8 Steps to get the Birth Certificate in India

Introduction to get the Birth Certificate in India

The need of a birth certificate is to get the legal authority for your citizenship in India. They are necessary for getting the visa or for further studies. It is not a lengthy process; you just need to follow a few steps and get your child’s certificate. After birth, the hospital authority provides a form that is to be filled within three weeks and then it is to be submitted in the municipality office. After submitting the form, you will get the certificate at your place within one to two weeks. The entire procedure takes up to three to four weeks to get the final document.

Steps to get the Birth Certificate in India

You will get your child’s birth certificate in just a few easy steps. Listed below are the following steps that are to be considered for a birth certificate.

  • The first step is to get the birth certificate from the municipal authority of the city.
  • The hospital in-charge also provides a form that is to be attached with other documents and is to be submitted in the municipality office.
  • The form should be filled within 21 days after the birth of the child.
  • If it is not done within 21 days then the certificate will be issued after proper police verification.
  • The birth certificate of parents, their marriage certificate, hospital’s birth letter and parent’s verification identities are required for the process.
  • Proper date, time, place and ID proofs are to be mentioned properly as the document is going to be used further.
  • Once all the formalities are done you need to submit the form at the municipal office.
  • After proper verification, you will get the certificate at your place by post within 7 to 14 days.
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Importance of Birth Certificate

Every citizen must have his/ her birth certificate as it is the most important document that is used further for every work. Either you are taking admission in the school or are applying for a visa the certificate is needed everywhere. The certificate is made at the district office or the municipality office. The form is to be filled and the letter of the hospital has to be attached with the form. Parents ID proofs and their signatures are required at the form. Once the verification is completed and your child’s certificate is ready you can collect it from the office or get it by courier at your place.

birth certificate
birth certificate

Use of Birth Certificate

There are a number of uses of this certificate. From getting admission in a playgroup to going to university you need this document. It proves your legal authenticity. The certificate has to be attested by the government stamp or signature that gives it legalization. If you are going for higher studies then you will need the certificate for apostille attestation services. Proper attestation from the regional level, state level and central level is required to complete the attestation process.

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Process of Getting the Birth Certificate Attested

Getting your personal document attested is not an easy process. You have to go through several steps to get your birth certificate apostille. The starting process is from the notary and ends at the embassy. Your personal documents are necessarily attested with all the commercial and educational forms as it proves the authentication of your papers.

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Notary Attestation: The notary attestation is performed by the regional officers that can be a lawyer or any other government department officer. The attestation is acquired in the form of stamp or signature. Document attestation is also a form of legalization for documents check for more attestation related service. It gives legalization to the document. It can be procured from the district department by the authorised personnel.

Home Department Attestation:

The HDA is done at state level. After verifying it from the regional level the documents are verified here. It gives legalization to your personal document by providing the stamp on the document. Not only personal but commercial and educational documents are also attested here.

It is necessary to get the attestation done if you are willing to go outside the country for educational purposes or business overseas.

SDM Attestation or MEA Stamp:

MEA stamp
MEA stamp

The Sub-divisional Magistrate is the exceptional case of HDA. The main state government performs the duties here. After getting the SDM stamp you need to get the document apostille done by the Ministry of External Affairs that is the last level of attestation. The stamp is attested on the document and gives it legal authenticity. The MEA stamp is mandatory when you are travelling abroad and also for a residential visa.

for further information follow this https://www.indiatoday.in/information/story/how-to-get-birth-certificate-for-newborn-baby-1444465-2019-02-01#:~:text=Step%201%3A%20Get%20a%20birth,of%20birth%20of%20the%20child.

Embassy Attestation:

The final step is to get verification from the embassy. When you are visiting foreign for higher studies, business or residential purpose then you need to get the attestation done from the consultant of that country. Once the documents are verified by the embassy it is not verified further. You need to get the attestation done by the embassy of the country where you are going.

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