What Is The More Successful Hair Transplant Beyond 2020?

Introduction to Hair Transplant

Different factors can affect your appearance but hair is one of the important aspects which summarizes the overall look. It’s important to care for strands, scalp condition, and hair follicles to maintain the well-growth of hairs for a lifetime.

But what if you suffer from excessive hair fall? Many people take these concerns for granted and don’t get any treatment which is the biggest mistake.

Hair loss is the major concern people facing these days. Not only the aged people, but youngsters are also affected by it which has increased the demand for Hair Transplants.

A lot of reasons like ageing, hormonal changes, and medications, etc. can be found behind hair loss concerns. However, people who’re facing extreme baldness problems are the right ones to acquire this procedure.

Minor problems can become severe with a blink of an eye so must acquire the appropriate Hair Treatment from an expert clinician. People have usually suggested to experience the Hair Transplants resolve their Hair problems permanently. This article will help you in deciding which Hair Transplant procedure is more successful, read further to discover details!

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant aims to restore the hair growth on the hairless area by using your hair follicles. These transplants are performed by surgeons who have the experience of years in performing surgeries.

To acquire long-lasting results everyone is advised to follow post-treatment sessions as per the clinician.

Many use advanced but common techniques like FUE or FUT to provide you with natural hair for a lifetime. These techniques tend to boost the hair growth on the bald area.  Most doctors say that it’s the safest procedure that doesn’t result in severe side-effects or complications. It’s better to discuss medical history and hair goals to ensure the candidacy requirement.

Hair Transplant- Techniques

The dream of fuller hair can be achieved through two dominant techniques of Hair Transplant. They carry the same procedure but the difference is only in harvesting the grafts from the donor site (backside of head).

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It’s important to understand the technique before deciding anything however the patients will be advised right practice as per their needs and demands.

During Hair Transplant, surgeons remove the hair follicles from the donor area at the back of the head. These follicles are implanted in the area where the hair is supposed to grow. The following are the important procedures listed used in Hair Transplant:

1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation

It’s the surgical procedure involves the extracting of a donor strip of 6-10 inches by making the required incision. In this type of transplant, surgeons use punching tools to remove hair follicles from the donor area, and with the help of needles, small holes are made on the scalp to implant these hair follicles.

It’s the non-invasive practice that doesn’t require any stitches. Although, people who face fewer baldness problems are the right ones to acquire this transplant. The strip is then separated into individual grafts which are often smaller than follicular units. Practitioners finalize the surgery by placing extracted grafts on the bald area.

2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

It’s an alternative method for FUE transplant under local anaesthesia, the required amount of grafts are removed from the donor area without getting the strip of skin.

In this technique, surgeons make an incision to remove the strip of hair from the backside of the head and it’s closed with the stitches. Once the strip is drawn, follicular units are prepared to get several hair follicles to insert on the desired area. However, it’s the surgical approach that aims to resolve the concerns of the extreme bald area.

The whole procedure can become long sometimes but normally it’s distributed into further shorter sessions to see the noticeable results however this type of transplant is performed usually when less coverage is required.

So we can say different techniques are performed from certified-surgeons in a proper way to get enduring outcomes. Micro graft and Stilt graph practices are commonly used.

When less coverage is required, a micrograft is more suitable because each graft can provide 1-2 hair follicles. Somehow when more coverage is needed by the patient, the stilt graph will be more appropriate because each graft contains 4-6 hair follicles.

Hairs are usually drawn from the donor area (backside of head) but the people who don’t have enough hair in their donor site can acquire hair from any other part of the body including legs.

Your doctor may suggest the right site according to the donor condition of the patient. However, FUE or FUT transplants will help the patients in:

  1. Repairing the spoiled scalp tissue
  2. Boosting the growth of new follicles
  3. Encouraging the new cell generation
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Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

Which Hair Transplant is a more successful FUE or FUT?

FUE and FUT both techniques are widespread and have been experiencing from years to satisfy the needs of patients. Every single person is curious to know about how successful the treatment they are getting is.

A lot of doctors prefer undergoing the FUT to the ones who suffer from extreme baldness problems however it’s the oldest treatment experiencing from years even before than FUE.

It’s very difficult to conclude one decision because both techniques are reliable about hair restoration. But of course, it’s very important to decide which procedure is best for you.

Every process has its requirements and specific demands, FUT can leave minor scars which usually fades with time so we can assume that FUE is the right choice for ones who don’t want noticeable scars.

This is because the scars left from FUE are round and small can’t be noticed easily as compared to the scars of FUT which are longer and quite visible.

Not every person faces minor hair fall concerns, some people suffer from extreme baldness problems that must be cured with FUT techniques.

Because in excessive cases, the maximum number of grafts are required to get ahead full of hair. This technique can also alter the direction of hair growth which is the unwanted condition for most of the people so it’s better to discuss your hair goals with your doctor before deciding anything.

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For the ones who want quick recovery must undertake the FUE technique. This is because it’s the less invasive procedure and doesn’t result in further post-complications.

Therefore, as compared to previous times, FUE has now gained popularity due to its less invasive nature by negating the need for the large donor area.

However, the most important fact you should learn about both these techniques whether its FUE or FUT is that don’t conclude the final upshots without attending the post sessions however you will be advised the right number of sittings in consideration of scalp condition.

Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

Some common queries must be understood before having Hair Transplants

1.    What are the results?

Hair Transplants result in natural and healthy hair growth which last permanently. The new hair will start emerging out after almost three weeks of transplant and maximum hair growth can take up from 8-12 months. To maintain these results for a long time, patients are advised to massage the scalp daily which boosts hair growth.

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2.    How many sessions are required?

Hair transplant sessions are usually advised by the doctor according to the scalp condition of the patient. People who face extreme baldness problems and receding lines are required to attend 3-4 sessions as per your clinician. Although, some individuals can get benefits after attending one sitting so it’s not necessary to get more than one session.

3.    How much is the recovery time?

The recovery period of Hair Transplants usually depends upon the type of treatment you acquire. The majority of the people can return to work after 2-3 days of surgery. However, doctors advise following the aftercare guidelines properly to boost up the recovery process.

4.    How much Hair Transplant cost?

The cost of Hair Transplant ranges from $1,000 to $4,000 according to the type of treatment acquired and the number of sessions. It’s highly recommended to get a transplant from the professional surgeon to eradicate risks and complications. Some common factors on which cost depends:

  1. Treatment type
  2. Surgery expense
  3. Number of sessions
  4. Practitioners’ fees
  5. Clinic location


This article comes to the conclusion that FUE technique is more successful to treat mild baldness concerns with a less invasive approach because not every person suffers from excessive hair loss.

While FUT is a more invasive approach that is specially designed to cure the excessive baldness problems permanently. But it’s not certain that one is good or the other is worst, it’s dependent upon the condition of the patient and the type of concern you want to cure. So get the right treatment and cure hair fall concerns permanently!

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