7 Views On: Does Technology Improve Our Future Or Destroy It Forever?

Introduction to Technology Improve Our Future Or Destroy

From 3D printed hearts to thermal tracking of asteroids and the Evolution of Electric Bikes and Cars, science fiction is now turning into reality.

Technology has grown rapidly over time. Read Here, How Technology can make your life easier and how technology and destroy your future by becoming more advance and intelligent as compared to human beings.

How Technology Helps us to Save Time and Advance ourselves to the New Era?

Given Below are some advancements in the field of technology which will make our life easy and happier:-

Sensors will detect rare metal used in smartphones.

Researchers have developed a protein-based sensor that can detect rare-earth metallic lanthanides used in smartphones and other gadgets.

It is very effective and low cost. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, this sensor starts changing its light when exposed to this metal.

It is usually challenging and expensive to remove rare metals from industrial samples or environments. In this case, this sensor can be very important.

Protect Earth from Meteorites

Technology Improve Our Future Or Destroy
Technology Improve Our Future Or Destroy

Scientists have devised a new way to find out about small Near-Earth Objects (NEOs). Scientists will find out before their planet gets closer.

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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory used NEO’s properties of heat instead of using visible light to track incoming NEOs.

Asteroids and comets capture heat from the Sun and cause it to shine faster on the thermal wavelength. This is why they can be discovered with the Near-Earth Object Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) telescope.

Ear sensors to track Dementia

Within the next five years, people will develop a technology that will be able to help people with dementia. Scientists and physicians at the Imperial College of London have developed an ear device that can record different activities of the brain and track the movement of people at home using radar technology.

For this, such sensors are being prepared which can monitor heart rate, sleep cycle, and blood pressure while sitting away.

Fusion Energy Through Artificial Intelligence

Production of Fusion Energy from AI will be possible. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can develop clean fusion energy. Researchers believe that this will generate electricity.

A team of scientists from the University of Energy and Princeton is investigating the cause of the blockage infusion reactions. Neural networks and interconnected notices and mathematical algorithms will be used for the results.

The Magic of 3D Printer

Tel Aviv University scientists have printed a 3D heart from a patient’s cells. Scientists used personalized non-supplemented materials as bio-ink for 3D printing.

Fatty tissues were extracted from the patient’s body and processed to produce personalized bio-ink. The 3D Printer printed  Heart in this way is made up of heart cells, blood vessels, ventricles, and chambers.

Love hormones will help in dealing with alcoholism

According to a study, spraying the love hormone named oxytocin in the nose can treat disorders associated with alcohol use or excess of it.

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Oxytocin blocks the excess drinking of alcohol-dependent tests. The oxytocin system targets pharmaceutical interventions for the treatment of alcohol-associated disorders very comfortably.

Automatic Self-Driving CarsSelf-driving cars will be able to see things in a new way, Scientists have developed a cost-effective method that can be useful for self-driving cars. Self-driving cars will be able to see 3D things coming their way.

Scientists at Cornell University in the USA devised a simple approach. It has two cameras on the side of the windshield which can detect objects with the help of LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging).

How Humans are Continuously Defeated By Machines?

Will humans continue to be defeated by machines like this, only machines made by humans have been engaged in defeating humans for some time.

Researchers at the Institute of Technology, Massachusetts, have recently developed an artificial intelligence-based gaming Bot Deeper.

It can win online multiplayer games. Researchers used Deeproll against human players and in 4 thousand participation rounds of online games. During this time, every time the bot won over human participants.

This kind of scientific advancement cannot be compared to chess victories, but programmers have tried to create machines that can beat even humans. Know about some special competitions and challenges in which robots beat humans

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The year 2011

Watson of IBM defeated Jeopreddy by defeating two former champions. Watson defeated 74-time Jeopredi winner Ken Jennings and 20-time winner, Brad Rutter, after a three-day contest.

It showed the strength of the supercomputer of IBM to the whole world. 2014: Facebook’s Deep face Facial Recognition Algorithm Achieves 97% Accuracy However, some researchers question whether human facial recognition can be compared to AI facial recognition.

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The year 2016

Microsoft’s speech recognition AI can transcribe audio with fewer mistakes than humans, according to Microsoft, its software produced results with an error rate of 0.4 percent, while the human error rate was 5.9 percent.

The year 2017

Northwestern AI System defeated 75 percent of Americans in a visual intelligence test, the program solved them only by looking at logic games.

While most focus on vision-based AI recognition, this program goes a step further and focuses on visual reasoning.

AI Boat Libratas defeated the four main poker players of the world in a tournament. Unlike chess, poker is an incomplete informational game that means players have to guess each other’s hands. Ai Boat Libratu’s victory in it becomes more impressive.

The year 2018

The AI of Alibaba defeated humans in Stanford University’s Reading Comprehension Test, after answering about 10 thousand reading comprehension questions, the AI of Alibaba scored 82.44, while humans scored 82.304.

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