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Top Ten Strategies to Make Test Automation As a Service

Every journey towards automation  development is different from employees to employees and from companies to companies.Each one has some voice to venture.Some story to say. Some are good some are bad. Each story is unique.

Extensive testing before any release is not only necessary but also become essential for any company for their client and their clients’s client,vendors,partners. Due to frequent change in IT industry,testcase base grows heavy in size. To run those huge cases,we need a strong manual team . Involvement of huge manual test engineers is nothing but loss human power.As they have to test the same test cases over and over for each release. Industry found out a common solution in the form of Automation testing. It is a sequence or series of actions performed by automation tool. The actions can or can not be dependent on human. During 2001 to 2005, the initial days of automation testing, automation team used to be a part of quality assurance or manual testing team.

A automation team was defined as a set of technology enthusiastic functional test engineers who writes VBA,or some small code base to make their job easy. Gone those days when team mainly used to depend on manual testing and automation was given a lower priority.

With the advancement of technology,languages, tools like automation,continuous integration,build and release team, VBscript, javascript ,Java,C# ,groovy, selenium, QTP, UFT, TOSCA,Silk automation testing took a greater stand in QA domain. Eventually during 2005 to 2010 unattended execution ,machine independent architecture , cross browser testing came to rescue development and QA. Slowly automation become a must go for any company’s release cycle.Patch testing,Regression testing became very important for major players in software industry.The main purpose was to eliminate human related error from testing,speed up the execution and better ROI.

With the involvement of software design model like waterfall to v model to now days agile or rapid development ,automation becomes obvious. Agile and rapid development are meant to develop and change in a speedy way.So Automation needs to provide support in the same way.The nature of automation starts from unit testing to full execution, On demand execution to scheduled execution. Testing started rely on robot. Magnitude of testing is full day and night.When adopting such a huge speed, as a company, we need to adopt some strategies.
Here are the top ten strategies to make test automation as a service:
1. When to use Automation:
Top Ten Strategies to Make Test Automation As a Service
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Test Automation is a success in traditional way of testing in waterfall model, but a successful agile development can not really sustain without a good automated testing.
Go for automation testing if the project is long term and features will be tested again and again.Automation testing is only preferable if and only if the nature of testing is repeatable. Automation takes time to be mature but effective to catch bugs. It will give QA more confidence to look into the  non automated area.So use automation in such cases where-

  1. It saves time
  2. Increase accuracy
  3. Reduce cost
  4. Better ROI
  5. Better coverage
  6. Reusable

In agile when requirements may change every now and then, it is better to go for a TDD(Test Driven Development ) approach. This is surely ensure the proper and faster way of test development and execution.

2. Test Tool:
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Selection of the tool is very important as cost is associated with most of the tool.And Quality is associated with cost. Check for test tool compatibility with your UAT,the environment,browser.If Automation tool is compatible with your combination,half the battle is won. It is possible to test the environment in multiple language  along with normal testing.Once we get the correct tool for correct application , we will get more ROI.

Top Ten Strategies to Make Test Automation As a Service

Many a times, the tool sales person /team showcase their tool,in such  way, that the tool they are selling can automate everything a customer need. But reality is far from the show. So a expensive tool does not really make a functional team member an automation expert. Even they can not replace an automation expert.

Now the last aspect of tool selection could be o select some tool where your most of the knowledge base are. Simply if your resource is familiar to some technology or test tool or language, prefer the related tool.This will save time of initial learning and give automation a good start.

Test tool selection depends on the following factors:
  1. Affordability [Cost involves for this tool]
  2. Flexibility [How flexible the tool company about selling the tool or license]
  3. Compatibility [Can the tool support the UAT]
  4. Functionality[How easy the GUI or what feature the tool is offering]
  5. Usability[how easy to operate the tool]
  6. Maintainability [How easy to maintain the scripts]

If you are justifying a tool and not a member of management, please involve them from day one. And if you are a manager, please join the discussion to understand about the tool.If any team wants to get benefited with automation testing,management support is must. They must fund for R&D activities,pilot projects,fund for architecture development etc. Mostly it is top -down approach rather than a bottom up activity.

Framework should support a Hassle free way to integrate a newly build module. I suggest a GUI component to do this integration. By this an Automation test engineer or a functional test engineer can make a code and can submit for further use.Framework should not be so complicated that integration of modules will take lot of time and it requires a lot of effective testing time.

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3. Reporting:

Reporting should be the next major aspect of strategy. From the beginning, we need to standardize the reporting. Also we need to upgrade the reporting whenever necessary. Reporting should be customized or can be drilled to the lowest level. Creating various levels of abstraction is a very good approach.I like the jUnit/TestNG report for selenium. The consumers may be different for different level of reporting. Functional engineers may be drilling down till last level,Managers may be interested about how many scripts,how many pass etc. Top management may be looking at overall percentages.
Always tailor automation and information to meet automation objectives.

4. Framework:

We need to design a structured approach by which automation test engineers can produce maximum testcases by providing minimum efforts. We need to ensure maximum performance.Prepare best practices . Best would be to adopt a modular approach. Better to use a library driven approach rather putting everything in a script. Decomposition of the flow should be based on independent tasks. Not on the basis of  a big flow. The independent task lets call Units should have only one trigger point and only one outcome. With these units, one can make flows.
Always create layer of framework. The top layer should be a simple script with simple English. GEB and SPOC are very popular in this aspect. The test inventory should be very user friendly to a non technical user.
There are many IDEs(Integrated development environment) available in the market.One should design the framework such a way that it can overcome the limitation of the tool’s GUI Part.
So framework development is not only a conceptual thing. There are finance area also attached to it. Be very careful to understand the requirements,tool selections and hiring.
5. Test Script:

Test script should be independent but structured. Each test case should be easy maintainable.Follow Hermetic Test Pattern for test development. Even now single ton approach is also nice.Test cases should be accumulated in easy and random way. Functional team should set testcase as per their requirement.Decomposition of the flow should be based on independent tasks. Not on the basis of  a big flow. The independent task lets call Units should have only one trigger point and only one outcome. With these units, one can make flows.

Another way of automation is to check the heath of the test cases. And keep updating your inventory. The more we will test our testcases more we will get the quality. It will surely reduce  pesticide paradox in automation.

The more we fine tune our application the more the test engineers are going to use it.If our  Framework supports Negative testing ,their is nothing like it.Manual persons also can jump into our framework to speed up their application testing.It is nothing but to increase our coverage i.e Automation Coverage This simply saving manual effort.

6. Clear Expectation:

Prepare a capability analysis of the engineers who are working in the team. second,prepare an estimation of the scripts according to the complexity[may be simple ,medium,complex,very complex]. Now set an target like in a day ,how many simple,medium,complex and very complex you can deliver.Estimate accordingly. I would suggest take 1-2 days buffer while planing and provide estimate accordingly.
Second important aspect is to get transparency. Yes. depending upon the maturity of the employees , we must be transparent to them. Information is power in our IT industry. In few cases, it is seen that the information is not shared to the team. Manager or lead poses to be over-smart thinks that this act gave them lot of power. Actually this is a poor managed team where actually nobody knows where the project stands.

7. Approach:

The best approach is to divide and rule approach. Look at your requirements then identify the smaller requirements. Now identify the smallest unit testcase that can be automated. Once this identification is done,look for reusable functions,common approaches. Build the helper functions. Then start automating with maximum re usability. In this way, many automation testcases can be automated within very short time.
Next to make test inventory scale-able and maintainable always depend on test data. Use testdata for triggering and running large scale testcase. There are many approaches to get or generate test data. But framework should support multiple format like-CSV,Spreadsheet,text file, random generation,xml. etc.Plug and play with these data source can give your test framework  wings.

Top Ten Strategies to Make Test Automation As a Service

Use different tools to understand the progress in milestone by milestone manner.Budget control,statistical tools like six sigma,lean,Failure analysis,Fish-bone, process control ,key performance indicators,regulars,Standardized reporting should be used to analysis different scenarios.
Retrospective meetings should be well prepared rather just jotting few points and go unprepared.
Every claim good or bad should be supported by supporting data.

Capture all is the key for a successful  framework.Always capture Step information,log,Success criteria,Exit and entry criteria and Error Information.

Now a days testing demands very fast execution and report generation.Please refer one of my post on Having Repository.So now a days people like to have a pattern based testing where there will be no Object Repository.Pattern will detect the type of field and will do actions.

What are your choices for software package testing

Unbiased testing denotes the check structure and implementation most properly performed by someone who is autonomous from the staff of builders. This indicates that the benefits will be impartial and mirror an aim view of solution’ abilities.

But whilst enterprise literature offers the great time and dollars preserving features of outsourcing delicate. testing – when stressing superior high quality operate you can count on – one need to choose plainly if it is genuinely helpful to outsource computer software screening.

How can you determine if it would make sense to outsource smooth. testing? You’ got to start out by meticulously examining your requires as they relate to this critical section of computer software improvement. Tender. screening indicates numerous things to numerous people today. The principal objective is to guarantee the software package features as specified right before heading into production. But it also signifies producing certain the program is intuitive and simple to use.

Top Ten Strategies to Make Test Automation As a Service

Just before you make the choice to outsource delicate. testing, it’ vital to explain what you want from the outsourcing business. As their reputation grows, so do the expert services these organizations give. Several also provide software program style companies. Or, they will strategy, but not put into practice a software tests procedure for your organization. And they will even deliver men and women to your web page to take care of integrating the delicate. testing resources you obtain with your components. In standard, regardless of your actual comfortable. screening demands, if you’ acquired the dollars to pay for it, you’ come across an outsourcing enterprise ready to do it.

Implementation of Source control System is one of the basic criteria to make an advanced framework.Yes!!! Track your source code to make everybody understand what kind of change is applied upon the code.History will make sure if the piece of code is untouched or error prone and who has done what kind of change.There is always a chance that the new code is error prone and can create regression. For that case we can always go back to previous version.
8. Hiring:
In automation industry , we have two categories of test engineers.
1. Designer- Mainly Test Architect
2. Automator- Who will automate the test.

Automators are multi talented like a developer. They need to understand the requirements, create test case,create testscript,create supporting testdata, execute the test,analysis of the failures,re execution, reporting. So it is always better to have programming knowledge in automators.

How many engineers need to be hired depends on the load of work you will have. If the project follows waterfall model,you will get sometime to take a look of the work and estimate accordingly. But if the project follow a agile , then it is tough to get the projected load. So it is always better to have one or two shadow worker in buffer.Most of the companies now are creating talent pool.A pool of engineers with required skillset.

As I said earlier , It is no more a manual test engineer’s job to automate application,It requires dedicated automation developer now a days. Apart from a dedicated team,the automation team requires a manager or a technical architect to drive the team. They should be from automation background. If the hiring is not correct way, like a manual test engineers given automation responsibilities or a manual manager is guiding automation team, then in most of the cases team lacks of motivation and innovation.

9. Operational Model:

As in agile methodology the load of the work is little unpredictable and requirements may get changed. As a result the traditional operative model of billing[Hours calculation,timesheet entry] may not work for both the vendor and client. In this changing moment of software development it may be good to go cloud’s way of billing. Deliver the agreed quantity and get the billing. It is always a win win situation for both the parties as it follows pay as use mode. This solves the not used,un billable  resource problem. I have seen some model like the total no of scripts delivered, number of test execution happened,number of regression run,number of bugs logged.So according to your model,use quality center or jenkins to create more demand ,execution,daily execution,report to earn more.

Inside organization, follow different quality standard,documentation or CMMi level requirements.IT security,Data security,audit security,compulsory regulation,certification, quiz should be part of operation model. Employees should be encouraged to take the certifications,documentations,audit very seriously.

Automation testing is a expense item but can not avoid it.

Everyone is concerned, as properly as, appreciates when it will come to the fiscal position of the global economy for the yr 2009. Money authorities have reported that the problems of what occurred to the monetary disaster will be felt future years .

So, firms all over the world have turn out to be much more stringent when it arrived to their bills. Budgeting for next calendar year’ bills is expected to be much more sophisticated as one particular desires to tighten the belts in particular places.

It is expected that finances for Marketing, Coaching, HR Improvement tasks and IT assignments will be reduce. Implementation of cost reducing actions are expected. This is the state of affairs until finally the money tsunami has handed us by. Everyone desires to remain afloat.

Even so, even if management will come to a decision to slice off certain expenses. There will even now be some charges that management can not do with no. As much as they want to conserve, in order to make far more dollars, they want to carry on to improve the products and services of the business.

Top Ten Strategies to Make Test Automation As a Service

This is the only way to endure. Automation is a single way by which 1 can make improvements to it’ expert services. To be equipped to do that, certain sorts of software program or plans are wanted. These plans are not just purchased off the rack. The firm where by you will obtain it from will give you a demonstration on the gains of the installation and implementation of the method.

It will go by means of Automated Software Screening and Handbook Testing. This will generally be finished inside of the confines of the guidelines and techniques of the organization. The screening stage will incorporate actions to right the mistakes observed. When all is properly, installation, orientation and analysis of the system are envisioned.

So you see, management is perfectly knowledgeable that there are certain expenditures that 1 can not do without having. But they make absolutely sure that there is a definite ROI or return of investment in just the future calendar year or so.

Enterprise Value of Outsourced Item Testing

The current sharp downturn in the economic climate is forcing independent application distributors to reconsiders their method to product or service engineering. In light-weight of the new business realities, companies are compelled to take into consideration how they can decrease their R & D funds, or get larger return on the identical or incremental investments.

On the other hand, it is turning out to be more and more important for ISVs to greatly enhance consumer loyalty and reduce support expense! ISVs are realizing that one particular way to reach this is by bettering the good quality of the product devoid of escalating the expense of good quality. Consequently, ISVs are actively contemplating outsourcing non-main functions like testing to minimize fees immediately, avoid new cash financial commitment, and increase solution high quality.

Why Outsource Product or service Tests

Screening is a important stage in any product or service progress initiative. Regularly changing needs coupled with a diminished product or service progress existence cycle has improved the force on screening teams to do extra at fewer. They experience time crunch as very well as useful resource crunch.

Market exploration research present that 40% of unplanned application downtime is prompted by software failures or “bugs” 40% by software faults and only 20% by components, environmental variables or disasters. Therefore, 80% of unplanned downtime can be alleviated by advancement of IT procedures, pre-deployment tests and finish functions education.

But not all corporations have the “know-how” or sources to carry out the soft. testing procedure. This is crucial, but it is unquestionably not the main exercise of most businesses that have to have it. Outsourcing this course of action will allow for a corporation to focus on it’ core actions when delicate.

screening industry experts can handle the operate proficiently, making sure excellent results. The company will conserve time and income on a course of action that would normally be far too tiresome and exhausting if executed inner.

A study executed by the National Institute of Criteria and Technologies (NIST) has discovered that US businesses invest as significantly as $ 60 billion on correcting computer software problems at the publish-release phase.

This examine also reveals that third party QA & Testing could have saved providers virtually $ 20 billion. The immediate price of quality in conditions of personnel time by by itself is a persuasive cause for thinking of QA & Testing outsourcing design.

Whilst it is hard to measure, the decline of profits in terms of repeat business enterprise, thanks to unhappy customers, is also significant. A effectively structured outsourcing design can help ISVs cut down value (by making use of a lot less costly methods) and maximize the excellent of the products, which extremely effects in glad prospects.

Migrating to an outsourced solution testing model, exactly where the onus of product top quality is shared with the taking part screening business, will give product providers a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Existing Circumstance – On the other hand, as for each a Forrester report revealed in 2008, irrespective of the intense possible positive aspects of outsourcing, not quite a few businesses currently outsource their testing things to do.

In accordance to a survey of IT leaders, only 16% of organizations outsource computer software testing though 16% anticipate to outsource to a 3rd party in the following 12 months. Though an additional 29% ended up considering working with a third social gathering for this service, a sizeable 39% have been not in favor of using this provider.

Though this is one facet of the tale, the outsourced screening marketplace is in fact dealing with a quick expansion, and in accordance to the exact same Forrester report, outsourced tests products and services is escalating at 50% yearly or larger. There is a rising recognition that software program merchandise tests is a specialized skill, and can not be accomplishes purely by any developer.

But it is getting to be more and more tricky for CTOs to allocate adequate cash to employ professional methods, or prepare the present resources to satisfy the demand from customers. As a consequence, solution top quality is progressively remaining compromised.

Why is software package testing crucial?

Is an critical and essential stage of any software program growth undertaking. Developers and testers should guarantee that freshly created merchandise satisfy useful and efficiency requirements and that people items are reliable to operate constantly underneath every single circumstance. The hazards of launching a product or service that is not nevertheless thoroughly organized are better now than ever before mainly because of the adjust in expectations and needs of the close buyers.

A continuous strategy to high-quality, initiated early in the application lifecycle, can reduce the cost of finishing and maintaining the software program substantially. This significantly lessens the danger affiliated with deploying bad good quality application.

Briefly, the most important improvements that come with deploying gentle. tests and emphasize the normally quoted good reasons for tests are:
  • Help save time and funds by determining defects early
  • Stay clear of or minimize progress downtime
  • Present greater client assistance by constructing a much better software
  • Know that customers’ needs are contented
  • Develop a checklist of ideal modifications and enhancements for later on versions
  • Determine and catalog reusable modules and parts
  • Identify spots wherever programmers and builders need to have instruction
Actions in the computer software tests process

Suppliers emphasis primarily on analyzing item high quality, which is understood as a result of the following main techniques:

  • Come across and document defects in software program excellent.
  • Suggest on the perceived software top quality.
  • Validate and demonstrate the requirements built in design and requirement technical specs via concrete demonstration.
  • Then validate that the application solution works as developed.
  • Validate that the necessities are implemented properly.

A superior take a look at effort and hard work is driven by thoughts these as: How could this program crack? In what possible conditions could this application are unsuccessful to operate predictably? Delicate. screening problems the assumptions, challenges, and uncertainty inherent in the perform of other disciplines, and addresses people concerns using concrete demonstration and impartial evaluation.


Whilst ISVs are little by little getting convinced about the advantage of outsourcing their QA routines to offshore companions, in most of the instances they are purely handle this as a expense saving measure. Offshore outsourcing of solution testing, if taken care of strategically, can produce more than just price benefit.

Having said that, dealing with offshoring as procedure of simply just going present software program merchandise testing to an offshore outsource lover might be counter-successful. Executives making the decision to offshore screening ought to draw the strategic prepare for outsourcing, define their aim, and past but not the minimum, ought to realize the attainable pitfalls of outsourcing. This will help them attain highest from their outsourcing initiative.

Troubles Confronted in Outsourced Product or service Tests Routines

We all know that products progress, becoming a far more extreme & associated course of action, differs from software progress. Comparable is the circumstance of product tests. Below, outsourced merchandise screening comes with its individual set of worries. Some of the main troubles faced in outsourced solution testing are:

  • Spouse integration:

    Accomplishment of an outsourced solution screening initiative is dependent on the integration of methodology, utilization of right resources & technologies, and a right-sourcing tactic. It is easier mentioned than accomplished. And is generally the main reason for failure of these types of initiatives.

  • Correct communications administration: Owing to language and cultural limitations, time-zone variance, bodily distance, and inadequate processes, quite a few instances it results in being challenging to have an productive conversation approach.
  • Mismatched or miscommunication of anticipations:

    Absence of a nicely-defined purpose and an ineffective oversight course of action, together with inadequate conversation, can develop variation in expectations

  • Deficiency of merchandise engineering concentration: Most of the offshore suppliers are software service vendors. Right here, they do not have the essential expertise or extra importantly, the necessary product or service way of thinking to take a look at a item
  • Administration troubles thanks to the deficiency of a workable test administration process and affiliated methodology
  • Vendor problems or seller infrastructure problems these kinds of as weak data bandwidth.
  • IPR defense worries
Overcoming the Difficulties

Lots of of the obstacles associated with Outsourced Item Tests pursuits, as stated above, can be elected by choosing an experienced and reputable testing husband or wife with requisite products engineering knowledge, high-quality orientation, structured processes, tested qualifications, and an imprecable record on guarding its client’ IP .

This will be certain that item engineering concepts are in use and greatest practices are constantly used. Cost benefits are achieved by different indicates this kind of as – optimization of the tests course of action, exam automation, leveraging reduced-charge test facilities. When successfully prepared and executed, outsourced product or service screening can cut down the general product engineering cost by 40% or additional, as well as shortening the time to industry and improve overall program quality.

But to make certain the finest achievable benefits from product or service screening outsourcing initiative, you need to:
  • Use specialist providers to carry out merchandise screening, These companies must have solid track record and proven observe file in offering Merchandise Engineering Products and services
  • Approach the system completely. Invest time upfront in benchmarking latest performance thoroughly and put together element organization case to ensure that the service provider delivers a tangible return on expenditure
  • Do not concentration only on price tag reduction. Choose a strategic perspective of the engagement and select a companion rather than a vendor. This will ensure that you attain other tangible and intangible added benefits
  • Give right importance to outsourcing locale. Evaluate parameters these types of as past background, availability of qualified manpower, language ability, political security, stable financial system, and many others., together with expense structures
Added benefits

Cost financial savings, although a important consequence, is not the only gain of outsourced solution screening. Gains from an outsourced item screening initiative will become more major when combined with a global supply product and right-sourcing model.

In addition, providers that have already out sourced their products enhancement course of action will be preferred by employing an impartial 3rd celebration for screening. Here the tests lover performs as a certifying authority, furnishing impartial insights into enhancing product or service high-quality. Subsequent are the positive aspects that appear out as a end result of a effective outsourced solution tests initiative.

  • Increased return on QA financial investment:

    ROI of a product or service high-quality initiative incorporates the financial savings occurred because of to lessened rework, greater consumer satisfaction, decrease aid charges, and decreased product servicing charge. An outsourced solution testing plan, if executed productively making use of an offshore / twin-shore design, not only lowers the cost of tests by minimizing personnel price tag, but also assists to improve product or service quality. A firm can preserve up to 40% in direct staff members price and yet another 10-20% in connected fees by way of outsourcing design.

  • Shorter Profits Realization Cycle:

    Outsourcing product tests can support cut down time to market with the use of extra qualified sources and test automation. This will help the enterprise to reach market quicker and shield / build competitive gain. Listed here, outsourced merchandise testing initiative assists companies shorten their revenue realization cycle, which indicates they can achieve extra with significantly less funds or devote the free of charge means in growth connected initiatives.

  • Enhanced Performance:

    If thoroughly prepared, a perfectly defined outsourced engagement engagement can bring improvements in good quality and shipping and delivery procedures. Outsourcing engagements are governed by outlined Performance Metrics (PM) and Assistance Level Agreements (SLA). Outsourced screening assistance suppliers have formal and demonstrated testing methodologies somewhat than heuristic or experiential methods to discover, deliver, and execute exam scenarios. These official methodologies present for enhanced coverage and defect identification ensuing in an advancement in solution top quality. Clientele can reward from operating with outsourced tests by sharing best methods and investing in process advancement initiatives.

  • Adaptable Scale:

    The testing lifecycle is characterised by staffing peaks and troughs. Controlling this variation of utilization turns into a problem for in-household screening departments. This often outcomes in either reduce utilization (increased expense) or non availability of skilled resourced when essential most. But in an outsourced product screening situation, handling the ebb and stream of sources becomes the duty of the tests companion. Listed here, outsourced product testing provides a substantially desired diploma of flexibility to the client Organization, and permits them to target on item structure and development functions.

  • Independence and Perception:

    Excellent application growth exercise phone calls for separating the growth crew from the tests group. The primary purpose guiding this separation is to present an impartial watch of the item quality. In many conditions, these checks and balances are compromised due to constraints like products launch tension, similar crew functioning for each development and testing, absence of any good certification process, etc. Outsourced product testing delivers a sure diploma of independence, main to bigger visibility of merchandise good quality problems. This unbiased and unbiased insight assists the product or service administration workforce to make much more knowledgeable business enterprise decisions on product or service release program and products high quality.

In a dispersed growth circumstance, when product growth is outsourced, an outsourced screening staff will become even a lot more important. The outsourced exam group serves as the certification authority, furnishing for an impartial 3rd watch, which is impartial from consumer’ Group and the outsourced growth Group. This analysis is a lot more goal as it is sent independent of two reference factors.


Outsourced Product Tests is not a new strategy – existing financial situation has produced it far more suitable and beautiful. In excess of a interval of time, the process also has become experienced and you have additional offers offered from company vendors. The latest economy, purchaser’ tolerance in the direction of solution good quality difficulties, and new competitions are leading more solution companies to adopt the outsourced product screening initiative.

Outsourced tests company vendors, who contend with one an additional and who main small business is to deliver these companies, have also made an investment to go up the value chain by acquiring reusable IP in the type of automatic screening frameworks and employing the required proficient means to provide prospects and retain their aggressive edge. These support vendors have develop into far more productive in excess of a period of time, and provide expert services more quickly, far better and far more charge-proficiently in comparison to an in-house function.

Top Ten Strategies to Make Test Automation As a Service

The current recessionary state is opening up a strategic alternative for leaders: cost-free up scarce funds for deployment somewhere else to aim on core abilities. We see a greater flexibility in choices from outsourced check service providers, and an all round enhanced receptiveness to outsourcing in standard by Organizations. Globalization (aka flattening of the earth) has also resulted in solution companies seeking new approaches of accomplishing small business, studying new techniques, optimizing the software package manufacturing system, and creating money available for worldwide initiatives. This will make the business enterprise situation for outsourced item testing more desirable as it permits companies to free up equally its hard cash and essential methods and have a companion care for its excellent. Outsourced merchandise tests presents a strategic option to ISVs to be ready to scale new heights when market problems improve.

ref- here,here

The Sturdy Causes for Outsourcing your Software program Tests

Obtain TO A Qualified Team OF TESTERS

Likely the most crucial rationale why firms make a decision to outsource program tests is to eliminate the studying curve.

Workforce of specialised delicate. tests corporations are not only knowledgeable of distinctive soft. testing applications, but they presently know how to use them very properly. If you perform in software package enhancement, you know how limited generation schedules are. Anything at all that will save time aids retain initiatives on agenda. Software delays are price tag so when weighing the charges vs. Rewards of outsourcing comfortable. screening, figure out how job delays influence your bottom line.

Lower Expenses WITH Resources

Following the previously said cause, it’ also important to say that soft. Screening suppliers are not only professionals in testing tools but. Of course, they previously own it. And these instruments are rather high priced. So the fact that you will not have to buy them any much more. It is by now a important value saver.

Moreover, oftentimes application progress houses can not find the money for to use. And manage a comprehensive-time enhancement crew and an in-property tender. Screening group. For these companies, the final decision to outsource program screening is an quick 1.

Superior Application Quality

Another crucial reward of outsourcing tests apply is superior software program high quality supported by:

Business independence, which makes certain target on high quality, correctness and compliance to requirements without timetable or spending plan overruns

Technical and course of action independence which is achieved by means of experienced procedures. Specialized resources and resources for screening the application.

Central repository of testing greatest tactics these as mechanisms to determine problems. In early release cycles and ways for cutting down check scenario advancement effort and hard work.

Faster TIME TO Marketplace

Organizations with an impartial tests approach make certain improved time to market place by enabling more rapidly turnaround of releases. This is accomplished as a result of:

Expertise in exam automation procedures, enabling more rapidly screening cycles

Optimizing staffing direct time and increasing the capability to handle fluctuations in need

Larger diploma of predictability in tests effort and hard work, enabling adherence to schedule

Save General Expenditures

It’ an overhyped issue that IT outsourcing in common determinates important charges reduction. But in delicate. testing particularly, investigate studies show very clear figures. With regards to providers that chose outsourcing instead of in-home deployment.

– In a review performed by AMR Research, surveys presented a price tag of finding. And fixed deffects that accounts for virtually 50% of the expense for all application improvement tasks.

– The identical research reveals that offshore smooth. Tests will save providers up to 75% above in-household prices. Advancements excellent and is a much less risky process to build experienced offshore outsourcing skills.


10.Do More with Automation:

Automation not only test your application but can do many more things. All tedious manual job like taking backup of the scripts,updating internal portal, posting report can be done with automation. I have heard one of the team automated the billing portal which was getting input data from review portal. I have experienced the automation of QC to OATS[Oracle Test Management] migration with the power of Selenium.
GUI testing is the mostly tested area in automation. But the success of GUI testing depends on many other factors. In my previous organization, in certain runs we have experienced 90% failures. While analyzing the failures we got to know that these were due to synchronization issue. Application was slow in nature. We use to give second round of execution of the failure testcases, and the 90% of them used to pass!!!.
After researching, we used direct database update,Seeded data and APIs to reduce the usage of GUI. That gave us speed of execution , less failure due to sync issues and more accurate bugs.
Well, more good was,we started supporting API testing as well.
Continuous Integration with automation testing is one of the prime factor for automation success.

These are the basic ten strategies that will surely support the TAAS. Let me know your views as well.

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