8 Reasons Why You Need To Survey Your Valuable Customers

Introduction to Survey Your Valuable Customers 

As you design your marketing strategy and perfect your product, don’t miss out on your most valuable source of information – your customers.

Customer surveys are a great way to understand what you are doing right and just what needs to change. They can give you unmatched insights into your business strategies and inform your next move.

Customer surveys can be used to find out a lot more than just whether your customers are happy with your products and services. In fact, here are the top 9 reasons you should survey your customers:

  1. Measure Customer Satisfaction

The difference between the best companies and the mediocre ones is their customer-centricity. In fact, 81% of the companies that are able to provide great customer experiences outperform their competition!

They focus on their customers’ likes and preferences and look to understand how best to serve them. To do so, you first need to understand how satisfied your customers are.

Businesses do this using the Net Promoter Score. All you have to do is ask a simple question, “How likely are you to recommend our product/service to your friends/family/colleagues?”

Customers then select a value between 0-10, with 0 being the least likely and 10 being the most.

This allows you to understand who your ardent brand ambassadors are and who is dissatisfied with your brand.

You can then ask follow-up questions to understand the cause behind the dissatisfaction. SoGoSurvey uses a unique Key Driver Analysis which puts these answers under a microscope to understand which key strengths and weaknesses are propelling your business or holding you back.

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Survey Your Valuable Customers
Survey Your Valuable Customers
  1. Understand Customer Traffic

If you’re looking to strategize and increase your ROI, you need to understand where your traffic is coming from – and that’s another thing your survey can help with.

Ask your customers where they heard about you. Was it through Facebook or Google Ads? Perhaps it was word of mouth.

The more information you have, the better you will understand how to tactfully enhance your marketing efforts!

  1. Discover the Best Connect

In the age of technology, customers can reach out to us through multiple portals. Whether it is a phone app, the website, or even via call.

So when you survey them, this is another inquiry you can raise – which one is the most convenient for them.

Their answers will decide your priority sequence – maybe you need to upgrade the app with more urgency than the website.

Making the right decisions can help you enhance the overall customer experience and drive conversions.

  1. Decipher Lack of Conversion

While you may have a significant loyal customer base, not all customers make the purchase.

The lack of conversions gives you a unique opportunity to discover the gaps in your products or services. After all, identifying these is the first step to improving on them.

Ask customers that are leaving mid-way through the sales process – why? What kept them from making the purchase?

Was it the sales process or the price? Was the process more difficult than they realized? Or perhaps this just wasn’t what they were looking for.

  1. Understand your Focus Markets

If you want to be able to sell to your customers you need to know them like the back of your hand.

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This is where survey maker comes into play. They help you gather the information that can then be analyzed to identify consumer personas, eventually ensuring that you create better, more targeted strategies.

  1. What’s the Feedback?

There are customers buying from you, visiting your website, and clearly interested in your products.

So how will you know what the best strategy to focus on is unless you know what your customers like?

Get to know your key strengths are along with the market vacuums that your product can fulfill – your customers might just have the answer. They know what they’d like added, and what makes them choose you over the competition.

Where possible, try to incorporate these suggestions into your offerings as well. This kind of customer-centricity is what helps businesses retain customers and grow.

  1. Analyze your CX

You already have a CX program in place, but have you wondered how effective it is?

Are the strategies targeted enough? Has it affected the revenue? A key part of having a CX program is to understand the difference it makes to your company, and this is what surveys will help you understand.

The NPS score may give you an overall idea, but it’s the finer questions that will let you get down to business.

Have the customers had any bad experiences with the company recently? Have they preferred the changes implemented?

The more questions you ask the more gold you are likely to strike.

However, be wary of overdoing it. Long surveys are often a bigger annoyance for customers than a benefit for the company.

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  1. Develop a Personal Connection

Your surveys don’t always need to serve a direct purpose.

People love talking about themselves, so try striking up a personal connection. If you are a B2C business, ask your customers what they like and dislike. Get to know about their hobbies.

Not only will this improve your connection with the customers, but it may give you unexpected insights into who your primary target market is.

It could reveal parallel industries that will help in your marketing efforts as well. For example, if you realize that most of your audience has noted cooking as a key hobby, then – even though your product may have nothing to do with cooking – you can target ads on cooking websites!

Customer surveys can be a treasure trove of information, but they require companies to tread a thin line between spam and informative.

Be sure to keep your surveys short and quick. Any information that can be avoided should be avoided, and clarity is crucial – as always.

So let’s get started!

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