5 Best Online Tools For Academic Paper Writer

Introduction to Tools For Academic Paper Writer

As students, we all have done our fair share of academic writing. And even though a lot of us did not like the task, we did not have much choice but to prepare an assignment whenever instructed.

In the last 10-15 years, a lot has changed in terms of technology. Now, if you don’t feel confident about your skill set, you can avail the assistance of online tools.

Students are no longer stranger to online paper writing services. In fact, the demand for such services from professional paper writers has increased significantly over the years.

While the services are quite helpful, students cannot always rely on them for support. Thus, it is better to learn about a few useful online tools which they can use as per their convenience.

This blog highlights 5 such amazing online tools that make academic writing a lot simpler for students as well as other paper writers.

  1. Google Scholar:

Gathering authentic data for an academic paper usually requires a significant amount of time and effort from the students.

However, you can conduct the necessary research work comparatively quicker and more conveniently if you use Google Scholar.

This online search engine is specially designed for academic purposes. Whenever you make a search query, the tool offers you online links to thousands of relevant and authentic sources for the necessary data.

Tools For Academic Paper Writer
Tools For Academic Paper Writer

Google Scholar comes with a bunch of amazing features, including:

  • A huge database, offering a wide variety of materials from articles, books and others
  • Absolutely easy to use – quite similar to the regular Google search engine
  • Allows you to save citations as well as individual articles to read later
  • Offers links to articles and books held through ECU libraries
  • Allow you to narrow down your search using filters
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The tool does not charge you anything, and you can access it from your computer as well as mobile devices.

  1. Grammarly:

If you don’t feel confident about your writing skills or don’t have enough time to conduct proofreading for the paper, you should use Grammarly.

This is one of the most trusted proofreading tools on the internet. In fact, a lot of professional paper writers also use this tool from time to time.

You can upload the document on the platform, copy-paste the text on it, or type directly on the platform to identify the errors and inconsistencies in the content.

Tools For Academic Paper Writer
Tools For Academic Paper Writer

Some of the highlighting features of this tool are:

  • Seamless spelling and grammar checks
  • Helps identify contextual issues and improve sentence construction
  • Offers robust suggestions to replace weak adjectives
  • Prompts several other suggestions and additions to help improve the writing style
  • Also offers plagiarism check of the content

The tool is available as a web-based platform as well as a browser extension. The basic features of the tool are available for free. However, the advanced grammar checks and the plagiarism checking feature are part of the premium subscription, which starts from $29.95 per month.

  1. Referencing Generator:

While drafting the academic content may seem a bit challenging to most students, it is the referencing part of the task that takes a great amount of time for students. Moreover, it can be difficult for a lot of students to remember the referencing guidelines of different styles. If you face such difficulties while creating the reference list for your paper, you should try the Referencing Generator from MyAssignmenthelp.com.

Tools For Academic Paper Writer
Tools For Academic Paper Writer

The tool has a bunch of amazing features to offer, including:

  • Instant results with zero waiting time
  • Accurate referencing in compliance with the chosen referencing style
  • Proper referencing of all types of relevant sources – both printed and digital
  • No registration required
  • Free unlimited use
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This online tool can be accessed from computers as well as smartphones. While the referencing tool is available for free, students can also ask for professional assistance from experts on referencing issues from the same website at a reasonable price.

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  1. DupliChecker:

While there are plenty of plagiarism-checking tools available on the internet, DupliChecker is one of the best options that are available for free right now.

This tool is absolutely easy to use. You do not need to register on this website to avail its services. You can simply copy-paste the text on the platform or upload the file by using the “Choose File” button.

Tools For Academic Paper Writer
Tools For Academic Paper Writer

Even though the tool is available for free, it does offer a number of great features:

  • Supports a wide variety of files, including .txt, .doc, .odt, .pdf, and more)
  • Allows plagiarism checking of webpages only using their URL
  • Offers an unlimited number of plagiarism checks
  • Compares text against thousands of published documents and webpages

You can scan your text with the help of this tool and identify the traces of plagiarism in it. For a free tool, DupliChecker offers great performance. However, you can only check up to 1000 words per search.

  1. Tomato Timer:

Time management is one of the major issues that students struggle with in today’s date. Since a lot of them don’t know how to manage their time, they often struggle to spare enough time for their paper and end up delivering a below-average academic paper.

Tomato Timer is a time management tool that can help students finish their tasks on time and improve the time management skills in them.

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Tools For Academic Paper Writer
Tools For Academic Paper Writer

This tool has a number of useful features, such as:

  • It uses the Pomodoro technique, allowing users to break the workday into 25-minute chunks.
  • It offers the choice between Pomodoro (25 minutes), short breaks and long breaks.
  • The simple user interface offers a great experience.
  • It has desktop notifications for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

This tool does not require any registration, and it is available for free just like most of the tools mentioned in the list.


The tools that are mentioned in the list can certainly boost the academic writing performance of a student. However, they can only help a person to a certain extent.

If a student really wants to improve his/her academic paper writing skills, he/she needs to put a lot of efforts in academic writing practices.

Author bio: clara smith is a PhD scholar who has been pursuing his research from a reputed university in the US. she has also been associated with Allessaywriter.com, where she serves as a professional paper writer to help students on their requests.

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