7 Alarming Reasons of Social Fatigue

Introduction to Social Fatigue

Social Fatigue occurs when a person is exhausted by being put into too many social conditions for their comfort, often when he/she is feeling bored by his/her company.

Social Fatigue can happen from excessive use of social networking sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter or several online forums where opposing opinions can cross the limit of one’s tolerance.

Eventually, a victim of Social Fatigue simply needs to be disregarded and left alone. Because for them every person around them is just stupid, foolish, and useless.

Actually, Social Fatigue describes the feeling of being emotionally exhausted by someone’s work and behavior. It is controlled by physical fatigue and a sense of feeling psychologically and emotionally.

Reasons For Social Fatigue:

  1. Fearing of missing out(FOMO):

    Social Fatigue
    Social Fatigue

Individuals clash between their requirement for data and their craving desire to avoid information overload. A person who has a fear of missing out provides more to social media fatigue than advertising.

The Strategy of Social media should balance providing up-to-date data with a frequency that does not cause social media fatigue.

  1. The conflict between personal life and professional life:

Online media can affect a person both in personal life and professional life. People can think that it’s difficult to adjust their more than one web-based media and their work life. This could to social media fatigue. And thus usually people got disconnected from social media.

  1. Social comparison to other users:

    Social Fatigue
    Social Fatigue

Younger social media users often compare themselves with other users. They always try to find how he/she is better than others. And how they are better than him/her.

People with low self-esteem usually compare themselves with others on social media by some cheap abstract things. Usually, people with low self-esteem compare themselves with higher self-esteemed people.

  1. Negative social connection:

One of the main purposes of social media is to connect with people and interact with them. Someone who has one or more bad experiences with using social media could develop negative emotions and feelings, such as anger, dissatisfaction, annoyance, and stress. This thing could lead them to lose interest in using this kind of social platform and social media fatigue.

  1. Compulsive social media use:

People who use social media in a limitless manner can face social media fatigue. This could impact their physical, mental health, and wellbeing and it also could lead to anxiety and depression. Every person especially teenagers who use social media in a compulsive manner can feel anxiety and depression.

  1. Concern about personal privacy

People who are more concerned about their privacy, usually face social fatigue. People who collect energy from others by talking or gossiping with them are called extroverts and who cannot collect energy with others and likes to stay alone in every social aspect and with their small charm and ability to small talk about anyone is called an introvert. So when they need to charge themselves they find it hard to do so.

  1. Sleep disturbances:

    Social Fatigue
    Social Fatigue

Disturbed sleep can occur for many reasons like the loudness of neighbors, an uncomfortable sleeping place like room, bed, light, snoring partner, child’s crying, stress, etc. And these causes can lead you directly to depression, anxiety, and social fatigue.

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Change lifestyle to reduce fatigue:

Several easy lifestyles can help to reduce social fatigue as well as your mental and physical health.

  1. Get enough sleep:- Sleeping is one of the best solutions for almost every disorder of both physical and mental health. Calm sleep can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and many other aspects. People who maintain a proper protocol of sufficient sleeping usually feel more relaxed than others.
  2. Practice healthy eating habits:- Eating healthy food is one of the most necessary things to stay relaxed and reduce fatigue. Maintaining a proper routine of taking healthy foods both by quality and quantity can be a good practice to reduce social fatigue.
  3. Avoid known stress:- We all have some kind of stress in our life. But we should avoid some common stress to stay relaxed from social fatigue.
  4. Drink enough fluid to stay hydrated:- Drink sufficient water (4-5 liters) has more than one great benefit for your life. If you don’t take sufficient water your body will be hydrated by lack of water. And this will lead you to anxiety and mental depression and affects your health.
  5. A relaxing activity like Yoga:- Take part in some relaxing activities like yoga, gym, work out. These things actually help us to stay fit and charming, energetic, and happy.

Make these changes to your lifestyle.

These will obviously help to reduce your social fatigue and make you feel more energetic, charming than previously. It is also important to consult with your doctor for better treatment and any kind of diagnosed health conditions.

Diagnosing fatigue:

Social Fatigue
Social Fatigue

There are several ways to diagnose social fatigue. As social fatigue may have several reasons, a vast range of symptoms can also be present. So diagnosis can become difficult. It’s the duty of a doctor to diagnosis the proper reason. So he/she can test it in a number of ways.

  1. Medical history: Recent events like childbirth, operations, accidents may contribute to social fatigue.
  2. Physical illness: By checking your physical immunity power or sign of dieses he/she can decide the proper reason behind social fatigue.
  3. Medical tests: By several medical tests like urine tests, x-ray, cough tests, stool tests, sputum tests, blood tests doctors can diagnose the problem.

“While socializing may start off on a positive note, after a while it becomes psychologically taxing. It’s like social burnout. The younger generation is suffering from it because of the need to belong.”- Dr. ShefaliBatra, Psychiatrist.

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