16 Best Things to do in Pondicherry

Introduction to Things to do in Pondicherry

If you are planning to visit a place where you can experience sightseeing, stunning sunrise, clay modelling, etc then Pondicherry is the perfect destination for you.

You can visit any month to Pondicherry to explore the place with good memories. The list of attractive places in Pondicherry does not get end easily literally from attractive beaches, temples to diving everything is mesmerizing.

Every person has a dream of exploring Pondicherry city to know the diverse culture and architecture. There is no point that people can refuse to go to Pondicherry.

Here is the list of several things described that is a must for the people who are looking forward to exploring the beautiful city with their friends, relatives, or family members.

  1. Sunrise Point- If you visit Pondicherry then the sunrise point is one of the things to do in Pondicherry. You can sacrifice your night’s sleep to wake up early in the morning to see the beautiful sunrise from the vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal.
  2. Beaches – From a teenager to an elder everyone likes to spend most of their time on beaches. The greatest thing to visit in Pondicherry is the beaches where you can go for water boating, hiking, picnicking in backwaters.
  3. Water activities – If you love adventure, water sports then Pondicherry is your place of destination. Boating and scuba diving is a very popular activity to do in Pondicherry. People love to do boating along with scenic views around.
  4. Explore the French colony – To explore the rich heritage culture, people take a two-wheeler vehicle and explore the French colony of Pondicherry. Pondicherry is a mesmerizing place for the tourists where they can also seek the help of the guides.
  5. Temples and churches- Pondicherry is much more than beaches and water activities. Pondicherry is home to religious temples and churches. Very famous temples including SreGokilambal and Manakula are known among the tourists.
  6. Museum – You might be heard of Jawahar Toy Museum in Pondicherry. It is famous for its dollhouse that consists of more than 140 dolls across different Indian states. This museum attracts small kids with unique dolls and toys and creates a strong desire to visit the place every time they come across.
  7. Clubs with delicious eatery – How one can forget about the food? You can find the best and delicious eatery around the corner. The very renowned clubs in Pondicherry offer the best liquors, with knowledgeable bartenders that even make their signature cocktail for the tourists. If you are a food lover, then you will find drinks, food, everywhere in the market of Pondicherry.
  8. Shopping bazaar – Visiting the place and return home without shopping is not possible especially if you are exploring Pondicherry. If you love buying handmade antique pieces for your house then there are beautiful places in Pondicherry that offer handmade items crafted by the local artisans with their love and affection.
  9. Botanical garden – If you are one of them who likes to get clicked with a beautiful scenic view then you cannot afford to miss the view of the botanical garden in Pondicherry. The tourist came and spend long hours enjoying the fresh nature. Moreover, children enjoy taking rides, sounds of birds chirping, and musical fountain shows. All these things are a must for the tourists to visit Pondicherry.
  10. Affordable hotels – You can find the best affordable hotel in Pondicherry and even make them reserved through an online portal. Pondicherry gives the value of money experience to their tourists on their visit. Therefore, you can make your stay comfortable while residing in Pondicherry.
  11. ISKCON Pondicherry – ISKCON Pondicherry is the most famous attraction in Pondicherry where most people come from different countries to feel those divine connections.
  12. Paintball – This might be your favourite game to relieve stress and pain. People visiting Pondicherry play this game to feel energetic and in getting a thrilling experience.
  13. Yoga programs – You may know the varied benefits of yoga. Experiencing a soothing environment and yoga is one of the things to do in Pondicherry. With the help of professional trainers, you can enjoy the yoga classes that will help to revive your senses and keep you boosted throughout your tour.
  14. Private Yacht – The couples or even families can enjoy their privacy on a private yacht. It is a worth wondering experience. They can enjoy the seaside and yacht experience in Pondicherry and enjoy eating their favourite delicious food. Further visit: A Little France in India Pondicherry Travel Plan
  15. Casablanca – Casablanca is a very renowned place in Pondicherry for shopping cosmetics, and perfumes from international brands. Tourists come across the country to visit Casablanca because of its wide collection of apparel for women, and luxurious jewellery. Casablanca is in a combination of shopping mall and boutique and yet the upper top floor is filled with home décor items that every customer drools over. Therefore, you cannot afford to miss this marvellous place full in Pondicherry.
  16. Nightlife – When travelling around the places, people generally prefer to enjoy during nights, and this is what Pondicherry is famous for its nightlife at pubs and lounges. If you wish to enjoy subtle music at night with a delicious eatery French meal with drinks, then you cannot miss the nightlife of Pondicherry. It is Ok to sacrifice sleep when you are travelling to your favourite place. Thus, the nightlife in Pondicherry is an important affair to remember.
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Pondicherry is a beautiful place for tourists because of its scenic view, temples, churches, museums, shopping bazaar, and a lot more. One can easily book their resort in Pondicherry with the help of a guide and make their visit worth experiencing.

So, if you are also looking for visiting and make your holidays value of money then without a single thought you can book your hotel in Pondicherry and enjoys the vacation.

Children have a lot more fascinated views to visit like botanical gardens and even fountain shows on weekends. The experience and memories in Pondicherry are worth considering for a lifetime.

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