The Development of a Child from Birth To 5 Years – 7 Important Tips

Introduction to The Development of a Child 

The development of children varies from each other; some may achieve the milestones of their age on the other hand some children may achieve it a bit later. Although there can be differences analyzing the development milestones of the baby helps to evaluate the development of the baby.

Depending on the milestones entirely is not advisable because of the individual differences but if there is anything you find concerning you should consult a physician.

Birth to 18 months

The growth of the child is rapid and the child is adapting to changes and doctors advice communicating with the child as much as possible as this would help with the development of their interactive skills

Age 1- 3 month

Cognitive development: they are intrigued by objects and faces, social development, they try to look and smile at people, language development, start making sounds and respond to certain sounds, physical development; try to turn their head towards a source of the sound, follow objects. They can grasp objects so you can get toys from laybys online to play with.

4-6 months

Cognitive development: at this age, the child can recognize familiar faces, can notice certain music, social development; they now react to facial expression, love playing with people, respond differently to different types of sound, language development; they start to babble and begin imitating sounds, physical; tend to reach out for stuff, roll over and push themselves up with arms

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5-9 months

Cognitive: bring the hand to their mouth, can move stuff from one hand to another, social; imitate faces and can recognize familiar faces, language; look or respond when someone calls out their name, using gestures to communicate, physical; can sit without support and can roll in both directions.

At 10-18 months

Cognitive: can do simple actions like use a spoon, naming certain objects, the body parts, social; can play simple games like pretend, can identify strangers and cry in the presence of them, language; can say a few words, physical; start to crawl and eventually learn to walk holding on to the surface and then with no help and can drink from a cup.

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18-24 months

Cognitive: can name and identify some pictures, knows what some common objects are, can scribble, build towers with blocks, social; help with cleaning up toys, play with other children, can identify themselves in the mirror, language; can talk several words, likes to listen to stories and when the direction is given, they can follow it, now they start asking few questions, physical; help with wearing of clothes, drink from a cup, can draw a line and circle and can throw the ball.

3-5 years

This is the preschool age and children become more independent now, they like to explore and experience new things, make friends and play with friends, become adapted to the daycare or the kindergarten, can speak more fluently, can do some simple activities, and ask more questions, are fascinated by different things and can write more clearly and make objects with blocks.

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