8 Best Things Men Like in Intimate Time

Introduction to Things Men Like in Intimate Time

Men like experience which approaches by if women will approach that thing. If women can agree over different types of poses and odd kisses men always like that even women can enjoy that if they agree.

Here we can cover about 8 things which men like while intimate time and before intimate time.  If someone tells you about there is a magical way to get attract men then that one is simply lying to you there are lots of things that men like over bedtime but women missed out that a few are mentions below and more in details will discuss in the next posts sure.

Points are here:-

  • Lingerie’s
  • Surrender to men
  • Kisses
  • Orgasms Voice
  • Say Men Name
  • Advantage Of His Fantasy
  • Not Like A Dead Fish
  • Rough During Sex


Men want their women’s partner to always look sexy and bold in front of self wear bold color lingerie’s like red and black color of lingerie’s always worked to approach men to have sex.

When Show lingberries to men it is a green sign to men you are in a mood for sex. Men want during sex time women to have free and confidence.

Excited bold lingerie’s clothes are perfect to approach men and if you actually want to go with well-performing go with high heels with light beauty makeup with open hair.

I know There are misconceptions about makeup while sex but it will boost up the excitement to men.

Choose your partner’s favorite color lingerie’s mostly men like black, red color clothes to show in women.


If you can see in a romantic movie like 50 shades of grey men always control women in the bed too. If you surrender your body to him then both can enjoy sex pleasurable and long last over the bed.

This is a small thing which is women always missing and sometimes men can get disturbed with this behavior over bed and men can get nervous and think if he can do anything new women can not allow so surrender your self if want pleasurable and long last sex with loveable men.

Many women are shy come and not much support when intimate happen and that time men feel


Sex starts with foreplay and foreplay start with kisses with lip you can do kiss on men neck, chest, and lips. And there are few kisses which like most those are juicy kisses, Bitting Kiss, Earlobe Kiss, Lipstick Kiss, and Aggressive Kiss.

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If there is a first-time kiss on a relationship before going with a juicy kiss you need to have confidence with this kiss if men go with politely with lip include tounge go with deeper with a juicy kiss, With biting kiss men love to bit on women lower lip always while having kiss time be confident if you want to some bite on lips that will boost up pleasure in men.

If all set not a distance or without body touch can kiss possible do pleasure touch his neck and back for a kiss.

There are many other kisses for that which different type of kisses can try with men but there is trice kisses style which like by men lots French kiss, juicy kiss, bite kiss which is the one effectively perform on a moment’s also based on the men mood which like a man


Men like voice while intimate time if you can loud your orgasm voice men will pleasure way to get take a long time over the bed and you will enjoy their intimate with a partner.

This is a big mystery but many women avoid too loud while intimate time but always moan with pleasure and tell to men go faster and harder men always heard this pleasure word while intimate time because they feel you are enjoying and comfortable with a man who can also get more comfortable and less nervous and keep excited ignore about it what neighbors or family members talk about it but men liked this lots which men can’t tell it, anyone.


Men love to hear their own name during sex time from women and especially on climax time because it is a boost of time psychological way men think women love me not other person and love me lots so say his name during sex time.

Man wants to listen sometime his pet names while intimates time if you put any pet name then said that for express your feeling and men also get confirm loves me more.

Men have a strong feeling with relationship loveable women if they can strongly supply because women are more loveable rather than men.

Since most romance books and rom-coms are pitched to female crowds, this might be difficult to accept (as I itemized in a prior post), men really have a more sentimental point of view toward adoration than ladies do. A much-utilized proportion of sentimentalism, the Romantic Beliefs Scale.

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Men needs they can control everything like a leader and boss like he in charge of bedtime. Men fantasize about blindfolding and tying up a lady.

Not on the grounds that he doesn’t need her to perceive what’s happening. But since he needs to amaze her and not let her understand what’s going on.

Exploit this. This is quite possibly the best way how to make a man dependent on you explicitly, and how to satisfy your man in bed. Ensure you circumstantially have a rope/binds and a blindfold closeby.

You just need to state, “Nectar, I need you to tie me up.” one time. Believe me when I advise you. You don’t need to express that to him twice.

Regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship, your sexual dreams are more ordinary than you might suspect! In addition to the fact that they have incredible advantages, yet they are likewise totally common.

In this way, considering that, these are my best 10 reasons that you should grasp your sexual dreams!


Some women can just lay on the bed without clothes and men just do intimate this is not what men like to do this kind of sex is not a long-time bed relationship. Always give to men these things.

  • Touching and pleasing yourself
  • Putting your legs around him
  • Putting your arms around him
  • Hold his head/neck

The entirety of this will make him see that you’re “alive.”, and partaking. Regardless of how insane that sounds.  Consolidate this by making sounds and offering him praises.

That is a blend that is ensured to make firecrackers.  Men like active women in the house and at bedtime as well if you can get tired in the night then keep become healthy by taking healthy supplements which keep you active over bedtime sometimes psychological problems can happen also.

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That is simply the principal thing a man will ask himself when he has a renewed person in bed. He won’t play out any insane dynamite proceeds onward her since they don’t have any acquaintance with one another quite well.

So he will relax and be mindful of what he is doing. Due to the dread and the danger of going excessively far (and accomplishing something you probably won’t care for). Thus, gradually, he needs to discover what sort of lady he’s managing.

Sometimes women can not enjoy lots and men discharge earlier and women not get satisfied after tried out all method means men have a health problem which called erectile dysfunction which has a major and common issue faced by men nowadays for this there are generic pills available which you can purchase for your men online that is called sildenafil citrate-based fildena and cenforce tablet and available with variations like fildena 100, fildena 150 and cenforce 200 take as per requirement.

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As a rule, “rough sex is any sexual association that is all the more truly forceful or perhaps actually perilous,” says Dominatrix and sex teacher Lola Jean.

Be that as it may, as she says, “everything is abstract and what might be forceful to one individual isn’t forceful to another.”

So anything from a crushed mouth makes out or a predictable beating from behind to an injury up bum slap or an out and out BDSM torment scene can consider forceful sex — insofar as it’s consensual.


This topic is not listed but I mention it here just for the quiet information because it is a major problem faced by many couples and humans.

If women have or men have low libido problem then they can be resolved via natural way there are take it.

At times regardless of how pulled in you are to somebody, regardless of the amount you love them, regardless of how cheerful you are in life, as a rule, your moxie can drag you down, unleashing devastation on your room fulfillment.

You might be inclination excessively drained, excessively focused, or reliably not in the state of mind for apparently no explanation by any stretch of the imagination.

Exploration is stating the pandemic circumstance is influencing individuals’ charisma, as well. Maybe you go in with honest goals, yet feel an absence of premium once contributed.

Regardless of whether you would prefer not to, or it doesn’t feel comparable to it used to, having a sound sexual coexistence is a many-sided part of carrying on with an even way of life.

It’s fit for decreasing pressure, constructing a solid relationship with your accomplice, thus substantially more.

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