mistake in SMS campaign could be disastrous.

Keep reading the article and get familiar with the reasons to avoid using some words in your SMS and the alternative terms.

Top 5-word list you must avoid in SMS marketing

There are some words and phrases that you must avoid using while you send out your message to people. They will have adverse impacts on your business and organization.

The following lines below contain the list and types of words that you must not use in your SMS content.

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1. Words that are baseless and unbelievable

Using words that are hard to believe could result in losing your subscriber. To impress clients, some people use too fancy and hard to digest words like for the first time in history, never before, the best, one of the perfect, our product/ service will be spellbound, magical, etc. instead focus on what you are? What are the benefits you can provide your clients? How your assistance will help them fulfill their needs.

2. Words that make you too promotional

Do not ever use words that will make you sound too promotional. Instead, use less promotional content because the client will love it.

It will leave a positive and strong impression on their minds that you are not reaching them to make sales only. You care for them, and that is the reason you are contacting them.

A newbie will always go for promotional content to increase the opt-in rates. Get expert advice or hire an SMS marketing agency in Dubai to make the right choice of words for your SMS content.

3. Common words

Try to add new yet attractive words o your content instead of adding phrases and lines that people are using to trick the customers or the subscribers.

Remember, you are not the only one sending SMS alerts to the people; Others also send them offers and updates. Try to stand out in the crowd and let the reader decide the rest. Using words and sentences that other service providers are sending will make you no different or attractive to the reader.

4. Avoid too wordy paragraphs

Avoid using words that will increase your paragraph length. Try to convey your message in fewer words than using multiple representations.

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Remember, the recipient has not the whole day to understand your objectives and reasons to reach them. Use simple terms, a combination of two words that will explain your whole idea. We call this combination of words a keyword that plays a key role in SMS marketing.

5. Words that show disrespect

Make a wise choice of words. Make sure you do not disrespect your subscribers by any means. Please do not use words that you use to communicate with your friends, these are your customers, and it is a must that you respect them. Avoid using words that may aggravate your clients.

List of words you must add into your SMS

If not the terms and statements as mentioned earlier, then what to use in SMS and how to write it? The answer to this question is in the following paragraphs.

Below are some points that will exhibit what to use in your SMS content.

1. Words that add emotion

To make people respond to your SMS and opt-in at a high rate, use words that create love and care emotions. Use words like”for your loved ones,” “make your day special,” “for the people you care.” Such terms will persuade the reader to inquire more and ask what more you have for them.

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2. Words that create urgency

Words like limited time offer, limited stock, hurry up, limited time, end of the sale, etc., have great power to persuade and compel the recipient to opt-in. They will mostly respond and inquire more about the product and other details.

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3. Words that show benefits

Why do you want the recipient to listen to you, and why must they opt-in? Why should they subscribe to your service?

You will answer all these questions through your SMS and tell them the benefits they can acquire from subscribing to your services.

Some people forget to mention the benefits that their clients can get and make fewer sales despite running an SMS campaign. Let the experts do the job for you and acquire an agency to convey the benefits associated with you to your customers.

Your choice of words will decide the success of the SMS campaign

The combination of words you use in your SMS content directly affects the receiver’s thinking and perspective. Make sure to make a good choice of words and words that are persuasive enough to bring you more customers and retain your existing ones.

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