5 Effective Things on: Staying at Hotel After Reopening

Introduction to Staying at Hotel After Reopening

After staying indoors for about one year people are slowly getting out. The restrictions are reduced by concerned authorities in different aspects.

Traffic and transport are almost the same positions as before COVID situation.  Some fields of transportation have started to work again.

In this time people have to go outside the state or outside country for several reasons like work or some personal reasons.

But in these time we have to keep in mind that COVID 19 has not over yet, In a country like India there are almost thirty thousand new cases is being recorded every day, and this number is not safe when we talk about the whole world, rather it is really dangerous till now.

As people are started to travelling there must be a cause of fear about the safety and precaution to take to fight with COVID.

It is natural to worry about to stay at hotels, as these hotels are for public use, and after COVID people are really conscious in every short step of their life.

But it is also true that in our recent lifestyle it is almost impossible to maintain every safety and precaution to stop COVID because there is no guarantee.

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As there is no guarantee we must not take COVID in a soft manner, we have to maintain all the guidelines given by the WHO and concerned authority.

Because to stop COVID we do not the proper way. The patients are till now given some supportive treatments by the doctors.

Here are some really effective things to remember especially when you are travelling anywhere and staying in any public hotel.

  • Is the hotel is maintaining all the safety guidelines?

    Staying at Hotel After Reopening
    Staying at Hotel After Reopening

A hotel is a very busy place. People come to the hotel from every corner of the world. And as per guideline COVID-19 spread through touch and contact with an affected person.

And the chance of contamination is really high at hotels. COVID 19 spread through droplets of an infected person, hence it is really important to maintain safe distance and safety in hotel areas.

Hotel authority must take care of proper sanitizing of whole hotel areas in every short time span to disinfect the surface.

  • Be careful at hotel lobby and restaurant:

You don’t know who is using the hotel and the restaurants. Even you do not know if anyone is infected with a virus or not.

Once you enter in the hotel room it is almost safe, but the lobbies and the restaurants are always dangerous and high risky.

The lobby is a common passage for everyone. And the restaurant is a place where everyone is staying without a mask. So the chances to spread COVID is a little bit of high here.

  • Treat housekeeping carefully:

Another main issue in hotels is housekeeping. Multiple persons are using your room and when someone is coming in contact with room service there is a high chance to be infected by the virus.

By seeing the housekeeping you will get an idea that how seriously the hotel management is taking this pandemic situation.

  • Your safety is in your hands:

    Staying at Hotel After Reopening
    Staying at Hotel After Reopening

We all have a habit to touch our mouth, nose and eyes in every silly reason. But as per the survey and guidelines, these are the main entry point of the virus.

By entering through this path the virus effects on our respiratory system. So we have to change our habit, though it is not easy we do not have any other option.

Always use sanitizers with proper alcohol, without thinking about the roughness of skin made by sanitizer.

When possible wash your hands with soap or hand washes for at least 30 seconds. If it is very essential to touch your mouth, nose or eyes first ensure that your palm is virus-free, if you have any doubt, use sanitizer or wash your hands completely.

  • Maintain social distance:

    Staying at Hotel After Reopening
    Staying at Hotel After Reopening

It’s really impossible to know who is affected by the virus without a test. And the new problem is the asymptotic nature of the virus in the human’s body.

Means there is no symptom of COVID 19 in most of the cases. Bt it is confirmed by a test that those persons are COVID effected.

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In biological terms, they are said carrier of this virus. So in this condition, we must maintain social distance from every unknown person.

We must be very careful from them who has even only one symptom like cough, sneeze, fever etc.

  • Maintain safety in public transport:

Last but not least we must also be careful when we are travelling in transport. Be mindful before touching any part of the transport.

Clean your hands after touching such things and avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes.

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