5 Simple Steps To Apply Cologne Like An Expert

Introduction to Steps To Apply Cologne

Everyone likes to smell their best as much as possible, right? If you’re a man, buying and wearing cologne is the best way to achieve this.

However, it’s not as straightforward as buying a bottle and spraying it on. Sure, that’s the basic idea, but there are a few steps you should always take to ensure you’re getting the most out of your cologne.

Some of these are just common-sense tactics that you may already have thought of doing yourself. Others come from specialist knowledge about cologne that not everyone has.

Have a look at the five key steps you need to take to get the best possible value out of your cologne.

Steps To Apply Cologne
Steps To Apply Cologne

1.  Don’t Apply Too Much

This is perhaps the biggest mistake men make when it comes to applying fragrances. Using too much will leave too strong a scent on you and ultimately result in the product’s waste.

You only need to use one spray on one or two body parts at first. If you feel you need more after that, use it, but as little as possible.

Ask a friend or family member for advice if you need to, as it can be difficult to tell how strong a smell is when it’s coming from your own body.

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If you pick the right fragrance, you’ll never need to use too much to attract attention. Bleu de Chanel is one example of a cologne that hits the right notes even when used sparingly.

You should also be sure not to rub cologne in after you spray it. This breaks down the chemical structure of the spray and reduces its effectiveness. You can dab the liquid to spread it around, but never rub it in.

2.  Pick Where to Apply Carefully

You may not have put much thought into where on your body your cologne should go up until now. However, it’s one of the key factors that dictate how long your cologne will last and how well other people will be able to smell it.

You want to put your cologne on warm parts of your body. This is because the heat of these body parts helps project the scent further and for longer, allowing you to get the desired effect with the least possible amount of cologne. The best places for it are your wrists, chest, inner elbows, and neck.

You should avoid spraying it on your clothes as you will not get this effect. You should never spray cologne in front of you and walk into it; most of the product will end up on the floor.

Steps To Apply Cologne
Steps To Apply Cologne

3.  Pick the Right Scent

You might be tempted to pick whatever cologne smells best in the store while you’re out shopping. However, you should put more thought into scent selection. The seasons, as well as your style, have a role to play here.

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In summer, you should pick bright, fresh scents. Anything with hints of citrus works well in the warmer months. In winter, however, heavier scents are more suitable; consider spicy and woody fragrances.

While people often talk about “signature fragrances,” it’s never a bad idea to mix things up. Variety is the spice of life!

Steps To Apply Cologne
Steps To Apply Cologne

4.  Apply at the Right Time

You need to be careful about when you put on your cologne. If you apply it at the wrong times consistently, you’ll end up wasting a lot of the product.

The best time to apply a fragrance is after a shower. Your pores are looser and hence more receptive to products. However, you have to ensure your skin is entirely dry before spraying on your cologne.

If you need to top up your scent later in the day, a splash on your wrists should have the desired effect.

Steps To Apply Cologne
Steps To Apply Cologne

5.  Know What You’re Buying

Have you ever seen the terms “eau de toilette” or “eau de parfum” on your cologne bottles? These may not have struck you as meaning much before now, but there are important differences between these types of fragrances.

Eau de perfume is the strongest scent. It will usually cost a lot more than eau de toilette, but represents much better value for money if you’re using the fragrance very frequently. Eau de toilette will usually last for around three hours after you spray it on, while you should get five to eight hours out of an eau de parfum product.

Eau de cologne is even lighter than eau de toilette. It usually lasts for about two hours after you spray it. However, you can get a good value on some eau de toilette products.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Cologne in 2020

Good cologne doesn’t come cheap. With this in mind, you need to be doing everything you can to get the most out of a new bottle when you buy one. The five steps we’ve looked at here will help you make sure you’re doing just that.

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