12 Best Tips for prevention of Hair Fall

Introduce To The Tips for prevention of Hair Fall

Hair Fall
Hair Fall

There are many steps to slow down or stop hair loss. But what to do depends on why the hair fell. Certain conditions (for example, telomere fluid) can resolve on their own. Remember, everyone loses hair every day, this is normal. This is when hair loss is permanent and you doctor growth hormone and testosterone relationship. Your healthcare provider may be able to determine that your hair loss is due to factors such as thyroid problems, stress, head infections, androgenic alopecia, or simply ageing.

Some people worry about hair loss. Both old age and genetic factors can cause hair loss. The root affects the treatment effect. Density is called the “Crown of Glory” and is a direct expression of a person’s personality and style. Excessive hair growth can be a serious problem, often causing anxiety, especially in women. However, if you know you are right, you can use some home remedies that can effectively protect the lock to control hair loss.

Cause of Hair Fall

Our hair grows in a cycle of three different stages: active growth, relaxation and shedding. Even a healthy person will not suffer from excessive hair loss and may lose many a day!

Hair loss is the most common cause of ageing, usually before men and women. When 40, about 50% of men will experience some male hereditary hair loss (male appearance is famous for baldness). 50% of women will experience female hair before the age of 70.

If sudden or itchy, you should consult a doctor, as this indicates a serious condition. Other conditions can include:

  • Hormonal changes in pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause or thyroid disease
  • Some drugs, such as those used for high blood pressure, depression, and arthritis
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Malnutrition
  • Pressure

1. Malnutrition

Basic nutrients such as iron, copper, zinc and protein are lost in food. Vitamin D deficiency is another cause of hair loss. To avoid this situation, please it to direct sunlight.

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2. Hormonal imbalance

Women may experience, which can lead to hair loss. This dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Although estrogen is the main hormone produced by women, testosterone and other androgens (such as DHEA) are also present in women. When they can begin to convert these androgens into DHT.

3. Gland problems

If the thyroid gland produces too much or insufficient thyroid hormone, it will change the hair growth cycle. However, if you have thyroid problems, you will also experience other symptoms and hair loss, such as sensitivity to cold or high temperatures.


Due to hormonal imbalance, produce higher levels of androgens than normal. This usually causes the hair to fall off, and the hair and the scalp become thinner can also cause ovarian problems.

5. Contraception

Hormones containing hormones that control the ovaries can cause thinning of hair, especially in women. Sometimes, hair loss may occur. Other drugs used drugs for high blood pressure, heart issues, arthritis, and anxiety.

6. Pressure

Excessive, which lasts for several months of exercise, yoga meditation and massage can reduce the chance of hair loss.

7. Hair styling products

Too much treatment of hair can cause hair loss. Dyes and chemical toxins found in refrigerators. In addition, almost all shampoos are toxic to you has been shown to cause stones to fall from your hair and inhibit hair growth.

8. Medical conditions

-telogen body fluids

About the entire head fell off. I usually lose up to many per day, but sometimes too fast can cause depression, illness, medications or hormones. Hair growth within six months.

Male alopecia

For women, the hair usually looks hairline, the front area is below the hairline, and the back is thicker.

-Alopecia areata

The immune system affects up to 2% of the population. It can cause itching and hair loss, and may cause general baldness. In many cases, the hair will come back.


With age, the growth rate of hair seems to be slow. The hair follicles become thinner and less. The hair is thinning, soft, and white. In order healthy, please eat tidy foods that keep your body and hair young. If your hair is soft, here are some natural ways to help.

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Alopecia is a gene called androgenetic alopecia, which is known to be the most common cause of hair loss. the family’s father or mother, although if both parents are losing hair, you are the gene.

Prevention ways

Years of research have shown that vitamins can prevent hair loss.

Skin examination and treatment methods various vitamins and minerals in preventing hair loss.

Prevention ways
Prevention ways

Anyone considering taking vitamins should consult a doctor first. The best products contain all or intake of vitamins and minerals.

1. Mediterranean seafood

A 2018 study showed that, like Mediterranean foods, a diet rich in can reduce the risk of androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness or male baldness) or slow onset. When participants ate these foods (such as parsley, basil, vegetable salad) more than three days a week, the effect was best. This one is one of the Best Tips for prevention of Hair Fall.

2. Protein

Hair follicles are usually. A 2017 study of “100 Trustworthy Hair Sources” showed that participants lacked nutrients, including amino acids in the protein structure. Although more research is needed, dietary protein can prevent hair loss. Healthy choices include foods such as eggs, nuts, beans and legumes, fish, These is the best Tips for the prevention of Hair Fall.

3. Vitamin A

The vitamin A part contains the retinoid, which has been shown to increase hair. This vitamin can also help sebum production, keep the scalp healthy and keep a lot of hair. Just add some vitamin A to your food, such as sweet potatoes, sweet peppers and spinach.

4. Lots of vitamins

Scientists have determined that iron, selenium and zinc are and maintenance (especially cell renewal). In most grocery stores or pharmacies, you can get a lot of vitamins every day, doctor to prescribe a vitamin for you.

Lots of vitamins
Lots of vitamins

5. Vitamin D

A study conducted in 2018 showed that a reliable associated with untreated hair loss. Treatment deficiencies may help relapse. Talk to your doctor about taking 800 to 1000 IU daily. These is very important Tips for the prevention of Hair Fall.

6. Bio-tin

Biotin Vitamin H or B7 helps the accumulation of fatty acids in the body. This process is very important for the life cycle of hair. If you don’t have enough hair, you may lose hair. three to five milligrams per day.

This plant comes from the fruit of the American herbal tree and helps men maintain testosterone levels. An article in the magazine in 2004 showed that almost 60% of the participant’s growth hormone and testosterone relationship. Believed that dating could improve hair growth. The recommended dose is.

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8. Clean regularly

Washing hair can keep your scalp healthy and clean and prevent hair loss. The key is to use light shampoo. The itchy formula will dry the hair and break the hair, leading to hair loss. One of the best tips for prevention of Hair Fall.

9. Kumbaha

According to a review of a 2018 study, can help prevent damage to hair caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV). The lauric acid in coconut oil helps bind the protein to the hair and prevents it from breaking down roots and chains. Head massage coconut oil can increase blood flow and help regeneration.

10. Olive oil

Olive oil deeply repairs hair and prevent dryness and breakage the diet and can help shorten genetic hair. Consider applying two

11. Soft form

Skipping the braided harness or pulling the hair follicles on the knees may cause excessive shedding. When using, do not protect your hair from itchy air. Hair irons, such as curling, can also damage or destroy hair follicles.

12. Haircare

Chemotherapy (such as dyeing or dyeing) can also damage the hair and scalp. Ask your designer for other alternatives, such as natural hair dyes and other coloured hair that does not contain ammonia, peroxide or p-phenylenediamine (PPD). This one is also very important  Tips for the prevention of Hair Fall.

So here are some important Tips for the prevention of Hair Fall to follow.


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