10 Amazing Facts on Throwing Knives 

Introduction to Throwing Knives

Let’s get a quick review of knife throwing history before we learn the types of throwing knives.

For the sake of hunting animals in prehistoric times, people used throwing knives and this is how it originated. Back then the hunters used a throwing stick to take down Kangaroos instead of a throwing knife and later it evolved as a throwing knife.

You can also start with beginner throwing knives but let’s discuss the types for which we are here:

Types of Throwing Knives: 

Apart from various other knife-throwing tools and weapons, throwing knives has gained the most popularity and is considered the best choice for enthusiasts of throwing weapons.

To make an educated decision which is in accordance with our needs, as a user, we need to know what the types of throwing knives are:

 Heavy-Blade Type of Throwing Knife:

As the name suggests, this type of throwing knife has a heavier weight in its blade as compared to the handle of the knife.

You need to throw this knife by having a firm grip on the handle so that the part of the knife which is heavier is released first.

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Preferred User & Technique: 

The user type suggested for such types of throwing knives is beginners. Because throwing it will be comparatively easier than the other methods. The technique we would recommend is the “Hammer Technique”. 

Heavy-Handle Type of Throwing Knife:  

Contrary to the “Heavy-Blade Throwing Knife” the Heavy-Handle Throwing Knife is exactly opposite to it. It is heavier from the handle and has most of its weight in the handle rather than other areas of the knife.

In the case of this knife, the handle needs to go first. While releasing the knife from your hand you need to hold it from the blade’s end.

Preferred User & Technique:

The kind of user which would suit this knife shouldn’t have the expertise level of a beginner as this type of throwing knife isn’t suitable for people who are just starting out. One needs to be an expert in order to handle a Heavy-Handle Throwing Knife.

The techniques which can be used are rotational and matches well with a heavy-handle throwing knife. It works best when gripped from the handle.  

Balanced Type of Throwing Knife:

The distinct point of this knife is that it’s well-balanced contrary to the other two types of knives. Both heavy-blade and heavy-handle have more weight at a specific part in the knife but this isn’t the case with Balanced Throwing Knife.

The gravity is in the mid-point of a balanced throwing knife and one can hold it from any side of the handle without any sort of risk.

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Preferred User & Technique:

The user which is preferred for this kind of knife can be both a beginner and an expert. But a beginner would still face a bit of difficulty but he/she can hone his skills on this knife as it offers a lot of flexibility.

If someone is going to practice rotational throwing technique then this type of throwing knife is best as the rotations of it are pretty much predictable.

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Fun Part of Knife Throwing:

For someone who is just starting out you need to invest most of your time in practice. It is an activity which can be enjoyed to the fullest without taking it to your nerves. The good part of it is you will be gaining a skill along with having fun and productive physical activity.

The fun part of this skill is that it is also a sport and you can also part in competitions related to knife throwing. There are many competitions which are held all around the country and in which you can participate as well.

So, if you have reached an expert level of knife throwing you can also enjoy hitting the bullseye in competitions and have a healthy competition with fellow knife throwing enthusiasts.

Final Verdict about Types of Throwing Knives:

If you are new to knife throwing you need to make an educated decision about what kind of knife you need to buy and for that, you must know the types of throwing knives.

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I hope that after reading this you would be able to choose the best knife as per your needs and your expertise level and wish you the best of luck on your knife throwing journey.

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