Tips and Tricks of Error Handling in VBScript or in UFT

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Tips and Tricks of Error Handling in VBScript or in UFT
Tips and Tricks of Error Handling in VBScript or in UFT

Error Handling in VBScript or in UFT:

Errors are something which is a resultant of deviation from the assumption or requirement or rules via code.It may happen due to syntax mismatch,invalid user input or unavailability of system resources.

Errors in VBScript or UFT are broadly classified as

  • Syntax Error
  • Runtime Error
  • Logic Error

Syntax Error aka Compilation Error

It halts the code execution due to the syntax error. VBScript engine reads the script file and tries to parse the code by converting into meaningful tokens. During this process, if the VBScript engine finds some unacceptable code format due to unrecognizable structure or expressions, it points out this as compilation error or Syntax error.

Example of Syntax error:

Dim myMarks
If (myMarks>60)
msgbox "Kudos you got 1st division"
End If

Error: Expected Then

Now as the WSH provides clear error details, it is very easy to detect and rectify the Syntax errors.

Why Syntax Error Occurs?

Below are the prime reasons why Syntax Error happens:

  • If we miss providing mandatory structure information(like keywords, blocks, commas, parenthesis etc)
  • Spelling mistake while using variables, procedures calls, function calls or expressions.
  • Keywords related to other Microsoft tools(Excel, VBA etc) which are not supported by VBScript.
  • Functions related to other Microsoft tools(Excel, VBA etc) which are not supported by VBScript. Mostly these functions need to be defined before using.
  • VBScript has backward compatibility hence versions generally do not play a major role in a Syntax error. But Script written in higher VBScript version may not work well in the lower VBScript versions.
  • Dynamic code generation and execution creates a huge problem in VBScript(command like ExecuteGlobal, Execute or Eval needs extra care).
Common Syntax Error with Error code an Description
Hexadecimal Error Code Decimal Error Code Comments
800A03E9 1001 “Out of memory” error.
800A040F 1039 “Invalid ‘exit’ statement” error.
800A03EA 1002 “Syntax” error.
800A0410 1040 “Invalid ‘for’ loop control variable” error
800A03ED 1005 “Expected ‘(‘ ” error.
800A0411 1041 “Name redefined” error.
800A03EE 1006 “Expected ‘)’ ” error.
800A0412 1042 “Must be first statement on the line” error.
800A03F2 1010 “Expected identifier” error.
800A0414 1044 “Cannot use parentheses when calling a Sub” error.
800A03F3 1011 Expected ‘=’ error.
800A03F4 1012 Expected ‘If’ error.
800A0415 1045 “Expected literal constant” error.
800A03F5 1013 “Expected ‘To’ ” error.
800A0416 1046 “Expected ‘In’ ” error.
800A03F6 1014 “Expected ‘End’ ” error.
800A0418 1048 “Must be defined inside a Class” error.
800A0417 1047 “Expected ‘Class’ ” error.
800A03F7 1015 “Expected ‘Function’ “error.
800A0419 1049 “Expected Let , Set , or Get in property
declaration” error.
800A03F8 1016 “Expected ‘Sub’ ” error.
800A03F9 1017 “Expected ‘Then’ ” error.
800A041A 1050 “Expected ‘Property’ ” error.
800A03FA 1018 “Expected ‘Wend’ ” error.
800A041B 1051 “Number of arguments must be consistent across properties specification” error
800A03FB 1019 “Expected ‘Loop’ ” error.
800A041C 1052 “Cannot have multiple default property/method in a Class” error,
800A03FC 1020 “Expected ‘Next’ ” error.
800A041D 1053 “Class initialize or terminate do not have arguments” error.
800A03FD 1021 “Expected ‘Case’ ” error.
800A041E 1054 “Property Set or Let must have at least one argument” error.
800A03FE 1022 “Expected ‘Select’ ” error.
800A041F 1055 “Unexpected ‘Next’ ” error.
800A03FF 1023 “Expected expression” error.
800A0421 1057 ” ‘Default’ specification must also specify ‘Public’ ” error.
800A0400 1024 “Expected statement” error.
800A0422 1058 ” ‘Default’ specification can only be on property Get” error.
800A0401 1025 “Expected end of statement” error.
800A0402 1026 “Expected integer constant” error.
800A0403 1027 “Expected ‘While’ or ‘Until’ ” error.
800A0404 1028 “Expected ‘While’, ‘Until’, or end of statement” error.
800A0405 1029 “Expected ‘With’ ” error.
800A0406 1030 “Identifier too long” error.
800A0407 1013 “Invalid number” error.
800A0408 1014 “Invalid character” error.
800A0409 1015 “Undermined string constant” error
800A040A 1034 “Undermined comment” error.
800A040D 1037 “Invalid use of ‘Me’ keyword” error.
800A040E 1038 ” ‘loop’ without ‘do’ “error.

Runtime Error:

A runtime error occurs when we try to perform a command on an invalid action. These codes get compiled as there is not a Syntax error but failed in the runtime and generate a Runtime error. Runtime errors are not the same as Syntax errors. Here the source information always is “Microsoft VBScript runtime error.”

Runtime errors are not easily detected during the development time of the script.

Runtime errors can be classified as:

  • Non VBScript Runtime error
  • Native VBScript runtime error
  • Variable declaration related due to Option Explicit runtime error.

Non-VBScript Runtime Error

These runtime errors are not generated by the VBScript engine. They are generated by some other components which are attached to VBScript.

Like ADO,ActiveX,DataObject etc

Native VBScript Runtime Error

Native VBScript runtime error happens when the user performs some illegal operations. Mostly these errors are recorded and stored in VBScript Engine.
These errors happen when:

  • One performs wrong arithmetic operations.
  • Read from a database having a null value
  • Keep reading even after the control reached at the End of File.
  • Wrongly used Null in the expressions.
Example of Native Runtime Error

Option Explicit
Dim myVar
msgbox "The result is"+ myVar

Error-Division by zero

Example of Native Runtime Error

Dim myVar
msgbox "The result is"+ myVar

Error-Invalid Use of Null

Errors Related to Option Explicit

Option explicit can be a very good tool during the development of the scripts. It acts as a safeguard against accidental spelling mistakes while working with Variables or a strange error which can not be viewed in naked eyes.

Option Explicit also refers to a variable that has not been declared. So if we get a runtime error for option explicit statement that “variable is undefined”.We need to check the declaration of the variables.

Example of Error due to Option Explicit

Option Explicit
Dim index
For index=0 to 10
If(index=5) Then
Msgbox myVar
msgbox index
End If

This code will work fine till Index=4. As soon as the index becomes 5, the VBScript engine will throw an error stating myVar variable is undefined. Now if we examine our code carefully, we can see the variable myVar has never been declared.

How to avoid the Runtime Error

Since Runtime is critical than Syntax error, we need to understand how to avoid a Runtime error. Below are the guideline to avoid the runtime error.

  • We need to be well versed with VBScript syntax, rules.
  • We need to carefully read the documentation for functions or sub before working with them.
  • If we get some different, not so well stated error messages or errors like Unspecified errors or Operations aborted or Error occurred etc. we need to surrender to Google. Daddy google has all kind of answer for any sort of problem.
  • The last option is to use a trial and error method. Once we get the different type of solutions from Google we need to apply these techniques in our script.
  • We need to use comments while we fix those errors so that we can later understand the purpose of the code we just inserted to our script.
Common Runtime Errors with Error Code and Description
Hexadecimal Error Code Decimal Error Code Comments
800A0005 5 “Invalid procedure call / Invalid argument” error.
800A0006 6 “Stack overflow” error.
800A0007 7 “Out of memory” error.
800A0009 9 “SubScript out of Range” error.
800A000A 10 Array related error -“already locked or fixed” error.
800A000B 11 “Division by zero” error.
800A000D 13 “Type mismatch” error
800A000E 14 “String out of space” error.
800A0011 17 “Can’t perform requested operation” error.
800A001C 28 “Stack out of space” error.
800A01A8 424 “Object required” error
800A01AD 429 “ActiveX component can’t create object” error.
800A01AE 430 “Class doesn’t support Automation” error.
800A01B0 432 “Filename or class name not found during
Automation operation” error.
800A0023 35 “Function or sub not defined” error.
800A0030 48 “Error in loading DLL” error
800A0033 51 “Internal” error
800A01B6 438 “Object doesn’t support this property or method” error.
800A01BD 445 “Object doesn’t support this action” error.
800A01BF 447 “Object doesn’t support current locale setting” error.
800A01C0 448 “Named argument not found” error.
800A01C1 449 “Argument not optional” error.
800A01C2 450 “Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment” error
800A01C3 451 “Object not a collection” error.
800A01CA 458 “Variable uses an Automation type not supported in VBScript” error.
800A01CE 462 “Remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable” error.
800A01E1 481 “Invalid picture” error.
800A01F4 500 “Variable is undefined” error.
800A01F6 502 “Object not safe for scripting” error.
800A005B 91 “Object variable not set” error.
800A005E 94 “Invalid use of Null” error
800A005C 92 “For loop not initialized” error
800A01F7 503 “Object not safe for initializing” error.
800A01F8 504 “Object not safe for creating” error.
800A01F9 505 “Invalid or unqualified reference” error.
800A01FA 506 “Class not defined error”.
800A01FB 507 “An exception occurred error.
800A1390 5008 “Illegal assignment” error.
800A1399 5017 “Syntax error in regular expression”
800A139A 5018 “Unexpected quantifier” error
800A139B 5019 Expected ‘]’ in regular expression error.
800A139C 5020 “Expected  ‘)’ in regular expression” error.
800A139D 5021 “Invalid range in character set” error.

Logic Errors

Logic errors are very tough to determine especially if a person debugs who never wrote the script. Logic errors are hidden inside our code and generally do not have a User Interface to show up. The only area we understand logic error when the piece of the code generates a wrong output. The output is different from what is desired.

How to avoid logic errors?

  • We need to read the design specification, requirement documentation to understand the functionality and then inspect the code if that is doing what it is suppose to do.
  • We need to follow “Divide and Develop” principal and implement stub and drivers in order to design our script sequentially correct.
  • Check the code logic while using operators. or sendkeys.
  • Use Custom runtime in different places.

How to handle VBScript Errors in UFT or VBScript Editor?

VBScript does not support try-catch block to handle the error or exceptions, instead, it supports to provide a Global error handling mechanism.

What is the Global Error Handling Scheme in VBScript/UFT?

The Global Error Handling Scheme includes:

  • Display the error alert
  • Logging mechanism
  • Email the error
  • Better code design in the error-prone area
  • Use of Err object
  • On Error Statement
Display the error alert

In this mechanism, the VBScript engine displays the error as an alert form. For standalone and small script it serves it purpose but not very effective while scripts are running in a batch mode. It often asks to hide the error. If the error could not be hidden, the execution stops and waits for the alert to be closed. This is a major pain point while running scripts in nightly mode or CDCTCI mode.

Logging mechanism

This is a nice feature to log the error to a different file instead of the display as an alert. The different file can be a flat file or an XML or a database or window event log. This process is hugely used in the current automation scenarios but very laid back or reactive approach.

Email the error

This mechanism puts a little dynamic behavior to the error handling as the moment VBScript encounters an error an email gets triggered /fired to the specified group mentioned earlier. The group can decide the fate of the error then and there.

Better code to handle the error phone area

As and when automation gets matured, the automation engineers can decide where to put an extra set of code to protect known error. This extra set of code put a safety net around the risky code. This approach takes some time to mature and has no immediate implementation. This scheme also greatly depends on the code’s experience.

Use of Err Object

Err is an intrinsic object that has global scope. As a result, it is always available with VBScript Engine in the script. There is an Err object always in the memory. As it is already available and attached to our script, we do not need to create one using CreateObject() to create an Err. We also do not need to have a variable to hold this object.

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