Top 7 Best Selling t-shirt Printing Niches and Print on Demand Product Ideas

Introduction to t-shirt Printing

Custom t-shirt businesses have grown significantly over the past few years. Similarly, print on demand supplies are products that have custom designs on white label products.

These products can be T-shirts, frames, keychains, blankets, or any such products. Customers give the brand the design they want to be printed on the products.

There are various websites online that can help you buy a custom t-shirt and various other print on demand products.

PrintShop by Designhill is one such marketplace, where customers can get t-shirts and various other print on demand products.

When starting your own t-shirt printing business, one needs to be sure of the niches they are starting with. Starting a print on demand business is not easy as it looks like because it requires one to target the correct niche that fits the audience.

It requires tone to create an artistic design to be printed on their t-shirt. However, if you create an aesthetic design, there’s no guarantee your customer will feel the same for the designs you create. Here are the top 7 best selling t-shirt niches one can look for.


Pet t-shirts are one of the most popular t-shirt niches one can go for when starting their business. If you are unsure of what niches to start with or looking for a quite trending niche, they can go for the pet niche in the t-shirt printing industry. You can print various pet animals like a bird, dogs, cats.


Jokes can be another great idea to start with POD products. Statement shirts and t-shirt quotes are great conversation starters.

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One can go with some jokes, memes, funny images, or any humorous statement on the products, which can be great for starting a business.


If you are looking for another niche that is good for starting a t-shirt maker business, then creating a t-shirt or other print on demand products with the job profession of what others are doing can be a good idea.

Many people love what they do and are proud of their profession. Some of the designs can be one featuring the profession of doctor, singer, guitarist, or any other.

Sports, Lifestyle, and Hobbies

As said earlier, the t-shirt we wear represents the personality of the person wearing it, which includes their lifestyle and hobbies.

So if you are looking to start with a niche that is easy to cover and gain an audience, you can try sports, lifestyle, and hobbies niches.

Some of the sports ideas you can work on are- cycling, football, badminton, hockey, basketball, or cricket. Focusing on hobby niches, you can go with the card, gardening, books, and gaming design t-shirts, which are quite popular these days.

Similarly, with lifestyle niches, one can create t-shirts with designs of digital nomads, travelers, vegetarians, entrepreneurs, etc.

Family And Relationship

Family and relationship is another genre that has become quite popular these days. Custom t-shirts quoting ‘World’s best mom,’ ‘His queen,’ ‘Her king,’ and various others are trendy. If you are looking for a niche in the t-shirt printing business, you can go with the family and relationship niche.

Location And Travel

Cool designs of the place visited are the new trend in the t-shirt printing industry. People prefer buying a t-shirt and other products with information about the place, cuisines, and various delicacies. Also, many t-shirts have maps of a particular location, which is also trendy nowadays.

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Seasonal Designs

The last niche that you can think about in custom t-shirts is seasonal designs. These designs can include holiday ideas, such as religious holidays, Halloween, Valentine, or some design related to the festival.

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Getting The Best Selling-Niche

When starting a t-shirt business, most people are worried about selecting a niche that can bring new customers at the very beginning.

Getting customers depends on the quality of the material you are using for the production and the niche you are trying to excel in.

Selecting the niche when starting a t-shirt is one of the most important but difficult parts of starting a business in the t-shirt printing industry.

When selecting a t-shirt niche, one should always look for what audience they are willing to attract. A T-shirt represents the individual’s personality, and with that, the niche can vary as per the audience you are trying to get the attention of.

For a different audience, your niche can be different. For an adult, they mostly prefer going for a plain t-shirt, or one representing their job. For teenagers, they like a t-shirt that represents their lifestyle, the sports they like, or relationship status.

When selecting a niche for your t-shirt business, you need to select one with a huge audience. Consider a niche that you are passionate about, but make sure it also has a huge market.

If not, then there are chances of you running out of customers in no time. When choosing a niche for your t-shirt printing business, there are few points which you need to bring into consideration-

  • Know what your audience wants. Probably you will be running your business for a very long time, and you do not want to sell what your audience is not interested in. Target those niches which you find your audience to be attracted to.
  • Choose niches that can earn you a good amount. Follow a t-shirt passionate that you are passionate about and also earns you high sales. To sustain the market, you need to earn a decent amount of sales to invest that sum back into your business.
  • Get unique t-shirt ideas. Customers opting to buy a t-shirt are generally attracted to something new. Various websites like PrintShop by Designhill can help you with selecting the best designs for your t-shirt. PrintShop by Designhill lets you select from multiple designs and also allows you to create your designs.
  • Evaluate and test your niche. Have a test audience distribute some samples to know how well your t-shirts can perform in the market. Also, do online research for how far is the reach of the niche you are working on. Also, make sure you have a t-shirt maker in partnership with you to get your designs ready.
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