5 Amazing Sola Wood Flower Wedding Decorations That are Actually Chic

Introduction to Sola Wood Flower

Sola flowers have brought a revolutionary change in the floral wedding industry. These blooms have taken not only the place of fresh blooms, but these have become an ideal substitute for expensive faux flowers such as silk blooms.

The best part of using wood flowers as wedding floral is their affordability, timelessness, and versatility. All these stunning features of sola wood flowers allow wedding florists to create just out-of-the-world decorative displays, bridal bouquets, and wedding decors that are amazingly chic!

The durability of wood flowers is so impressive that you can use these flowers in any kind of giant arrangement from floral walls to the tiniest ones like boutonnieres. Here are a few outstanding sola wood floral arrangements that you can use ideally for your wedding decorations:

·        Chair sashes:

Chairs are a must item of every wedding and you can add cheer and vividness to your sweetheart chairs with a wreath of sola wood flowers, funky leaves, and silk ribbons.

There is nothing to worry about them wilting, drying or dying blooms with the additional carefree features of realistic but durable petals that can last longer than any real bloom.

·        Floral cake décor:

You can make your simple wedding cake a standout focal point for everyone when decorating it with sola wood flowers. These blooms can stay fresh and maintain their shape longer than any real flower.

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Wood flowers also provide you the option of adding flowers that are beautiful but poisonous by using their wooden roses version.

This allergy-free option of floral cake decorations allows you to bring on the calla lilies, azaleas, and daisies to your dessert table in a completely unique and stunning appearance.

·        Headbands:

Flower crowns and headbands are perfectly on-trend now, and without breaking the bank you can get this item in your wedding style. Now you can make a customized, DIY floral crown on your own by using sola wood faux flowers.

Sola wood flowers not only help to keep the floral cost down but provides you a headband or crown that will stay fresh for months and years.

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·        Centerpieces with metallic branches:

Real flowers create marvelous centerpieces, but still, they restrict you to stay in a zone where you have limited options to experiment with your wedding centerpieces.

Wood flowers are real blooms with added features of faux flowers. These are available in all-natural shades and still provide you bloom in artificial glamorous colors.

Mix precious metallic looks with graceful branches to create a stunning item for dinner tables. Use all the glitter with white, gold, and silver and arrange crystal or glass vases in a cluster of tall and short heights.

·        Wonder flower wall:

Who won’t love a floral backdrop that could be an ideal place for exchanging vows or having the main part of their wedding photo session, but doing this in celebrity style can actually make a hole in your wallet.

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Fortunately, sola wood flowers can help you to create the same lush look in your budget. You can enjoy a lavish wedding look by creating a floral wall made of splendid sola wood blooms.

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