Symfony Vs Laravel: Select The Best Scripting Languages In 5 Minutes

Introduction to The Best Scripting Languages

Symfony and Laravel are two well-known PHP frameworks widely used in the present web development industry. Both have their fair share of similarities as both the applications use the same programming language i.e PHP. Both use a multi computing platform which makes them cross-platforms in nature.

Understanding and comparing the 2 applications

Both Symfony and Laravel produce multi-language content and have a multi-user facility. Some attributes of the two include a pattern for interfaces, scaffolding of the application, and support text research.

Custom Web software development can be initiated to perfection by adopting any of the two frameworks.

Benefits of Laravel:

The Best Scripting Languages
The Best Scripting Languages
  • Safeguarding Technical Vulnerabilities:

    Laravel’s primary quality is that it is a secure system that safeguards your technical vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, cross-site request forgery. It also fixes bugs faster.

  • Independent Codes:

    There is a separation of ‘business logic code’ from ‘presentation code’ in Laravel. This helps it to create web pages whose appearance you can change easily.

  • Use of Back-end Tools:

    Back-end tools like Memcached and Redis are used by Laravel that makes the web development process smoother. The code testing unit used is PHP is a suitable way to test web applications.

  • URL Routing Configuration:

    It has a URL routing configuration where users make use of web applications by typing links. The user would want to see the content like a blog, contact information, registration form, or a product description, etc.

If the developer fails to inculcate URL routing, then the web application will never understand the users’ needs. This might lead you to a blank page with an error.

Benefits of Symfony:

  • Open-source PHP framework

    Symfony is an open-source PHP framework that works on MVC architecture and is friendly in developing scalable web applications.

  • The MVC model helps you to verify your project work within a structured system. This will speed up the development process and make it simpler. It is done by splitting business and presentation layers from one another.
  • Renewable and disassociated PHP libraries

    They are Symfony’s module which works as a foundation for web development projects. Instead of writing lengthy codes, this will help you to complete common tasks easily.

  • Symfony profiler

    Symfony provides a feature called “Symfony profiler” that is used by developers to trail the behaviour of applications. It is done by mapping all its whereabouts and actions on a back-end side.

Symfony is filled with benefits that you look for in a PHP framework. Whether it is speedy development or automated deployment of the application, it aces in all the aspects.

Symfony development services boast to have large community support due to its benefits and vast use by developers.

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Let us compare their Performance and Stability

Behind every successful web application, the performance and scalability of the said system work like a backbone. In the case of Laravel, it has a bunch of unified APIs for caching views whereas Symfony caches source code. This affects the Symfony’s website loading time.

Laravel takes about 60 milliseconds to load whereas symphony takes 250 milliseconds to load. Laravel’s most significant benefit is that it lets you do PHP programming with lesser code and greater execution.

This is the reason why business sites and social media platforms are made using Laravel since it offers you faster delivery.

Symfony on the other side needs more effort when it comes to coding and requires time and financial resources during the initial stages.

A lot of effort must be exerted while configuring its elements. But at the same time, when it comes to complicated web projects, symphony can be a great choice.

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Many complex business owners reach out to Symfony development services agencies to develop their sites.

From the benefits mentioned above, we can conclude that Laravel and Symfony are both filled with satisfactory features. Both are used in a vast radius of projects in web development.

Custom software development is experiencing a boom due to the diverse requirements of the target audience for uniqueness.

Laravel is a developer’s choice who wants to develop a business site with rapid development, performance, and speed. It is made for complex sites and large web applications. Many popular sites are made using both of these frameworks.


The bottom line is that developers choose PHP according to their requirements. Both frameworks have abundant features as the developer must make their decision as per their individual preference and needs.

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