9 Important Tips to Unpack After Shifting to A New Place

Introduction to Tips to Unpack After Shifting

After the entire shifting process, your last battle is to unpack and bring things into the system. Now for some, it may be enthusiastic work and for some, it may be boredom.

But you need to unpack anyhow. You can ask the Delhi packers and movers as they provide the unpacking service. However, if you are planning to unpack things on your own then you should follow the below points for the effective unpacking of your things.

9 Imps for unpacking things.

  1. Follow a system.

Don’t simply start unboxing everything randomly. This won’t help you at all. Check the labels marked on the box and then separate them according to your plan. Make a list of the items you will need initially.

  1. Important Items first.

The items that are the most important ones must be unpacked first. Like the most basic daily items must be packed.

At the time of packing if you have prepared an all in one box then you should unpack that box first. This may include some toiletries, kitchen essentials, or any item you need.

Don’t rush and unpack things immediately and also explain this to your children. Ask them to select their room and place their items in their room. In this way, they will be engaged and you can work.

  1. Set up your bedroom.

After getting the shift we all want is to relax after the tiring journeys and to do that you need to first organize your bedroom where you can rest and relax. Don’t unpack all the bedroom things at once. Unpack only the essential items first.

  1. Switch to Washrooms.

After you are done with the bedroom, organize your washrooms. This is the second most important place for which unpacking of the items is required.

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Place the towel, soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, and paste. Unpack the important items first. We will configure the entire washroom later. Firstly, we need to focus only on the important items.

  1. Organize Kitchen.

Once you are finished with the unpacking of the room and washroom, switch to the kitchen. It is great if you have kept all the labels and organized it would be much easier for you to get things unpacked. However, if things are not labeled and you are running out of time then unpack only the essential items.

Organizing the kitchen is very important and needs your care. You can’t simply rush and do the unpacking as there are many fragile items.

  1. Set up the Living Area.

After organizing the important things, you need to set up the living area. Understand the area and design how you can make things beautiful.

Or you can also unpack things first and then decide their place. You can design your living area as you want. Place all the items with care as you need to place a TV light lamp or any delicate item if needed.

If you have hired the unpacking service of the best packers and movers in Pune they will fix your T.v. and other appliances.

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  1. Set up the remaining room.

Once you are half done with your work you can now set up the remaining room. First select the room which will be the guest room, your temple, your kids’ room. Then place the items according to the room.

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Design your kid’s room the way it was before so they may feel at home. Or if they don’t seem awkward you can give a new touch to their room.  Now strange your gusset room and your worshipping area.

  1. Decor

Last but not least add your magical touch to your home. Decor your house the way you wished to. Add lights, lanterns, colorful cushions, or as you have planned.

Do not forget your plants if you have them with you. Find a suitable place for them. Decor your balcony. Set the furniture. Add some family photographs to give a homely environment to your place.

  1. List the items you have placed.

Whenever we shift into a new place many things are new for us and what happens is we keep things and forget where we kept them. So it’s better to prepare a list of the items simultaneously that you have placed.

Especially the smaller items get misplaced very easily. The same is in the kitchen. Memorize where you have kept what and if memorizing is difficult then prepare a list. In this way, you can easily find things.


Unpacking can be easy if done smartly. Follow the above points and you can easily unpack all the items. Make sure that you should not panic. Relax you will unpack all things easily. stressing out won’t help you.

Unpacking things is easier. Make sure that you unpack the necessities first and then jump to the other items.

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