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Engaging visitors to convert and generating more business opportunities is the ultimate business goal. Whether working on designing a dynamic website or building a mobile app, getting users to convert is the reason behind its existence. Optimizing a mobile app for bringing in conversions, needs a series of steps making the whole process critical. Knowing the basic steps and the application principles is the key to designing an engaging app that converts.

Designing for conversions not only improves the customer’s user experience when they open your mobile app, but it also boosts customer satisfaction. This ultimately generates more leads, sales and results in higher profitability of your business venture.

Here is a list of tips to bring your customers one step closer to converting.

1. Task Automation

Try to automate the tasks wherever you can. Automating tasks like filling up forms engages user for a long period. Some important & simple tips.

Task Automation
Task Automation
  • Allow them to log in through social media account.
  • If the form is necessary, let it be done with as fewer fields as possible.
  • For repeated information provide an automation feature to take care of filling up the form.
  • For online payments, every transaction is automatically processed.

2. Fast Loading Time

The most important impression not only depends on the attractiveness of the design. But on the loading speed of the app and it is a challenge for mobile app development to address this concern. Loading speed is one of Google’s ranking factors, the time needed for an app to fully load has a huge impact on conversion rate.

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Users move to another app if the loading time is too high, which negatively impacts the conversion rate. Consider the following stats:

  • 53% of visitors abandon an app if it takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • With the 1-second delay in app response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions:

3. Integrate Standard Elements

To retain the user confidence and interest for a long duration, it is important to implement normal symbols, colours, buttons, and icons. This will help the user to easily access the mobile app without any guidelines. As a result, it will give you a competitive benefit as users will find the app easy to use with amazing UX. This will make more users install your application and suggest it to others as well.

4. Make UX Interactive

Make UX Interactive

If you want to run a successful app with unique features, try to make it more interactive. Apart from its appearance, an engaging app is easy to navigate. Some important elements to make an app interactive are icons, colour, and location. Make sure colours are integrated into the mobile app that is related to your brand. Having vibrant and too many colours have a negative impact on the visual appeal of your mobile application. Making the app attractive and smooth to navigate is the perfect way to attract users.

5. Innovative Market Trends

Trends applies to all industries, and this includes app development as well. It is important to know customers. Build a proper plan for what a targeted audience really wants from an app. Several factors come into the picture here, so doing research on this section is important. Users looking for a personalized touch to their needs and interests as a demographic. Make use of heuristic evaluation with usability testing to build UX that is appealing to users. The only common ground here is interactivity. Interactive apps never fail to deliver visitors an engaging user experience.

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6. Clutter-Free Interface

A cluttered interface puts off a user upon launching a mobile app. Mobile has a small screen size thus having clutter is unacceptable. It overloads the user with too much data and ultimately confuses the user. Cluttering occurs when too many features are incorporated at once. It is important to analyze the crucial features of the app and put in more effort to make them engaging. Any feature that is not necessary should be eliminated. People prefer an app that does a few things in the right manner rather than apps that attempt to do everything in a shoddy way.

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7. Don’t Overdo Animation

Animations make an important part to develop mobile apps as they improve usability. They bring life to app and makes it intuitive. Animations used to convey a message that would have otherwise be communicated in words. It improves user experience only when used at the right time and place. Make sure the animations are meaningful, have a purpose as well as functional. The animations play important roles on the UI including providing visual feedback for user actions and showing navigation transaction. Overuse of animations ruins the user experience. Good animations are used when required and are not too many on one screen.

To build an engaging mobile app, eliminate complexity. The best methodology is through the use of the functional minimalism technique. It involves keeping content and interface elements to a functional minimum to prevent the problem of cluttered interfaces.


UX design should be user-centric to improve business conversion. The above-discussed tips only show how a user-centric approach is important to keep users more engaged, active and converting. In this respect, evaluate the user journey from time to time. When you are alert of every small step in the UX journey of your app, the engagement is not difficult.

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