10 Things to do in KSA- The Ultimate Saudi Arabia Travel Guide

Introduction to Things to do in KSA

Saudia Arabia’s decision to open its door for tourism has pushed it to rebrand itself as a premier holiday destination.

The new e-visa policy has been relaxed that has made it easier for tourists all over the world to visit this vast country.

With a variety of amazing destinations and widely stretching landscape, the country has so much to offer to its tourists. Let’s look into some to-do lists while traveling to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Riyadh’s kingdom center tower

This is an iconic symbol of Saudi Arabia’s capital and is the 3rd tallest building in the nation. Within its complex, there are shopping malls and residential areas, which is famous for its unique architectural style. The best time to visit it is during sunset to have a clear view of the evening sky from such great height.

  1. Red scuba diving

There is a wide misconception that Saudi Arabia is only known as the land of deserts, though the country has incredibly long coastlines along the Persian Gulf and the Red sea.

Thus, it is home to an amazing experience of scuba diving and snorkeling in the Red sea. Some famous scuba diving sites include Allah’s reef and Boiler wreck which do not have much crowd since it’s still an upcoming sport among the Saudis.

  1. Maidai’n Saleh

Just similar to the lost City in Petra located in Jordan, we have a similar origin and designed city in Arabia, that dates back to the Nabatean kingdom of the 1st century.

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This architectural site is UNESCO’s tentative for World Heritage inclusion and would draw many foreign tourists once the visit visa gets easier.

It is said the city was named after prophet Saleh who tried to convert ancient people of Thamud to Islam. The Nabateans called it Hijra and till today it is known as Al- Hijr in Arabic.

  1. Coral houses of Jeddah

Saudi Arabia’s commercial center, Jeddah which is an old town, is the build of wood and coral blocks. These corals harvested from the sea are used for building purposes and serves as a major tourist attraction.

Being a port and a trading hub on the Red Sea, Jeddah is an open window known for people’s liberal attitude in comparison to strictly enforced laws in the rest of the country.

These houses have well defined wooden windows with carved screen and decorated doorways inspired by Mughal architecture. Though old, this serves as a worthwhile destination amongst tourists.

  1. Al Masmak fortress

The giant mud fortress of the 19th century is a castle built of sand. It holds historical significance as Abdulaziz Al Saud took control of Riyadh from this fort and conquered and united different kingdoms that make up the modern nation of Saudi Arabia.

The Al-Masmak has distinct features namely the main gate to the palace, a mosque located n the left of the entrance, the majlis, watchtowers at each corner of the mosque, a courtyard, and a well.

  1. Shopping at malls

Saudi Arabia has restricted laws over western forms of entertainment like the bars, theatres, night clubs, or cinemas.

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So, people do spend a lot of time shopping in beautiful malls and complexes as their favorite pastime. Some of the best shopping spots are in the beautiful cities of Riyadh and Jeddah where upscale malls and local markets are a must-visit.

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  1. Silver sand beaches

Visit the beautiful silver sand beach looking out to the Red Sea if you want to bask yourself under the sun and experience coastal luxury.

The shore setting offers a refreshing look with umbrellas and lounge chairs lined up as the crystal clear water calmly hits the sand. This serves as a relaxing site for a good swim or some water sports fun.

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  1. Enjoy delicious meals at the best restaurants

Besides middle eastern and Asian cuisines, you would find a variety Of other dining options at the best restaurants in the country or other typical dishes.

Eating out in the country is more like a multicultural experience where international dishes cross paths with authentic and delicious Saudi food.

You will feel your mouth watering at the scene of spicy platters, juicy kebabs, steaming rice, or sushi. The elaborate décor and stunning view add to your once in a lifetime experience.

    1. Soothe yourself at the Corniche:

This is rightly called as a hidden treasure of the kingdom that offers a picturesque pathway for a long walk or spending time with family.

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The sound of the waves hitting the wall is so soothing and one can sit back and de-stress themselves while watching the world go by.

    1. The holy city of Mecca and Medina:

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic nation and Muslims from all over the world visit the holy city of Mecca and Madinah for the annual Hajj pilgrimage during the month of Dhul-Hijjah. However, there are restrictions on the entry of non–Muslims into these holy cities based on religious grounds.

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