6 Easy Steps To Draw A Girl

Introduction to Steps To Draw A Girl

We have my hero academia so I’m going to show you how to draw a girl. You know she floats and stuffs she’s a deck who’s a love interest well.

So, she’s in her hero costume she does number mask on the hero sort. You know the lower part of the drawing is the cool drawing ideas. So, we’re going to stack the top half of our page we’re going to start with the eye.

Steps To Draw A Girl
Steps To Draw A Girl

Draw an eye

They’re my hero academic eyes are pretty. Easy on most of the young characters any way you do we’re about the middle here top half. We’re going to come across the tiny little bit.

I’m going to start with a line that curves up and around. So, we’re going to curve its kind of like a circle but it goes around.

So, it’s kind of one of those smiling eyes you know well we’re going to keep this going. We’re going to go down so going to let her see stops well here deck.

Draw a girl’s eyes go the whole way over the other side she stops about here because instead of a bottom eyelid line. She has like eyelashes so she has said one here in the middle there so that’s like eyelash lines.

There you make it a bit thicker if you want is darken it up remember. If I go too fast hit pause and I recommend a pencil as well and then go over with ink afterwards it’s much easier.

You take up that line and then we’re going to add a couple of eyelashes on the corner. So, we’re going to go up like so pointy at the end there’s one.

Then Iris and pupil so it’s kind of it are not a circle it’s one of that alone sort of circles kind of looks. It’s an oval so it goes long down here curvy on the top. So, then our pupil is pretty much the same inside there it’s another long sort of circle inside.

Your eyes are colour in brown if your colour is like so and then her eyes are pretty close together. She has such big eyes the other eye is close.

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So, it’s like here little curve it this way went down around pretty much like this one. We don’t go we go to about the same level we don’t go all the way around because she has those eyelashes on this side.

So here in the middle and one that me three small eyelashes. The bigger ones are up another one below it here and you could thicken up this line.

Draw an eyebrow

It’s a long circle like so and then a pupil inside like that dark inside as well. So okay so no it’s very easy a little right in there right in the centre of our ice crossing.

The eyelashes and that our mouth is really easy as well it’s a curving line standing. It’s going to go all the way across and you might make the ends like a little bit rounder here.

We forgot actually her eyebrows so she has an eyelid line here in an eyelid line. Draw a girl’s eyebrows are tiny they’re little they’re small there’s that explains.

They’re going to the kind of spike out this way and then they go back in around. So that’s the kind of shape we’re going for and then the other one same thing kind of a wavy line.

Draw a girl’s face

We’re going all the way up to here so it meets her hair which goes down and around her face. So, we have our chin here it’s not too pointy like.

This is going to come up to her jaw beside her mouth about here. It changes direction and goes up the side of draw a girl’s face.

It’s going to change direction and go up and around the end. We have two lines for her neck. So, one here and another one on any raw that’s where.

They are one here than the small skinny neck. So, she has two big long pieces of hair that come down the side of her face. Here in the middle then these cookers back up like we have a small one that goes in and joins the side here.

Draw head

These side pieces come up towards the middle of her head so we have them here. We have a little spike there another one coming down here and now these are going to curve.

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All the way around it will back up her head so they go all the way back up. So, it goes all the way up and around this way curves around.

It’s going to go all the way up to the top of her head. Same pretty much on the other side so he hits bite another spike doesn’t have to be exactly.

The same can be different hair spikes and then this one goes all the way up. So now in here, we can see her ears the bottom of her ears. Some bones and ligaments inside there a few can’t see much and then we can see some hair.

Draw hair

It’s going to come out like so and then this comes up to the top of her head like. This same on the other side so it sorts of sticks out real white at first so it goes like that and then it goes up to the top like.

Then you can get two or two hair spikes here and then tell the hairdresser a little bit of it. Tell a hairdresser here that you can do it in more detail as much as you want to promote tourism.

A little bit and here’s another one coming up so fine. Her hair is very long so now we are going to be her dress so after her neck she got like a collar.

Like a rectangle that comes down it comes out and at the same time don’t like it then its neck comes down under the chin.

Then it’s coming for us and so on and so forth we’ll give it a little more edge to add a little more 3D. We can draw a line like this to bring a tent here when it goes to the front.

We can see some of her shoulder here coming across from this colour so like there and then there. Your question Mike and then her shoulder comes out the other side so it comes down.

The other side of her hair so it comes down like so the other one comes down. So, her arms come down like that, and then we have her chest and the rest of her costume.

Here so to do that so we’re going to do this way nice and a diagonal line. We have to do two curved lines for her chest here so we’re going to pair of it in front.

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These go over her time so curve it around like that so the rest of her arm is in here. So, these come down around to her waist here so down this way. Those lines on her costume so we have so it’s black and white in the middle and black on this side. This is going to curve down to here and it’s going to follow this curved line again.

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Draw shoulder

We’re going to bring it down like this and then we have our own chest down here. So, these kinds of curves come up and it’s here and then this line comes down again.

About this point and then the curves around it and then this is when it meets the abdomen. So, the direction of the line changes so it’s going down and then go straight down.

There will be two buttons used. So, we have a button here and a button here so I’m going down like this. We’ve shoulder triceps and then this goes off for her forearm and then the inside of reform.

I’m here pretty much do the same thing on this day so we’ve to draw shoulder triceps like so and then this comes down to her.

I was off that way and then the inside of her arm here like her elbow and then going into a forum that way. She has two pink stripes here so underneath her shoulder line one two three so. I meant one two and three there and there’s actually there’s a little bit of a shadow under her neck.

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