10 Off-Beat Things To Do In Dubai With Kids

Introduction to Off-Beat Things To Do In Dubai

If it’s one thing you can be sure of when you visit Dubai with your kids it’s that there will be no shortage of exciting theme parks, thrilling attractions, and edutainment venues built with them in mind. We’ve compiled a list of things to do in Dubai with kids so you won’t miss out.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Things To Do In Dubai
Things To Do In Dubai

Animals always add an element of fun and excitement that many kids are drawn to and that is why they will absolutely enjoy Dubai Dolphinarium.

The dolphinarium is home to 6 bottlenose dolphins, seals, and over 20 species of exotic parrots. If you’re looking for things to do in Dubai with kids this venue is the perfect place for wholesome family fun.

The kiddos definitely won’t want to miss out on the dolphin and seal performances. They’ll be amazed at their ability to dance, juggle, and do incredible stunts.

You’ll also find an adventure zone for kids that has slides, tunnels, trampolines, and a ball-pit for them to be able to play in.

Bounce Dubai

Things To Do In Dubai
Things To Do In Dubai

Are you looking for a place where your kids can have fun and also burn off all their energy while getting the workout of a lifetime?

Bounce Dubai is where you need to take them to have an extraordinary indoor adventure with trampolines. Wall to wall trampolines makes up the bulk of this park with areas for climbing and challenge courses.

Bounce Dubai is a favorite destination for some of the world’s leading Freestyle athletes and anyone else looking to have fun with a trampoline or hone some other athletic skills.

If you like to feel your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing this is the place for you. Your children will love playing sports like dodge ball and basketball with the exciting addition of a trampoline.

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Green Planet Dubai

Things To Do In Dubai
Things To Do In Dubai

True to its name, the Green Planet Dubai is a blossoming garden inside a gigantic bio-dome. Bring your kids along so they can learn about the different flora and fauna that exist in this ecosystem.

The Green Planet Dubai has reconstructed the natural habitat of different species so that they may coexist under one roof.

Your kids will have the opportunity to have up close and personal encounters with sugar gliders, sloths, and an assortment of other reptiles.

They’ll be able to feed them, pet them, and take pictures with them so your family can capture these precious memories.

The Green Planet Dubai also has a variety of different birds from Toucans, Caiques, and other small parrots that you can interact with while asking questions and having a deeper understanding of their lives.


Things To Do In Dubai
Things To Do In Dubai

As parents, you are always looking for a new and interesting place to take your kids so they can play and learn at the same time.

Inspired by art. OliOli is a great place for the kiddos to be curious while having lots of fun and tapping into their imagination and creativity.

It will be an immersive experience with lots of colors and stimulating activities. The venue is split into 8 themed galleries including museums, science centers, and art studios.

Toshi’s Net is a vibrant and imaginative hanging play area that kids will love to play and experiment with. OliOli is a terrific addition to things to do in Dubai with kids.

Kite Beach

Things To Do In Dubai
Things To Do In Dubai

Promising to provide kids with various types of activities, Kite Beach has built a skate park, outdoor trampolines, and a play area for the younger kids.

There is something for everyone in your family. You can sit on the beach and just relax or go for a swim. Your kids can participate in any of the water sports that are available.

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They provide many of the equipment necessary for some of the water sports, which makes it easier for you and your kids to take part in the adventures.  Of course, an option is to relax on the beach and play in the sand while enjoying the fresh air.

Dubai Kartdrome

Things To Do In Dubai
Things To Do In Dubai

Dubai Kartdrome provides its customers with a different karting experience and was designed to offer a safe way for everyone to be able to go-karting.

The outdoor track is 1.2 kilometers in length and has an impressive number of twists and turns so that you can practice building on your karting and racing skills.

The indoor track is 620 meters long and is designed with younger drivers in mind. This way your kids can practice karting in a safer environment while they still have fun doing an activity they enjoy.

Laguna Waterpark

Things To Do In Dubai
Things To Do In Dubai

Known for being one of the most kid-friendly water parks in the UAE, Laguna Waterpark is an adventure-filled park for the whole family.

Spread out into 4 zones, you’ll find countless slides, pools, and attractions. Try out the WaveOZ 180, which is a wave machine that you can practice your surfing on.

Don’t forget to take a swim in the stunning infinity pool. One of its best features of this water park is the gorgeous beachfront and boardwalk where you can take a stroll with your kids, pick a restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal, or visit some of the shops.


Things To Do In Dubai
Things To Do In Dubai

While looking for things to do in Dubai with kids, Jumble offers many entertainment options to choose from. If your kids are over the age of 12 they can participate in the world’s first urban indoor maze!

They’ll be able to team up with other kids and work together to problem-solve. The maze is filled with twists and turns to give them an out of this world escape room experience.

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They’ll have 2 hours to use their mental and physical skills to figure out how to solve the puzzles and go on the next challenge so they can complete the escape.

Mattel Play! Town

Things To Do In Dubai
Things To Do In Dubai

At the heart of Mattel Play! Town’s vision is to create a space for children to gain valuable insights while playing and having a lot of fun.

They do this by focusing on your child’s creative abilities and encouraging them to develop social and cognitive skills.

Their immersive activities are concentrate on different themes such as teamwork, discipline, and self-confidence. Fireman Sam, Barney the Dinosaur, and Bob the Builder and just some of the zones where they can continue playing and learning.

Hub Zero Park

Located in Dubai’s City Walk, Hub Zero is an indoor park where your kids can have an unforgettable virtual reality experience.

Gear up to play laser tag like you haven’t played it before. Or try out the incredible soccer simulator and play your favorite sport with the help of VR.

Some of the park’s features also include 14 action zones, an indoor adventure climbing zone, and 6 private karaoke rooms. This will never get old when you’re looking for things to do in Dubai with your kids!

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