How Do I Stop Unused Apps On Android – 3 Points

Introduce to Stop Unused Apps On Android

Stop Unused Apps On Android
Stop Unused Apps On Android

Stop Unused Apps On Android , There are thousands of free applications that are available on Play store which encourage the android user install as many application they want as there are lots of latest apps news of upcoming applications, but there is a various application that a user installs for one-time use but forget to uninstall later. This problem is found with various android users including me who wants to get rid of unused apps.

This is not a big problem for the android who has more than 32 GB storage in their smartphone, this problem arises to those who have low-end devices. There is no direct way in android smartphones by which you can uninstall the unused application.

But we are here with some easy and effective ways to delete the unused and unwanted applications that you used often. In this article, you will get to know the ways to get rid of unused apps on smartphones.

Remove Unused application on Android

Stop Unused Apps On Android , The app manager provides you with various details regarding your installed application but it doesn’t have an option of last used or unused application. It is difficult to delete certain applications without knowing the last use of the app.

Remove Unused application
Remove Unused application

But we have certain ways by which you can get to know the perfect information by which you can easily differentiate between the applications. Now let’s get started.

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Using Google Play Store App

Google play store is the best way to download apps on your smartphone, but it can also be useful in eliminating the unused application in your smartphone. For that, you just need to follow some simple steps given below which will definitely help you to get rid of unused apps.

Step 1 – Open Google Play Store in your smartphone, and go to the menu located at the left top corner of the screen which is denoted by three bars.

Step 2 – Select My app and games from the pop-up and then go-to installed tab from the list of tabs.

Using Google Play Store App
Using Google Play Store App

Step 3 –  Now, click on sort button, denoted by three bars near alphabet. Then a pop-up will appear in which you have to select ‘Last Used’. After this step, you will see that the applications are sorted in a way that the least used apps will appear on the top of the list.

Step 4 – Now choose the application that you desire to uninstall, by selecting the app you will be redirected to the App page, from where you can uninstall the app easily by just tapping on uninstall.

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Using Developer Options

Stop Unused Apps On Android , Various hidden features are available in Developers option, it contains numerous options which can help you out if used properly. One of its hidden features is called Inactive Apps.

What are Inactive apps? Inactive apps are those apps which have not been used for more than 4 weeks. Inactive app option will help you to identify unused apps and delete them from your smartphone. Here are the steps to do it.

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Using Developer Options
Using Developer Options

Step 1 – Open Setting on your smartphone, then navigate to Developers Option and open Developers option.

Step 2 – Now, locate Inactive Apps from the list and tap on Inactive apps. Now proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – In Inactive app option, you will get to see all the apps that are installed on your smartphone. The apps which have not been used since 4 weeks will be marked as inactive, now you have to choose the inactive app you wish to remove from your android device.

Step 4 – Now, Tap on the app you want to uninstall and remove from your smartphone. It will redirect you to the app info page from where you can uninstall the app by tapping on uninstall button.

Using Google Files Go

Google Files Go is a useful tool through which you can transfer files easily from one device to another using Wifi and Bluetooth. It also has features which will help in the maintenance of your device by identifying unused apps and files.

Stop Unused Apps On Android , Follow the steps given below to remove unused apps using Google Files Go.

Step 1 – The primary step is to download Google Files Go, available on Play Store and install in your smartphone.

Step 2 – Now, open Google Files Go app and on the homepage, you will see a tab of unused apps. Select the unused apps tab and proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – After selecting unused apps tab, you will see the unused apps with the details of the last used and size of the app.

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Step 4 – Now, select the apps from the given list you want to uninstall from your device and click on the Uninstall button. Now, your task has been done.

Final Words

In the above article, we have discussed 3 different ways by which you can remove unused apps from your smartphone easily. I hope this article will help you out with your problem if so, do share it with your friends and comment down your feedback in the comment section.


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