6 Best Facts On You Can Study In UK Even Your Exam Scores Are Low

Introduction to Study In UK

Everyone is looking for a decent score in their exams, but then if you didn’t get the results as expected? The majority of the educational institutions (colleges and schools) around the globe have not been able to conduct the examination because of the Covid-19 pandemic and candidates have been judged on the basis of past performances and assessments, resulting in many candidates not having the scores they wished for.

Study abroad aspirants who are intending to ​study in the United Kingdom are now concerned that you may not get the score they need to get the UK university.

Hey, there’s no reason to lose faith. There are more than enough routes and paths available for you to study in the United kingdom university course based on your choice.

How to study in the United Kingdom when the grades are bad

Apply via UCAS clearing

The clearing is a perfect way to learn for students who have skipped a bid from a UK university. UCAS Clearance is the procedure by which UK universities fill the vacancies in their courses.

Clearing occurs each year between July and October, and students who have not been capable of meeting the entry criteria for low grades can also apply.

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When the universities want to fill every remaining space in their classes, students could be given a place in the classes that are already open.

Prospective students can browse for universities and courses offered via the Clearing on the UCAS portal and also communicate directly with the universities to find out if their grades are appropriate to obtain an offer under Clearing.


Applying for the foundation programs is another excellent choice for students seeking to apply in particular UK uni courses and unable to do so because of the lower score for students who can’t satisfy the eligibility criteria or because they do not have regular grades in related subjects.

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses in the United Kingdom are known as the preparatory courses that enable foreign students to register in the UK undergraduate program. They serve as a bridge

between existing credentials and the United Kingdom’s entrance criteria for undergraduate courses. The Foundation is a one-year curriculum intended to address learning differences and develop English in order to train students for graduate studies in the United Kingdom.

The Foundation Course caters pledge advancement to the ideal UG course following satisfactory completion of the foundation program.

Courses are available to train for a wide range of topics, including business, law, economics, social sciences, medicine, pharmacy, architecture, fashion, arts, and humanities.

Pre-Master or Master’s Degree Preparatory Courses

Learners who don’t apply for a PG course to a UK university may take a pre-master degree before registering in the required master’s program.

The pre-master program has a duration of ten weeks to twelve months and actively trains foreign students to study postgraduate courses by significantly enhancing their academic basement and polishing their English language skills.

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Students who pass their master’s or pre-masters degree at the appropriate level and with a successful attendance are assured to advance to a postgrad degree at their preferred university in the United Kingdom.

Why you should study in the UK this January 2021

Do you know that the United Kingdom universities have the 2nd largest pool of foreign students every year? The September AKA fall intake is considered to be the primary intake.

January intake or the Spring intake in the United Kingdom offers foundation, undergrad, and the PG courses to the foreign students who require more time to complete pre-university courses.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there seems to be a growing demand for foreign students who would wish to start their studies at a later time, as a boon the universities in the United Kingdom are offering more courses for January than ever before at a wide range of degrees.

Read more about the January Intake at a UK university below and if you would like to study in the UK, schedule a virtual counseling session with Edvoy’s education advisors today.

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Reasons to Choose Jan 2021 Intake:

  1. Get ready

Starting a degree in January, it gives learners more opportunity to arrange their visa, saving money, or finishing a pre-university program that ensures the entry to a university degree.

Due to the effect of Covid19, life would become more familiar to new normal, which means that perhaps you should leave some concern about the September intake behind.

  1. Excellent employment prospects

Deciding to study in a UK university degree program in January 2021 intake will see you graduate at a different level than the typical three-year program, which means less competition in the busy graduate work market!

  1. Flexibility:

If you skipped a university position in September, the January intake would also encourage you to decide on your opportunities on what you’d like to pursue where you’d like to learn.

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