Learn In 5 Minutes: Suarez Exam. Juve’s lawyers: “Company Extraneous To The Facts”

Introduction to Suarez Exam


The lawyers Chiappero and Turco: “We reiterated the transparency of our professional work”. The text of the test sent via Teams and the certificate delivered immediately among the proofs of the privileged treatment of the Uruguayan. Investigators could also summon Paratici and Cherubini soon.

Accelerates the questioning into the exam- labeled a farce by the investigators – supported by Luis Suarez Exam last September 17. Today the lawyer Luigi Chiappero, legal historian of Juve, and his colleague Maria Turco, of the same firm of Luigi Chiappero, were under investigation in the prosecutor’s office in Perugia.

Chiappero and Turco were heard as people told on the facts: Turco is the lawyer who materially followed the case with the director-general of the Olivieri university, who is instead under investigation.

Chiappero, for his part, heard a phone call between his mate and Olivieri. “We reaffirmed the transparency of our professional work and contributed positively to the reconstruction of the facts in a positive and constructive meeting,” said the lawyer. To the question: is Juve alien to the facts? He answered.



Meanwhile, the Corriere Della Sera has reconstructed the evidence of a privileged treatment for Luis Suarez, who passed the exam on September 17 in just 12 minutes.

The first question was: “What is your name?”, This is the answer: “My name is Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz and I am Uruguayan”. . Later Suarez was shown photos of a watermelon and a supermarket and he named them with the right terms.

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When asked about an Italian city, he answered “Turin”; to that on family and profession he replied: “I am a footballer and have been in Barcelona for 6 years”. All in just twelve minutes …

All had been anticipated in Suarez with a pdf sent via Teams (and retrieved by the investigators), the delivery of the B1 level certificate of knowledge of the Italian language (necessary for citizenship) immediately after having taken the exam.

In the hands of the investigators, in addition to the wiretaps already published, there are the records, the videos of the meetings via Teams of the teachers who had the aim of delivering the questions and making the Barcelona striker memorize the answers (now passed to Atletico Madrid). The conversations via WhatsApp that have not been recovered are missing.



Even though Juventus had renounced Suarez on 15 September, in the investigation coordinated by the Prosecutor of Perugia led by Raffaele Cantone it emerges that the Juventus managers initially made contacts to have Suarez’s face and pass the exam and be able to hire him in time to add it to the Champions list.

The first phone call with the rector of the state, Maurizio Oliviero, came from the new director of the company, Federico Cherubini. Others were carried out by Fabio Paratici. The two could be heard in the next few days by both the Perugia prosecutor and the FIGC.



Meanwhile, Cristiano Manni, Lorenzo Rocca’s lawyer, one of Suarez’s examiners, explained to Radio Kiss Kiss that his client “clarified his position: Luis Suarez’s examination took place in a completely regular manner.

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The wiretaps that have been published in the newspapers are only excerpts of conversations that must be contextualized. By offering the right context, in fact, we understand that everything took place on a regular basis ”.

The lawyer Francesco Falcinelli, defender of Simone Olivieri, dg of the University for Foreigners of Perugia also spoke: “He will have no difficulty in clarifying the facts attributed to him” and then, on the possible resignation of Olivieri, he commented: “it is not a topic that I have discussed with him, I do not know if he is evaluating them.

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The Prosecutor’s Office of Perugia has appointed two experts for the unrepeatable investigations on the computer material seized on 22 September.

The experts in charge are the same who already worked on the investigation into Concorsopoli on the rigged competitions at the hospital in Perugia and at Usl 1.

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