Learn Quickly Best Reasons For Straightening Hair In 5 Minutes

All about Straightening Hair

The Reason I Straighten My Hair (but still Love My Natural Curls)

The natural hair movement encourages women to enjoy the characteristics of their natural hair texture. The conversation is now moving towards embracing hair that makes us feel good.

Whatever type of hair you have; however, you choose to style and colour, everyone should respect the individuality and choice of others. You can still straighten your hair and love your natural curls.

Straighten Your Hair Naturally

Many women want to straighten their hair but fear damaging their stunning natural curls. Fortunately, there are ways of straightening natural hair without needing heat or chemicals.

  • When your hair is wet, comb and divide it down the centre. Comb the left sections over to the right, and wrap it around the back of your head before securing it with bobby pins. Flip the right section to the left side and then wrap and pin it in the same. Let it ait dry for a smooth hair effect.
  • Disrupt the natural hair’s tight curls by using large foam hair rollers (about the size of a soda can). Roll sections of wet hair and let it dry completely. Unrolling the hair whilst still damp can make the curls start to reform.
  • Divide damp hair into one or two low ponytails. Fasten with a hair elastic, adding a new elastic every inch or so down the ponytail. Tie the elastics loosely to ensure they don’t leave dents in your hair. Leave this is in all day or all night to smooth curls.
  • A straight blowout with cold air can help wavy hair become sleeker. Air dry about three-quarters of the way and then blow dry on the coolest settings, moving from root to tip.
  • If you have thinner, loose, or wavy curls, you may be able to straighten your hair with it twisted into a bun.
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Always wrap hair at night to maintain smooth and straightened hair for longer.

Straightening Hair
Straightening Hair

The Benefits of Naturally Straightening Hair

Other than changing your look, there are such health benefits of straightening curly or wavy hair. Straightening your hair can give you an opportunity to assess the physical condition of your hair.

Split ends and root damage can be easy to miss when the hair is curly. Regular straightening hair leads to a better maintenance program.

Regularly straightening hair allows for a more thorough scalp treatment. You’ll be able to easily part the hair into four sections and use a scalp clarifying treatment pre-shower.

How to Keep Your Straight Natural Hair in Humidity

  • Apply an anti-frizz product to long-lasting smooth results. Apply on wet hair for the product to penetrate the strands.
  • Women with tight curls and wavy hair texture are the most frizz-prone, even with naturally strengthened hair. Straight natural hair will survive humidity more if tied up in a ponytail or a bun.
  • Avoid types of shampoo and conditioner, which say they add volume, clarify or enhance the body of your hair.
  • No two hair types are alike, and if your hair is on the thick or coarse side, oils and shea butter will be your best friend to keep frizz to a minimum and ensure health remains healthy.
  • Invest in a good straightening balm to keep your hair straight on humid days.
  • Avoid cream setting lotions because they make your hair heavy instead of straight and smooth.
  • Don’t go outside unless your hair is totally dry. If your hair has any dampness left when it heats the humidity, that water will act as a humectant, attracting more moisture.
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 Straight Hair Vs. Natural Hair

Straight hair can be easier to manage and easier to style because it tangles less. Having straight hair is much easier to maintain; at night, simply wrap in a circular motion and throw on a scarf, and your locks will wake up feeling bouncy yet still smooth.

Leaving your hair curly can make it prone to dryness because the hair shaft is lifted and open instead of lying flat like it would with straightened hair. Curly hair strands have less protection from damage and lose moisture easily.

Straight hair has an even distribution of proteins, making it reflects light and look shinier. The hair cuticles lie flat and closed along the shaft of the hair, locking in moisture, but it can also encourage oiliness.

Using natural hair straightening procedures is much more beneficial than using relaxers. Relaxers make the hair fragile because it’s a chemical treatment.

Not using relaxers or hot tools will help your hair grown long and stronger. Contrary to popular belief, there are no benefits to using heat on black-African textured hair.

These are some of our favourite tips and tricks to straightening your natural hair without using chemicals or heat. It is still essential to pre-treat your hair before you style it straight and ensure your hair is moisturized, so it maintains the style longer.

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