Things to Learned While Blogging: Quick Review In Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to Things to Learned While Blogging

Once a wise man Ray LeBlondsaid “You can learn something every day if you pay attention.” and when I first heard this I thought that this may be some sweet message from Tumblr but then I practically experienced it.

Things were pretty hard for me in life after 20, it was anxiety and chaos every day but then I. in my frustration started to write a journal about my routine and then started blogging.

I didn’t have any goals while blogging and just wanted catharsis. But then I realized it is more than just sharing thoughts.

As soon as I got my new notebook from the black Friday deal, I set up my blog and then started to work on it. I tried to implement whatever I planned and then things were changed.

I started to feel less chaotic and more managed. I learned so many skills and here is what I have to share regarding this.

Skills of Risk Rating

At first, I never thought about doing something that is out of my comfort zone or I wasn’t really into coming out of my comfort zone, but when I start blogging, I shared my thoughts and there I wasn’t sure if this is a good thing to share.

Whenever I will hit the publish button, I will take the risk because I do not know what people will respond to whatever I have written. However, with more practice regarding expressing my opinion and experience the risk factor would be reduced.

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Sense of Being Entrepreneurial

Whenever I will talk about the Entrepreneurial never associated myself with this word but because organizing, taking the risk regarding the business, and managing the overall business was not my thing ever.

However, when I got into blogging, I got some good hosting suggestions in the cyber Monday deal and it was an experience that I never felt before as I was managing a blog, promoting it, and my focus was shifted from chaotic life to a well-managed life of an entrepreneur.

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The Art of Selling

Something that you will not expect in this list would be the art of selling. Because in our daily life we see blogger criticizing the concept of consumerism but it isn’t the good or material that we sell but the ideas, our thoughts, our concepts, and opinions in our regular lives are being sold as well and for me, this is something we should learn in our life.

Open to Criticism

When I publish anything, I always expect my readers will post positive comments regarding my writings. However, at first, it was quite hard for me to understand that criticism but then I started to understand other’s opinions as well and this was the time when I got open towards the criticism.

And this taught me two things. First, how to handle the negativity, and second, not every negativity is bad. Sometimes you have to observe the wrong to learn what is right.

I would like to add that your hobbies are not just for time consumption but they are more than just time spending and killing but they teach you several life lesions and skills as well. You just need to broaden up your mind as well.

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