Amazing Trending Technologies Used in IT industry 2020

Introduction to Technologies Used in IT industry

In this article, we learn about new technologies in 2020. Technologies are changing day by day, so keep updating yourself with new technologies.

Now here we are talking about some new technologies that are mainly used in the IT industry in 2020.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technology that is used to provide computer systems with the ability to make decisions like humans. AI is one of the trending and most popular technologies.

When artificial intelligence is fed to systems, the aim of intelligence for performing complex tasks such as speech, recognition, weather, medical diagnosis, etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in applications like Uber, Siri, video streaming services like Netflix, IoT devices, search engines like Google, and Bing, and many more.

AI helps in automating tasks such as traffic, making business predictions, and designing driverless cars, etc. AI automation is expected to create more than 70 million jobs by the same time frame.

Artificial Intelligence will be to create jobs in areas such as support, testing, programming, and data science. The software engineer who knows Artificial intelligence is much more than developers. You can find more about technology Marathi news and get more updates of the latest technologies.

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Learning Artificial Intelligence will help you to secure jobs such as:-

  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Computer Vision Engineer 
  1. Data Science

Data science technologies that help to make sense of complicated data. The data is produced in a humongous amount every day by companies. This includes business data, Sales data, customer profile, server data, and financial.

Data science is bright which will create opportunities for the following roles:-

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Architect
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Data Engineer
  1. Internet of Things

The Internet of things is a networking device that is connected to each other. These devices are connected via WiFi and share data about their environment, and they are being used.

These devices have a computer chip that facilities this exchange. IoT enables the connection between different devices but also their remote access. The example you lock the doors of your car remotely, preheat your ovens.

IoT applications and the latest technology will help you find jobs such as:

  • IoT Research Developer
  • IoT Solution Architect
  • IoT Software Developer
  • System Design Engineer
  • IoT Product Manager
  1. Blockchain

Blockchain is the technology that powers electronics such as cryptocurrencies. In simple terms, a blockchain is an electronic ledger that can be shared about different users.

This will help in creating a record of transactions that cannot be altered.

Blockchain is very secure and there is no need for paying for centralized entities, as the technologies are decentralized.

Transactions are easier to track using Blockchain. Blockchain will create different jobs like Blockchain Developers, Blockchain Engineer, Blockchain Legal Consultant, or Attorney.

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For the latest updates stay tuned on live Marathi news channels.

  1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation RPA is a technology used for automating daily tasks to AI. here the software is used for automating repetitive tasks such as replying to emails, handling, processing, handling business data. This technology is used for automating tasks for low-level workers to positioning authorities.

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RPA can robotize over 40% of everyday assignments according to Mckinsey, more than 60% of all repetitive tasks can be automated using an RPA. The most important vendors that provide RPA tools are Pegasystems, Automation, Blue, Prism, etc.

The Job role of RPA are as follows:-

  • RPA Developer
  • RPA Business Analyst
  • RPA Consultant
  • RPA Solution Architect
  • RPA Project Manage
  1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the technology is simply the innovation by which you can submerge yourself in a situation. It is the use of computer technology for creating an environment. It is very popular for playing computer games.

AR game’s senses such as hearing, smell, and vision are simulated in these environments. While using VR gear such as headsets, you can play the game in that 3D world.

AR is the technology that is used for improving this virtual environment. VR technology is not only used for entertainment, and also used by the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard for training staff, They are using a VR game called VirtualShip.

  1. Edge Computing

Edge computing is the latest technology trend and is more famous and popular day by day. The technology is based on the philosophy of bringing computing power and close to the data source.

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It will help you in reducing bandwidth and latency. This technology will be popular in areas such as healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. Thus, it will open the doors to many job opportunities.

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