10 Awesome Tips on Staying Warm in the Cooler Months

All about Staying Warm in the Cooler Months

Staying warm during the winter months does not need to imply a soaring energy bill. All you have to do is be resourceful.

  1. Winter Energy Consumption

Winter means more energy consumption and that equates to higher bills. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling your home accounts for about 56 percent of total energy use in a household.

The cooler it is outside, the more electricity you use, especially if you use an additional space heater to keep yourself warm.

If you went on a holiday, any appliance you left unplugged has continued consuming electricity. Your espresso machine alone spends as much energy unplugged as a lit LED light bulb. Freezers and refrigerators consume even more.

When it comes to energy usage, no two households are the same, just like our lifestyles. You can learn a lot about yourself when looking at your usage.

Look at your usage history to identify areas where you can reduce your consumption. Can you perhaps spot a difference when you added something new to your household that consumes more electricity?

Did you introduce a new hobby that includes the use of appliances? Did you perhaps have guests staying over the holidays?

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You should also question if your appliances are well-positioned. For example, a freezer or refrigerator placed in direct sunlight will have to work harder to do what it’s supposed to do.

Poor maintenance of appliances can also contribute to a higher energy bill. An HVAC will have to work twice as hard if you don’t clean its filters regularly.

The same goes for outdated appliances whose efficiency is greatly reduced. Besides using up more electricity, such devices can also become a safety hazard if they are not cared for properly or replaced in time.

  1. Tips On Keeping Warm That Won’t Cause Bill To Skyrocket

There are many ways to keep warm without causing your winter Peco utility bill to skyrocket. Instead of reaching for the thermostat, try doing some of the following.

Dress for the occasion

Wear clothes that keep you warm. But, wear layers to avoid getting overheated because the goal is to keep your body warm and dry. Keep your feet warm with wool socks and you will end up even sleeping better.

Keep it cozy

Heat up your bed with an electric blanket or a hot water bottle so you can turn off your HVAC while sleeping. Add a hot cup of tea or warm cocoa to warm yourself up on the inside.

Let the sunshine in

Open your blinds and curtains during the day on the south-facing windows to let sun’s rays heat your place up.

Use the oven and stove

Cook and bake during winter to generate more heat. Additionally, leave the oven open after you’re done baking to add more heat to the room.

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Seal drafts

Aside from weather-stripping, you can put a blanket or a towel at the bottom of the door to avoid cold air from coming in. Use drapes and blinds to insulate your windows at night.

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Move around

Keeping active will keep you warm. You don’t even have to do aerobics. Getting your circulation going can be as simple as cleaning out your closet or going up the stairs. As you probably already know, exercise is good for you.

Use a humidifier

A humidifier won’t exactly increase the temperature in your home, but the vapor it produces increases the air’s ability to withhold heat.

Also, humid air feels warmer than dry air. It will also make your household feel more comfortable and ease your discomfort in case you get a common cold.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration makes it difficult for your body to maintain the optimal temperature. Additionally, drinking plenty of water will help your skin get that lovely glow.


Getting and staying warm does not have to equate to a skyrocketing energy bill. All you have to do to keep yourself warm is be resourceful. There are many ways to do it without turning up the heat.

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