4 Ways To Stay Motivated And Productive As A Digital Nomad

Introduction to Stay Motivated And Productive

Being a digital nomad, you work remotely. When you are at a remote destination around scenic views, you know how crucial it is to be productive, motivated, and have a clear head while you are out there, trying to pursue your dreams. Even if you are not a digital nomad, you need to stay productive to achieve all your goals.

But before we go on and describe the four ways to stay motivated and productive as a digital nomad, we’d like to define the term digital nomad.

What Does The Term Digital Nomad Means?

A digital nomad is a person who chooses to live a life that is independent of anyone’s physical location and is profoundly revolving around technology for work purposes. To be a digital nomad means you work from any place in the world, with just your laptop or phone.

Why Productivity & Motivation Matters At All?

Productivity & Motivation Matters At All
Productivity & Motivation Matters At All

You might be sitting there in the evening, enjoying dinner with your friends, and party till late at night. The very next morning, you have a career deliverable to complete or a meeting to attend. Your motivation will be the only thing that assures that you get up in the morning and start working on your client projects.

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Productivity helps people stay consistent while they are in remote places, being a digital nomad. If someone is trying to live life like a digital nomad in Bali, Indonesia, there are so many distractions around, and you could go clubbing the whole day. But it’s the productivity that keeps you off that track and helps you become successful in your career/field.

Here are our top four ways that we think you should try to practice for better productivity.

Relax & Rejuvenate

Relax & Rejuvenate
Relax & Rejuvenate

No matter being a digital nomad and working remotely has its privileges, but at times, you will get exhausted. But you don’t exhaust yourself at work and hope for you to be 100 percent productive. At times, you need to relax a bit, and for that, you can take Canadian Anabolics as it will help you in building muscle strength. Spa lovers can go to a spa or sauna for a day. When you are done relaxing and feel fresh, start again at your work. This will improve your productivity by many shades.

Make Use Of Your Spare Travel Time

It’s common for digital nomads to spend nights and early mornings at the airports, train stations, etc., for their mode of commute to arrive and pick them up. While it costs relatively less to book a late night or early morning flight, it eats up all your productivity. A competent and motivated digital nomad would use this opportunity to clear their backlogs and client deliverables. If you want to be motivated and start your work routine, be more productive than ever. Grab the crucial time that you get while you wait at airports, buses, and train stations.

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Moreover, if you are waiting at a food joint for your order to get ready, you might as well wrap up having a quick call with your client or associate and get heads up on the project. This way, you can utilize the time at hand and stay worry-free the rest of the time.

Use The 40:20 Rule

While you are working at your desk, things can get quite sweaty, and you need to get your body at ease. Use the 40:20 rule to take some breaks to stand up, walk a bit, and hydrate yourself. Now do remember, hydrating is very much crucial for the body.

After every forty minutes of working, take a twenty minutes break. During this break, go for a brisk walk on the terrace or a lawn, or drink water. The idea is to cool down the engine before it goes again working.

Let The Distractions Sail Away

While you are working online on your projects, you need to take care of the things which can distract you, both offline and online. If you are around your friends or housemates who might as well take your attention off your work, you should just move to a quiet place to complete the job. That may be your terrace, a garden, or a quaint cafe.

It’s easy to escape the physical disturbance around you, but do you know there are more digital distractions in your gadgets than anywhere else? You might open your search engine for searching something relevant to your work, but you might end up somewhere you don’t belong for that time. Not to forget, when one goes on the web, there are hundreds of advertisements to take their attention off work. How to overcome these online distractions? It’s simple.

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There are unique google chrome plugins that you can use, like AdBlocker, to block unnecessary ads on the websites. Apart from that, there’s a plugin that reminds you to get off a website that is not productive, like social media sites.


working as a digital nomad
working as a digital nomad

We understand the fact that working as a digital nomad has its challenges. But these were our four essential tips that could help you tone down the challenges. We think you should spare a thought about these tips and see how productivity & motivation firmly in your digital nomadic life.

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