13 Best Types of Translation Services in Dubai

Introduction to Translation Services in Dubai

ألن تقبل دبي أبدًا بي شيء أقل من المركزالأول

Yes! If unfamiliar with the Arabic language, you can easily google this line and can translate it into your own. But this is not as easy as ABC.

As a foreigner when landing in Dubai, you will have to hire a translator for tackling various issues regarding business, law, education, medical, tourism, etc.

So information and details regarding types of Transition services in Dubai or in any other country must be in your mind book.

The translators have become a necessity of increasing the globalization of businesses. Multilingual tourists and visitors are the reason for boosting the language-transition industry in Dubai to interact with the natives on a commercial level.

It is helpful to hire a skilled professional person from a company, who is eligible to comprehend your particular demands of the interpretation process.

There are many types of interpretation and services. It can be a business-relevant or non-business relevant category and some types of rendition deal with both of them.

Some of these services are more important and most needed in Dubai. Like,

  • Commercial translation
  • Literary translation
  • Technical Translations
  • Judicial Translations
  • Administrative Translations
  • Financial Document Translations
  • Religious translations
  • Medical translations
  • Website Translations
  • Software Localizations
  • Multimedia Localization
  • Script Translations
  • Legal translations
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Let’s have a brief description of all these kinds:

Commercial Translation

It needs knowledge about the particular business, the jargon of the industry, the transcription of commercial documents, business correspondence, reports, tender documents, company accounts, memos, let’s.

Now it is easy to engage International Customers with the best Business transition services, enabling you to get more profit and success.

Literary Translation

Transcription of famous novels, poems, and plays from one language to another fall in this category. It’s the highest and a bit tough form of adaptation because it has to preserve meaning with context, tone, style, and uniqueness at the same time.

As the literary works are deep into the culture of the place from where they originated so this type is considered the most challenging area of language translations.

Software Localization

It is used to promote the local culture for internationalization. Multinational companies need software handling several languages for marketing the same product.

The localized software may contain several practical and linguistic problems. Therefore, it is less effective than human services.

Technical Translations

Technical contents like user manuals, handbooks, online help script, instruction booklets, training, materials, and videos for technical faculties like IT, manufacturing, science, or engineering, etc.

Judicial Translation

It helps by translating court documents like depositions, minutes of meetings, specialist testimonies, witness testimonies, verdicts, letters rogatory, interviews, etc.

Administrative Translation

It deals with the interpretation of management contents of organizations or of huge corporations or local businesses.

It’s a bit similar to the commercial one but all commercial translations are not certainly administrative.

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Medical translation

Labels, packaging, instructions, research papers, clinical trial paperwork, quality management certificates, and medical-related documentation need these services.

The fallacy in labeling, IFUs, or patient reports will put lives in hazard. So always get the services of reliable companies and approach certified and experienced translators.

Website Translations

Website manuscript, subtitles for videos on web pages, currencies, address formats, and layouts,  calls for this service.

Script Translations

Scripts of movies, TV shows that become popular and are dubbed any other languages to be released all over the world need this service.

Arabian countries have a keen interest in many Egyptian or Canadian, American, etc movies. Thus, Arabic script translation grew bigger, and the requirement has become more visible.

Multimedia Localization

It’s the most famous and needed service nowadays used for videos, graphics, animations, GIFs, desktop-publishing, and infographics, etc.

Financial Document Translation

It’s useful for bank records, statements, account statements, business documents, etc. To maintain error-free financial records of business is crucial in today’s global domain.

Financial interpreters assist companies with balance sheets, cash-flow statements, letters to shareholders, and insurance documents.

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Legal translation

It handles court documents and the subject-matter of law. Law is a complex and sensitive subject, so translating related documents should not be embarked on by someone who is not knowledgeable.

That is why it is favorable to approach the best and reliable legal translation company in Dubai to specifically translate these types of insightful documents.

Religious translation

It changes holy scripts into various languages. To convey the original meaning into the target language without error gets more value for religious transformation.

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Holy Qur’an Translation Services, Al-Ahadeeth, Al-Sunnah, Al-Serrah Al-Nabawia (Prophetic biography), Islamic Fiqh, and Shari’a Translation Services are effectively provided by many agencies in Dubai.


Although every interpretation doesn’t need human services, most of the transformations definitely can’t be handled by machines.

In Dubai, medical, legal, web localization, financial, and business-related transition agencies are getting the most popularity.

And there are well-reputed companies providing well-trained, proficient, skilled, and certified translators in their particular fields.

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