7 Best Strategies for Surviving OCD

Introduction to Surviving OCD

Although the term OCD gets tossed around frequently, many people fail to realize what it actually entails. In this disease, people get compulsive thoughts, due to which they obsess over a particular thing. They then continue doing the same task, as their mind gets fixated on that specific point. 

Unlike the general public, people with OCD cannot think about their compulsions with rationality. They cannot go around not performing the thing their mind is obsessing over, as they get extremely stressed otherwise. 

OCD leads to not just anxiety, but it is also very disruptive as well. People are unable to carry out their normal routines. Even when they know that their behavior is not exactly logical, they cannot just snap out of it. 

One is said to suffer from OCD when the obsessive thoughts run for more than an hour a day, causes stress, and also interferes with the routine life.  Anyone experiencing these symptoms should visit the best Psychiatrist in Lahore for proper diagnosis and treatment. Usual treatment options include medication or counseling, or both even.

Other coping strategies:

Apart from therapy and medicines, there are other ways to live better with the disease. Following are some strategies that aid in improving the symptoms of the disease.

Get plenty of sleep:

Sleep may not be an obvious solution for many, however, that does not make it any less important. Lack of quality shuteye exacerbates the stress levels. For a person who already has anxiety breathing down their neck, this added stress has grave implications for their physical and mental health. 

For catching adequate sleep of 7-9 hours, it is important to follow sleep hygiene; go to bed and wake up at fixed times, do not eat or use screens when in bed, refrain from drinking too much water just before sleeping. 

Also, make sure that your body associates bed with just sleep, which means do not do any invigorating activities like playing games or binge-watching shows in the bed. Similarly, make sure your bedroom temperature is optimum. To avoid the morning Sun jolting you awake, use thick blinds. 

Don’t forget to exercise:

Exercise is an excellent way to destress. Not without challenges, exercise comes with plenty of benefits for physical and mental health. It helps in the release of the good hormones that make you happy and also lowers stress levels.

Never skip your meds:

Although basic, many people are not as diligent in taking their medicines, on time. This lax attitude can set off your symptoms and undo the progress you made in the better management of your disease.

Be proud of your achievements:

Everyone has their own learning curve. Therefore, you cannot compare your journey of battling and living with OCD with another person. If you berate yourself for every setback experienced during treatment, life will get very tough. 

Instead, celebrate every achievement that you make, every step forward, no matter how small. Once your morale is up, you will also feel happier, better and make progress with disease management.

You are golden

People who have OCD cannot live nonchalantly with things that other people take for granted. From envy to despair, this can lead to the patients experiencing a range of negative and unhelpful emotions. 

The frustration that OCD brings is understandable, but it’s important to talk yourself out of it. Everyone is different, everyone has their own challenges and grass is greener on the other side, always. 

So, do not tell yourself down, but talk yourself up. You are golden!

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Relaxation techniques:

Bouts of OCD can be extremely stressful. In order to coach your body on how to overcome the high-stress situation, start practicing relaxation techniques. Breathing exercises are excellent, as they help in the regulation of heart rate, thereby promoting a sense of calm and peace. 

Likewise, yoga and meditation are also a mix of breathing techniques and other helpful exercises that help combat stress.

Get help

People with OCD can do so much better with the right support. This can be friends, family, life coach alongside the help from the best Psychiatrist in Karachi. Any person who can empathize with your condition and give you the much-needed support, seek their help.

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