5 Easy Steps To Hide Android Wi-Fi Hotspot

Introduction to Steps To Hide Android Wi-Fi Hotspot

A wireless connection can really transform your web surfing experience. With a great wireless connection like Spectrum Ultra, you can watch movies and play games anytime and anywhere inside the house. Also, you don’t have to worry about managing wires and space to set up this connection.

But security can become a major issue with this connection. A wireless network is generally less secure than a wired connection.

This guide will discuss the importance of wireless security and how you can hide your Wi-Fi hotspot. Read on to know more about this.

Why Is Wi-Fi Security Important?

Wi-Fi is a great setup to surf the web anywhere inside the house. But it is more vulnerable to attacks than the wired network.

So, to keep cybercriminals at bay, it is very important to make sure that your Wi-Fi is secure. One way to do so is to hide your Wi-Fi hotspot. This can prevent others from knowing that your Wi-Fi exists in the first place.

In this method, you basically hide the SSID of your network. So, your home network will no longer be visible to other devices around you. This can effectively prevent your devices and your network from attacks and stealth.

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How Effective Is This Method in Securing Your Network?

If you think that hiding your SSID will secure your network, that’s not entirely true. If you don’t want others to use your network, this method can be very effective. This is because it won’t display your Wi-Fi name. So, any normal user won’t know that your Wi-Fi exists.

But if your goal is to hide your Wi-Fi from hackers, you might not succeed. This is because your network will still broadcast the signals. Suppose that you search for something on a web browser. The device will send the signals to the router.

The router will receive the request. And after assessing the request, it will send the signals to your device. In this way, the signals will get transmitted between the two devices.

Any hacker can obstruct/catch these signals. In this way, they can know about your Wi-Fi’s presence. They can also easily hack your Wi-Fi if you have not secured it effectively.

Steps to Hide Your Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you don’t want others to use your Wi-Fi, you can hide it in these easy steps:

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Type the network address
  3. Enter the login credentials
  4. Now search for the wireless settings option
  5. Search for basic settings
  6. Look for the option with ‘SSID broadcast’
  7. If it has been enabled, disable it
  8. Make the settings permanent
  9. Reboot your router

These settings will prevent your router from broadcasting your network. In this way, only people who know about your network will be able to connect to your network. This will keep unwanted people and connections at bay.

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Tips to Secure Your Wi-Fi

If you want to keep hackers and cybercriminals at bay, you can try some other ways. These methods will keep your online activity secure.

They will also prevent others from stealing your important data and passwords. Some of the most notable methods are:

Use a VPN service

If you want to keep your online activities private, this is the best option for you. You should secure your online activities with a reliable VPN service.

It will hide your location and your online activities. It will also enable you to access blocked content. So, if your main concern is the monitoring of online activities, then using a VPN service is an excellent option for you.

Use a Strong Password

Most of the time, the Wi-Fi password can be easily stolen. This is because the technician might have set up a very weak password.

You should immediately change the password. This will prevent others from monitoring your activities. I will also prevent them from using your Wi-Fi.

Make sure that your password is at least 8 characters long. Also, use one or two specials characters. Use a combination of numbers and letters.

This will prevent others from guessing your Wi-Fi password easily. You can also set up a guest Wi-Fi to prevent visitors from using your Wi-Fi all the time.

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Set Up Strong Admin Credentials

The biggest mistake you can make is to set up weak admin credentials. Easy to guess admin credentials can become one of the biggest reasons behind the security breaches.

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So, set up a login ID and password that is quite strong. Also, never share it with anyone online. As the passwords shared this way can easily get stolen.

Don’t Use the WPS Feature

If you have the WPS feature enabled, you should disable it immediately. This is very important because the WPS feature makes your Wi-Fi quite vulnerable to attacks. So, if you want to prevent security breaches, you should disable this feature.

Keep Your Network Encrypted

Finally, you should always use WPA2 security. This is because it can encrypt your network. Your network can become difficult to get recognized.

Even if someone manages to track your activities, it will be of no use. This is because the data will be in encrypted form.

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