5 Best Facts On Staff Augmentation And It’s Benefits For Tech Startup?

Introduction to Staff Augmentation

In simple terms, staff augmentation is the strategy of using external resources to temporarily improve your organization’s capability.

When there is a temporary requirement of a skillset, and no one in your organization has it, it is better to hire someone externally temporarily so that you can utilize their skills. It is cost-effective too. It is a common strategy used by companies.

It is often useful when you already have a team, and you need external professionals to speed up the project and need their inputs and ideas. To hire an employee otherwise takes a lot of time and is an expensive affair.

Staff Augmentation and tech startups

Staff Augmentation can be of high advantage for startups. You get to access all the skills you require for your project within your constraints.

All you have to do is analyze the skill set of the resources you have within your team and list out the rest of the requirements.

And then you need to partner up with a staff augmentation service provider and tell your requirements. And,  they will find you the best resources.

The reasons to adapt staff augmentation are many, from time-saving to cost-effectiveness. Let us look at the benefits.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Hiring in-house staff can be expensive and time-consuming. From employee benefits to office facilities, the overhead can go high.

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But at the same time, through staff augmentation, we can hire someone who can work remotely with the desired skillsets. It is highly recommended for tech startups as it decreases the operational cost.

Also, another advantage is you get the option to hire people from different localities. You can choose people from places where the cost is lesser.

It is the simple logic that we have to pay more for people from bigger cities where the cost of living is higher. Thus, in turn, decreases the cost very effectively.

  • Time-saving

The entire process of hiring an in-house employee can be time-consuming. It can take months. But hiring through staff augmentation is time-saving.

All you need to do is approach an IT staff augmentation service provider and list your requirements. If you have to hire a developer, you have the required resource within your payroll.

You don’t have to worry about the entire hiring can list out the specifications you need and the required experience. They will provide you with a process.

  • Simpler recruitment process

To hire an in-house developer or even a contract developer is a tiresome person. You have to make sure the candidate has all the skills, background checks, and worry about the payroll, which can all get pretty expensive.

Also, you will have to hire an HR team for the entire process. This whole cycle is highly simplified in staff augmentation.

It accelerates the entire process of recruitment. While the latter might take months, staff augmentation takes only days.

  • Flexibility

For startups, staff augmentation provides a lot of flexibility. There might be times when you want to speed up the development process, and here you can temporarily hire experienced personnel with minimum effort for the required period.

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So you only need to pay them for the required time. This improves flexibility. Here you need to pay only for the required resources. Also, you have to maintain the resources only until you require the specific skill set.

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  • Better than traditional outsourcing

There are many similarities between traditional outsourcing and staff augmentation, but they are a lot different too.

In the case of traditional outsourcing, you find a third party to complete your project. That is, the entire delivery of the project is dependent on the third party. This can be an expensive process.

But in the case of staff augmentation, you still have the project within the company. It is just a few external experts you are hiring.

So for startups, this gives them the advantage of outsourcing to some extent. You can still maintain control of your project with the expert skills you need at reduced costs.

So you have a brilliant idea, and the issue is a lack of resources or money, then staff augmentation is the perfect solution.

There are a lot of staff augmentation services available to help you. The advantage of having a dispersed team is enormous, especially for startups. You can have a team of people working across the world and manage them pretty easily.

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