3 Amazing Things a Social Media Agency Should Handle

Introduction to Social Media Agency

Why do companies hire social media agencies? It’s easy to understand why they would. Social media is too involved for a single person or business to manage by themselves.

You want to hop on board the social media train, but you’re not sure how or where to begin. A social media agency can help you with all aspects of online marketing and communications such as social media strategy and consulting.

There are still many benefits to using any top social media agency in Australia that create ROI for your business, increase website traffic and conversions and develop a strong social presence with your brand. Here are 3 things a social media agency should handle.

  1. Strategy

Let’s face it, you have the Google Analytics reports (also your on-site analytics software) to tell you there are problems with your site that need fixing.

There is no point going to an agent telling them the problems and expecting them to fix it for you. You are paying for their skills and expertise in order for you not to do the work in-house.

Ask them what they will do for you and how they will fix the problems identified and then validate that they can do it. Ask them about the approaches they are going to use to solve these problems and also about resources they plan on investing in your project.

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Ask for their internal customer service contacts, and ask about the hours they are available. Most campaigns should be monitored 24/7 and great agencies have teams watching over them during these times.

The hours of monitoring you get from your traditional agency will be a good indicator of how much they think of you and your business – and the campaign they’ve sold to you.

It’s important to understand that an agency is a business in its own right, but if they don’t put a name and face to every resource, then it can be very difficult for them to provide you with this level of support; even if it’s what they claim to offer.

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  1. Community management

Unless you run a big-name brand, the chances are you won’t be able to afford your own dedicated community manager from scratch.

If you’re good at social media and understand it in-depth, you could probably do an okay job of it in the short term, but having a specialist come in and manage what for them is not rocket science is a wise move.

If you’re looking at creating your community using just the voice of one or two people, it’s nearly impossible to be successful.

You’ll end up spending way too much time pouring through comments, chasing down discussions and people who don’t match your target market.

It can easily take up 50+ hours of time every week and leave you feeling completely drained from the constant fire-fighting that comes with running your own community.

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Sure, managing your own community can seem like a pain in the neck, but if you have too much on your plate already, why not get someone who’s really good at it?

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  1. Monitoring

Social media monitoring is a serious game-changer for businesses. It has drastically changed the way small businesses and big companies do business.

Monitoring your hashtag campaigns, track which social networking sites have the most visibility, and how successful your posts are is pivotal to understanding how to effectively use hashtags, likes, and shares as well as engage with your audience.

Even though it sounds like you’d need a degree in marketing or an entire team of employees to use this effectively, you can start using some of the free tools out there or by using your good ‘ol fashioned elbow grease.

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