8 Incredible Tips To Plan A Perfect Wine Tour

Introduction to Tips To Plan A Perfect Wine Tour

Planning a wine vacation is not without its challenges. It is supposed to be fun and merry but only after you are done plotting the right course for your wine tour. There are so many online resources to help you but it can be overwhelming simply determining where to start.

To simplify things for your wine vacation, you can hire well-reputed wine tour services offered by most of the wineries around the world.

Texas is a great place to have your first wine tour experience as there are thousands of wineries here brewing the perfect wines all year long.

Here are 8 incredible tips to plan a perfect tour!

1. If Possible Plan Your Visits Early in the Day

During high seasons, afternoons in tasting rooms can be overly packed. The winery staff won’t have enough time to discuss the brewing method and interesting wine histories with you. Plan your visit early in the day so that you are at a winery with a good picnic or dining facilities at lunchtime.

Although,  it is great to visit during the midweek or off-season, early morning makeup refreshing wine tours. Late August to mid-October is the crush time, so don’t expect to see the winemaker for more than a few frantic moments.

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Most wineries in Texas are closed on major holidays while others have restricted off-season hours. Always give them a call or check availability via their official website before you make a plan.

2. Narrow Down The Region You Want To Visit

The essential step of a wine tour is to decide where you want to go. It almost goes without saying but do some research ahead. Moreover, limit the number of wineries you would visit in a day. It should not be more than three or four.

If you add too many places for a single day,  you won’t have time to understand what’s happening at each location. You can only get the true tasting experience by lingering at each winery for enough time. A leisurely tasting makes up the best brewery tours.

The best approach is to book your visit to the winery a few days ahead, especially during the busy season. For most of the wineries, appointments can often be made on the morning of your planned visit so no need to worry about it.

3. Make the Most of Your Wine Tour

Many wineries in Texas now offer good food and dining experiences, too, including a fine restaurant and dining gourmet picnics. Take full advantage of a restaurant or outdoor picnic area to enjoy a spectacular meal or view during the tour day breaks.

If you’re more of an old-school picnic type, bring along your picnic lunch, buy a bottle of wine and enjoy the view of the vineyards while you sip some fine grapes.

You can also enhance the experience by visiting the wineries that offer cultural experiences such as concerts and art exhibits.

4. Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions

Take your wine tour as a learning experience. Get to know the winery in-depth, its history, and its wines. Even asking a simple question can get you a lot of valuable information. Start with basic questions about the founders of the property.

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Learning interesting facts about your favorite bottle of wine makes the experience a lot more magical.  When you drink back at home, later on, savor the taste while you can discuss some great wine stories with your guests.

The winery staff is there to help you and answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask them. Take this as an opportunity to get a true appreciation for the painstaking work that goes into each bottle.

5. Relax, Learn and Enjoy

Find the best tubing services to drift in the San Marcos river to have the experience of a lifetime. Many of the wineries are in the spectacular country and offer many other opportunities for entertainment and picnic. Enjoy the local bakeries, cheese-making operations, and local farms.

6. Experiment With Different Wines

Although a variety of wine is supposed to taste the same, every winemaker has his or her unique style of winemaking. So a Merlot will taste differently at each winery you visit. Experiment with different varieties of wine during your visit.

Don’t stick to the typical but try the odd ones, the ones you have never touched before. They might come out as your next favorite wine!

You can take this as an opportunity to discover varying tastes of a certain variety. Drink Chardonnay from every winery and explore how taste varies from vineyard to vineyard.

Bear in mind that some wineries may make very small quantities of a particular wine, a specialty.  That’s because they are still developing their vineyards or experimenting. It may be an absolute delight for your taste buds.

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7. Keep Yourself Hydrated

To keep your sense sharp, it is always good to drink water before, after, and in between your wine tastings. It not only improves the oxygen levels in your blood but keeps you cool in the heat of the wine country. Good cleansing is crucial especially after tasting wines back to back.

The good rule of thumb is to drink equal quantities of water and wine. Make sure you pack plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

8. Drink In Moderation For Best Experience

Every winery has a spit bucket and it is there for a reason. It is not considered impolite to take a small sip and expectorate the remainder.

Keep in mind that swallowing is not necessary to taste the wine properly. Drink in moderation to truly enjoy the experience till the end.

The best bet is not to drink and drive. Each winery offers several samples throughout a tour so there is always a chance of consuming too much wine.

Choose a designated driver before you begin for safe transit to home. You can also rent limo or car services to go back to your hotel.

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