Speed Up System Performance on Mac: 5 Best Customization Tips

Introduction to Speed Up System Performance on Mac

Who in this world wants to work on a sluggish Mac, with a slow startup, freezing of apps while working, spinning wheel of the rainbow every time opening a process. And the answer is quite obvious, no one.

As every one of us wants to have a fast performing speedy Mac. So if you too are looking for ways to speed up the performance of your Mac then you are at the right place.

In this article, we will be sharing with you some extremely simple yet powerful tips that can resolve your problem of slow Mac performance. So, without further ado let’s start.

Speed Up the Performance of Your Mac

To speed up the performance of your Mac, it’s not always necessary to use the additional resources, some simple tweaks also do the task.

And if you keep on tweaking your Mac from time to time with these simple tips then your Mac will always be running like new.

Stop the Resource Consuming Processes

All the apps and processes running on your Mac consume some amount of resources of your Mac. However, some apps are more power consumption when compared to others and lead to

Crawling of your Mac. Now to find these resource-consuming processes and kill them Mac has an inbuilt tool, Activity Monitor. But unfortunately, many of us are unaware of this tool although using it is extremely easy yet efficient.

To locate and open Activity Monitor you can either use Spotlight on your Mac or you can open it through the Applications > Utilities folder.

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Speed Up System Performance on Mac
Speed Up System Performance on Mac

Basically, Activity Monitor provides you with details of five different resources that the process uses, which are  CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk, and Network.

Now click on either the CPU or memory tab from the top of Activity Monitor and sort by the very first column. This will show all the processes that are consuming your CPU resources.

Click on the process that is high on your resources and click on the X button located at the top left to end the process

Manage the Program Loading at Startup

If lots of programs and apps are running at the startup of your Mac then it makes your Mac slow right from the startup.

And once these processes are started at startup they keep on running in the background making your Mac even more sluggish. However, the good news is that you can control these startup items

Speed Up System Performance on Mac
Speed Up System Performance on Mac

To do so you have to first click on the Apple icon > Now from the drop-down menu select System Preferences > Users and Groups > Login Items.

This will show you all the startup items that load automatically at the system startup. Remove all the items that you do not want to load at startup. Select the item and click on the ‘-’ button to remove that app from loading at startup.

However, you can also use Smart Mac Care, one of the top Mac cleaners to do this for you with just a single click.

Never Miss an Update for your Apps and OS

Yes, it’s true that a top mac cleaning software like Smart Mac Care that we have just discussed above helps to speed up the performance of your Mac in one click.

However, if you are using an older version of OS, although the latest version is available then you are the only one to be responsible for the slowness of Mac.

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From time to time your macOS gets the updates then includes the bug fixes and security patches. Apart from this the latest updates also improve the performance of the Mac.

Speed Up System Performance on Mac
Speed Up System Performance on Mac

However another common mistake that slows down the Mac is skipping these regular updates, and unfortunately, many of us avoid these updates.

And similar to macOS all the apps that you have installed on your Mac receive regular updates from their developers to make them more efficient and performance-optimized.

So, if you have pending updates for your macOS or any other apps then first of all update them to the recent one. Also, in the future avoid any available updates.

Make Space on your Hard Drive

If your hard drive is clogged with temporary files, caches, and junk files that it will drastically impact the performance of your Mac.

However, the biggest question for which most Mac users need an answer is how to clean junk on Mac. And this becomes even more complicated when your hard drive is completely filled.

To fix this you have to have to first go through your hard drive and look for the user, app, and browser cache and remove it.

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After that, you need to look for the log files, trash, duplicate files, failed download, etc, and other files that are no longer in use and delete them to make space on your hard drive.

Once you have removed all the junk files from your hard drive, you feel that your browser, applications are responding more quickly than before, and eventually, you feel that the complete performance of your Mac has improved.

Speed Up System Performance on Mac
Speed Up System Performance on Mac

But the only problem with this manual method of cleaning the junk is it will take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we will now look at how to clean junk on Mac automatically.

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Yes, you heard it right, it is possible to make yourself free from the hassle of manually cleaning your mac and do it automatically with a mac cleaning software.

Smart Mac Care is one of the best apps to clean Mac within no time. Its advanced engine helps you to locate all the junk that your Mac is cluttered with, and then clean it with just a few clicks.

Apart from this, it has other advanced tools like duplicate finder, uninstaller, that further help you in deep cleaning on your Mac and optimize its performance.

Wrapping Up

Speeding up the performance of your Mac is not that much difficult as most Mac users feel. All you need to do is just follow the above tweaks that we have discussed and follow them regularly to keep your device always running as new.

And in case you do not have time or feel that you do not have enough expertise to do the optimization then you can choose from any of the best mac optimization software available there in the market.

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