TikTok Faces Massive UK Restrictions, Launches New Version ‘Will Go Nowhere’ 2020

Introduction of TikTok Faces Massive UK Restrictions

As negotiations for the app’s future continue in the US, the UK government is reportedly leaning towards imposing restrictions on TikTok due to data collection and sharing concerns, rather than following America’s lead and imposing a full-blown app ban in the region. …

As Bloomberg reports:

A survey by Prime Minister Eddie Lister’s chief of staff is likely to find that the app does not pose as much of a security threat as Huawei Technologies Co., but may still recommend that the government not allow the company to move user data out of the country.

Back in July, the UK government announced it would exclude the Chinese company Huawei from its plans to develop the UK’s 5G mobile network.

Huawei was originally slated to ship 35% of 5G equipment to the UK, but concerns about national security and the potential disclosure of UK citizens’ data to the Chinese government through 5G components led to a review and subsequent ban of Huawei from the UK program. @ Buy Now: 5000 Instagram likes

The decision also raised questions about TikTok and its Chinese connections. At the time, TikTok was reportedly planning to open a new global headquarters in London, which was apparently delayed following Huawei’s decision.

TikTok then announced that it was still open to establishing a new UK base if the UK government allowed it to operate. The application has been under investigation in the UK for several months now.

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These reports will be welcome news for the app, which is still speeding up to beat the September 15 deadline set by the US government to be sold to a US company or face an outright ban in the region.

At worst, it seems that TikTok will still be able to operate outside the US, with only America and India planning bans at this stage.

However, TikTok is expected to find a way to continue its activities one way or another. With the potential billions of dollars in revenue and the app’s meteoric rise in the notoriously complex social media space, it is likely that a truce will be struck. Or we are in for a protracted legal battle to help TikTok avoid a total shutdown.

In any case, it looks like we still have a way.

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For its part, TikTok claims that this isn’t going anywhere – and now users can show their support with a new TikTok product claiming the same.

According to TikTok:

We’re thrilled to present this collaboration to both the TikTok community and streetwear fans. The collection is a reflection of the incredible support of our community, and we are proud to perpetuate this belief: TikTok is not going anywhere.

Anything will be considered a statement of disobedience or futility, depending on how the situation ultimately plays out.

Either way, TikTok is confident it will stay. And while the deadline is approaching, it remains more likely that the deal will somehow end up being closed.

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