8 Powerful Strategies To Increase Ranking And Mobile App Downloads

Introduction to Strategies To Increase Ranking

Creating an outstanding application and uploading it on the play store isn’t sufficient to make your app popular and a successful one. Undeniably, the design, and icon of your app play a vital role, but the number of downloads and rankings of your Application are some of the deciding factors.

You cannot just upload your app and wait for people to download it; there are certain strategies that you have to follow in order to increase the ranking and downloads of your app.

The app development market is diverse, and so the arena is diverse. Whether you are an android app development company or iOS, you definitely follow a few effective and impressive app boosting strategies.

This article talks about some of the exclusive ways in which you can flourish your app and steal the limelight. Read this article to know more!

Common ways to enhance your app ranking and downloads

All you need is a little effort in order to seek the attention of the users towards your blog. Once you know the integrities of evolving your app, unquestionably your app would be a blockbuster soon. Check out some of the amazing tactics that could help you to make your app a megahit.

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Conduct a Pre-Launch Campaign

Creating a Pre-Launch Campaign would help you to seek the attention of the audience towards your app. This is one of the popular marketing strategies which could help you to create a buzz of the app even before its release.

The announcement of a huge and attractive app definitely makes the audience curious, and this might be a boosting factor for your app. You can also focus on conducting Press Release, blogs, and videos which would automatically grab everyone’s attention.

Focus on app-store optimization

App Store Optimization might appear simple, but it is a typical way to create a buzz. Your app-store ranking matters a lot and depends on various factors such as metadata which has ratings, reviews, keywords, and descriptions. Ranking of the keywords, app rankings, and a number of downloads are some of the deciding factors.

Importance of Google Search Optimization

Creating an individual page of your Application and then linking it to your website is an important factor. So, the visitors who would like to open your app will also get a link to the Application.

In this way, the process of downloading won’t be difficult or complicated. Also, make sure that your app page must include all the required and relevant keywords and links attached in order to boost your app.

Your Application must be crash-free

You must hire an efficient developer who can simply resolve all the technical glitches immediately. Many times, users do complain that the app keeps on hanging or crashing.

This could be the worst drawback. Before releasing your app, make sure to troubleshoot all the tech issues as it would definitely impact the users.

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The crash rate and the retention tenure must be a matter of concern. It is important to keep track of your users, their requirements, and problems too in order to provide top-notch services without any chaos.

Include Qualitative Content

To increase your reach and attract potential customers, you are supposed to invest in content in order to make it rich and impressive. It could be anything such as blogs, articles, videos or infographics depending on the choice of the audience as well. Creative plus informative content would help you to generate a huge number of organic referrals, number of social shares and app ranking.

Social Media is the key

In order to enhance your online accountability and increase your reach, you are supposed to rely on various social media platforms. Keep track of your user demographics, as it would keep you posted about your target audience.

In order to get the attention of the users, you are expected to amplify your share sale pitches. It is important to increase follower count and social shares as it would grab more visitors and users.

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Rely on popular influencers

There are a number of Popular influencers, who can help you to increase more followers by guaranteeing more exposure to your app. By researching and finding the right influencers, you can increase your social mentions, a number of organic referrals, and search engine optimization.

We hope reading this article might help you to understand the fundamental strategies which could help you to increase more downloads and enhance your app rankings.

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