3 Important Facts about Tech MBA Is That A Hype?

Introduction to Tech MBA

The demand for MBA has been ever-increasing, although it has seen a massive boost in the last few years, majorly in graduates with prior robust knowledge in a technical field.

Moreover, the rising need for technological immersion in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Marketing, Robotics, and Data Analytics has created numerous job vacancies. It has further led to the opening of various vacancies in varied sectors.

A Tech MBA program, when secured from a prestigious college with reputed alumni and organizational network, the degree can make a significant difference.

However, securing admission in such schools is not an easy feat. The most prestigious B-schools prefer candidates with a prior work experience of about 3-5 years and a strong academic background.

However, such colleges pave the aspirant’s way too numerous campus placements offering impressive packages.

Therefore, investing one’s time and money in securing admission in such disciplines will be fruitful.

  • Difference between an MBA and a Tech MBA

Traditional MBA is geared more towards inculcating leadership, teamwork, and other managerial skills.

Whereas, a Tech MBA aims to provide the same skillsets and develop a technical understanding in a field.

A Traditional MBA program provides the know-how knowledge of managing and leading a team, a Tech MBA focuses mainly on supplementing a candidate’s technical know-how.

As the role of technological incorporation into businesses has been ever-increasing, thus such a field has been introduced in the present times.

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The program offers knowledge on several hot-skills of the era like Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Applications and Job opportunities across various domains

Owing to the field’s ever-expanding growth and job opportunities in almost all the technological sectors, business schools in the US have started adopting this program.

After schools in the United States, European Schools are the ones to have on-boarded this program as well.

Formal training through a Tech MBA program will allow over 4 million applicants to bag jobs in the Digital and Fintech sector.

Moreover, a total of over one trillion dollars could be saved through this specialization. The recent rise of tech ecosystems has thus created a demand for technical proficiencies. Therefore, the creators of the program intend on closing this skill-gap to meet such demands.

Multinational conglomerates like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google dominating the tech market look for candidates with diverse knowledge of both – managerial and technical skills.

As a result, a significant proportion of candidates holding a Tech MBA degree have been known to secure jobs in such companies.

This program allows roles for one to secure including Senior Financial Analyst, Strategy Analyst, Business Development Manager, Senior Operations Manager, and Product Managers. Such roles ensure packages with a high pay as well as an impressive work-life balance.

These two factors combined with a passion for the field are the only aspects that an aspirant looks for and thus, these being satisfied ensures high demand among them.

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  • Curriculum for Tech MBA

Owing to the difference between both the MBA specializations, the Tech MBA utilizes an advanced curriculum.

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The curriculum is prepared to keep in mind the growing demand for leaders equipped with skillsets in the technical domain.

In simple words, it’s still an MBA that offers the general management perspective but is relatively more focused on introducing the students to digital technologies and their applications.

The program in schools like Imperial Business School is specifically designed for students who belong from STEM backgrounds and exhibit a strong passion for their technical field.

Courses are designed to emphasize educating one with business strategies that are adopted in the current tech ecosystems to foster growth.

Exposure to real-world problems is provided by utilizing case studies from top Tech companies like Amazon, Google, etc. The program is also centered on understanding the core of the business’s technology and developing an advanced knowledge about Tech.

Moreover, schools with this discipline strongly emphasize stabilizing the digital economy. Revolutionized concepts like Supply Chain Management are introduced in Operation target e-commerce companies and manage their logistics.
Schools like Stern NYU have student interactive courses like the IGNITE program allowing students to self-assess themselves through interviews while taking part in networking workshops.

Subjects like Industry Insights and Events Industry provide the students with practical exposure to all the technical skill-sets required to prosper professionally.
Considering the above content, it becomes vivid that an appreciation for this science is essential. Thus, it should be adopted by all the business schools worldwide as technology has the potential to affect the organization’s day-to-day internal functioning.

The managerial and technical skills allow for the aspirant to make the tech-induced business decisions and thus manage and communicate with the technical staff. Hence, the Tech MBA program is definitely worth the hype.

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