12 Best Time Management Tips That Has Helped Millions Of College Students

Introduction to Time Management Tips

Today students remain engrossed in multifarious tasks, which is why they find it difficult to devote 100% to all the assignments.

And, it has often been seen that students begin to resent their tasks when they are pressurized. This leads to ugly repercussions, and the students bollix up their academic prospects.

Hence, time management is of the utmost essence. And, if you are currently studying, you need to make the best of out of every week of a year and the available 24 hours a day.

If you are wondering, “Is there someone who can solve my assignment?” or struggling with time management, you should go through the tips below.

  1. Spot the Items or People that Cause Distraction

Today, 81% of young adults remain glued to social media platforms for the major part of the day. Hence, they are unable to make time for studying, solving assignments, or even preparing for exams.

Similarly, students may get distracted by external noise, phone calls, music, etc. Thus, it is you who have to identify the reason for getting diverted.

Once you figure out the ‘time-wasters’, you can come up with a solution to combat it. Setting goals, especially, short-term objectives, is helpful in keeping your problems at bay.

You know that you have to accomplish a task no matter what environment you are in or situations you are subjected to. If you keep at it, you will see that you are not distrait.


Time Management Tips
Time Management Tips
  1. Avoid Procrastination

Most students put off studying or assignment-solving until the 11th hour. And when the time comes for submission, they start panicking.

Ironically, the students know that had they started the assignment sooner, they would not have landed themselves in this predicament. Thus, the issue here is that the students are not aware of how to avoid procrastination.

Positive reinforcements are a great way to fight procrastination. You can help yourself to a treat before commencing and after finishing the task.

You need to convince yourself how important the lesson is for your academic success. Most importantly, you can start your day by completing the tasks that you find least pleasant. When you do so, you will see that your assignments are over before the deadline approaches.

  1. Create a To-do List

College students have a busy schedule. If you are pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate course, you have to attend classes, seminars, complete assignments, and study at the same time.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work, which is why it is imperative that create a to-do list first. For this, you can use a paper and pen, or you can use your smartphone.

To use your time effectively, you should segregate the task, sort out the priorities, and allocate the time required for each task.

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If you stay true to the list, you will observe that your tasks are over in no time. Furthermore, your syllabus will be complete on time, and you won’t lose marks for a late submission.

  1. Focus on One Task at a Time

As per the time management studies, it has been found that a staggering amount of time is spent on the organization. This is precisely what most students do. They keep on planning their schedule even if they are working on something important. As a result, their task is delayed, and they end up with erroneous results.

The study also shows that an average person uses 13 different methods to manage time. But, all you should be doing is focusing on one task at a time. This is because you have already created a to-do list for the day. Refrain from attempting multiple assignments at the same time. You will be less productive, and your energy will be drained. So, do not switch to another task when you are engrossed in one.

Time Management Tips
Time Management Tips
  1. Stick to a Proper Routine

“A daily routine built on good habits and disciplines separates the most successful among us from everyone else. The routine is exceptionally powerful” – Darren Hardy (a famous American author). When you get into a routine, you will have less uncertainty about when and how you will fit in homework. And you will be able to find time for your personal study.

It is crucial that you create a routine at the beginning of the semester. In this way, you can adjust to it early and see if you have leftover time for pursuing extra courses online.

Here, you can put your smartphone to good use. You can set alarms for waking up and for completing other tasks. It will act as your time manager. But again, be careful that you do not fall victim to smartphone addiction.

  1. Use Academic Tools

Even though you are studious and attentive, you might have to solve assignments on an urgent basis sometimes. In such cases, you can take help of online academic tools.

For instance, if you wish to write an essay on short notice, you can use essay typers. You will get a swift write-up, absolutely free of charge. And the content will be unique and bereft of grammatical, spelling, and syntactical errors.

Similarly, if you are having trouble citing the sources, you can rely on online citation generators. For getting accurate word counts and character counts, you can use the word counter tool.

And if you are new to proofreading and plagiarism checking, your best bet would be to search for an authentic tool that performs these activities. When you are busy solving mathematical questions, you can use the calculators.

Time Management Tips
Time Management Tips
  1. Ask your Peers or Seek Professional Help

Often students get stuck with assignment problems, and they end up losing precious time frantically searching for answers. If you ever come across such an issue, you should take the help of your peers.

Today, 96% of university students use Facebook and other media like Whatsapp. So, you can easily create Facebook education groups to share resources or ask for suggestions.

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But, do not get addicted to it. Set a password 15 to 20 characters long so that you won’t be using the device mindlessly.

However, if you require expert guidance, you can take the help of professional experts. If you browse the Internet carefully, you will come across many academic service providers offering cheap assignment help.

The experts write the assignments on your behalf; thus, helping you save valuable time. You can use this time to work on your shortcomings in any subject. Most importantly, with expert guidance, you will be able to secure an A+ grade.

  1. Clear Your Doubts Instantly

Many students are too shy about asking for academic assistance. But, if you want to make swift progress with your syllabus, it is essential that you sort out your queries.

This will help you save time when you sit down with your assignments or prepare for exams. You will have no trouble whatsoever comprehending intricate topics.

You must approach your teachers directly whenever you have doubts. Or, you can also rely on online lessons for an in-depth interpretation of the topics, or chapters.

Today, with the advent of social media platforms, you can also garner important facts and figures. Furthermore, you can check out various YouTube channels to gain new insight into the topics or solidify your concepts.

Time Management Tips
Time Management Tips
  1. Visualize Future Success and Accomplishments

A smart way of utilizing your time to the fullest is to visualize future success. Remind yourself daily that if you put in the hard work now, you will be rewarded in the future. And the only way to do is by chalking out an effective schedule. Moreover, time management depends on how you respond to stressful situations.

For example, most students succumb to pressure. Hence, you have to learn how to handle responsibilities and take care of all the tasks bestowed upon you. Think practically and keep telling this to yourself that “College is temporary”. And also tell yourself that “I am waiting for the right moment to employ what I have learnt to jumpstart my career”. These messages act as subliminal texts and acts as stress-relievers.

  1. Stay Fit

It has been witnessed that only 40 to 45% of college students pay attention to fitness. If you wish to be productive, you have to stay healthy. And this can only be achieved through regular exercise, consuming healthy food, drinking plenty of fluids, and adequate sleep. You can practice yoga and meditation if you do not like to hit the gym every day.

After a 15-minute workout schedule, you will feel rejuvenated, and you will be free of stress. At any cost, do not overexert yourself. If you feel that you are cooped up in your dorm for a while, you should go out for a jog and take breaks. Time management also involves how you enjoy with your peers amid a busy schedule.

Time Management Tips
Time Management Tips
  1. Set a Timer if You Feel Unmotivated

If at any time you feel unmotivated, use this trick. Set a timer for two or three minutes and tell yourself that if you study for just that allotted time, you will get a break. Interestingly, you will find that you have continued your session for another half an hour or so. This is a good way to trick your brain.

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On average, students spend approximately 9.7 hours studying and 16.5 hours working, in order to achieve academic goals.

Thus, you have to be very attentive in those hours in order to reap the results later. Furthermore, if you are traveling, it is better to spend that time listening to an audiobook or thinking about a concept.

  1. Turn off Notifications

The major issue that students face these days is social media distractions. If you want to effectively manage your time, then it is wise if you turn off your notifications on your tablet or phone.

This will prevent you from getting interrupted with insignificant texts, messages, or emails. Similarly, you should unsubscribe from all the YouTube channels that you don’t find helpful.

When you unsubscribe, you won’t be bothered with constant notifications. It is quite normal to be inundated with the Whatsapp texts or Instagram DMs.

To focus entirely on your work, you can take a digital sabbatical for a year or two. Even if you have an important Whatsapp group, you can mute the chats.

Well, you must do whatever it takes to achieve the results. As per a survey conducted in 2018, 35% of people quit social media to avoid distractions. The trend is only increasing.

Time Management Tips
Time Management Tips

Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you out as it has worked wonders for many college students over the years. However, the guidelines will only work for you if you are consistent in your approach.

But, do not get too caught up with your studies as occasional breaks will provide the much-needed respite to your brain.

In the meantime, if you are working an essay titled ‘Time Management’ you can use the tips highlighted above. If you want further validations, you will get optimum help from the various online resources.

Or, you can seek cheap assignment help from the professional experts associated with the educational service providers.

Author Bio: John Mark is a student counselor, and He has helped a number of students in the past ten years. He is also an avid blogger, and He provides tips regarding assignments, shares information regarding academic curriculum, etc. Currently, He is a part of the MyAssignmenthelp.com team, and He supervises the cheap assignment help provided by the experts.

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