10 Best Travel Influencers on Instagram

Introduction to Travel Influencers on Instagram

Influencer marketing is gaining momentum on Instagram. Many businesses and companies are looking at partnering with Instagram influencers to increase their brand reach, reach more people, and convert their potential customers into actual ones.

Many travel and tourism companies partner with these influencers because they see the potential of tapping into target markets.

These peer recommendations generally work as a catalyst for the existing and potential travelers when coming from people.

Before partnering with the right person, let’s see what they do to help you find new customers

Who is a travel influencer?

Like other influencers on Instagram, a travel influencer is someone who is going to entice you into doing several actions. For instance:

Visit the website

Signup for a newsletter

Buy a product or service

Engage on social media, among many other actions.

How do they bring about this?

These travel influencers try out the affiliate company’s products or services, such as visiting a travel destination and share their experience in such a compelling way to entice you into following them.

They are hired by the company to represent their product because they have earned their Instagram likes and followers‘ trust, and the company is banking on that trust.

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The next section will present you with a list of some famous travel influencers on Instagram. You can follow them to get ideas or hiring them for marketing purposes.

1. Matt Karsten


His username is @expertvagabond, and he is an adventure traveler. His Instagram is full of mesmerizing photography of different travel destinations.

He has made quite a reach with his exciting stories and breathtaking views of far-away lands. His content is getting exceptional support from his followers with massive activity on his posts.

2. Nomadic Matt


With 120k followers, he has quite a following on Instagram. He is associated with the destinations that are categorized as budget travel. His posts and content also present sustainable travel options.

Many new channels such as CNN, Fox have featured him for his $50 per day travel ideas. Not just pictures, he also posts his experiences with locals while his traveling.

3. Kirsten Alana


She has amazing photography skills. Her Instagram is filled with beautiful visuals of landscapes. She has worked with many notable brands such as Air France. More than 200k followers on Instagram follow her.

4. Murad and Nataly Osmann


The next on our list is a travel influencer couple. They both travel and share their experience with their vast number of followers. They are one of the most followed travel influencers on Instagram with 3.9m followers.

Their Instagram is not just travel and destination photos but a glimpse of their personal life with cute couple shots. Their posts are hugely admired by their followers with thousands of likes and comments.

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5. The Planet D


Some couples have turned their love of traveling into work. Which means they love what they do. The same is the case with Dave and Deb.

Their Instagram is filled with travel guides and information. Going through their Instagram, you will see recommended hottest destinations.

The photographs on their feed look like from another world of magic. Their hot air balloon photos from Cappadocia will want to back your bag and leave.

6. Travel Babbo


Are you someone looking for inspiration to travel for your family? Alternatively, is your business-oriented towards providing family travel services and options? Our next travel influencer is from the family travel category.

So far, he has traveled to 97 countries of the world, and among them, he visited 62 with his kids, which is an outstanding achievement and motivation in itself.

His Instagram is full of exceptional photography portraying different cultures and civilizations. His recent visit was to India, a country in South Asia full of rich heritage and cultural destinations.

7. yTravel Blog


This Instagram is living proof for all those who think life gets boring after having kids. Well, it does not if you choose otherwise.

This family account will take you on the journey of many countries with their enticing photos. So far, they have amassed a following of more than 40k followers, which is a healthy number. Their photographs are an epitome of family love alluring you to the point to shed your dull skin.

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8. Conor MacNeill


His Instagram is full of landscape photography. The photographs are alluring to the point of taking you to another world of magic.

The sunsets and the dawns have such a purity to them that no one can resist spending some time there. His Instagram looks like an excerpt from fairy tales with foggy landscapes and clear waters. This account is everything for nature and landscape lovers.

9. Chris Burkard


The second last on our list is Chris enjoying a massive fan following due to his Instagram activity. His photographs will grip you under their spell.

He is a landscape travel influencer because his feed is filled with a variety of landscapes, oceans, mountains, rivers, and whatnot.

10. The Blonde Abroad

Last but not least is The Blonde Abroad. She is a solo traveler. She is telling you clearly that you don’t need a partner to live your passion for traveling. With 545k followers, she is a strong advocate of female travelers.

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