Travel Restriction Extended Into The New Year By Canada- 4 Points

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Canada has closed its border to foreign nationals who come for a non-optional and non-discretionary reason. Border authorities will refuse any traveler coming for reasons such as recreation, tourism, or entertainment. The government is moving the date to align with travel restrictions on U.S. travelers, according to a press release.

With the amendment in its order, Canada is creating a framework for considering applications from high-performance amateur athletic organizations seeking to host international single sport events.

Applicants will need to include written commitments of continued support from regional governments to be considered. They will also need a strong plan to protect public health and the health of participants. The government will publish additional information on the website of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

travel restrictions
travel restrictions

Canada is also amending its order and creating a framework for considering applications from high-performance amateur sports organizations seeking to hold International Single Sport Events.

Applicants would need to include written commitments of ongoing support from regional governments in order to be considered. They will also need a robust plan to protect public health and the health of participants. The government will be releasing additional information on the Department of Canadian Heritage’s web site.

Some people are exempted from travel restrictions, such as:

  • Canadian citizens (including dual citizenship) or permanent residents;
  • Certain persons whose permanent residence in Canada has been approved;
  • Certain temporary foreign workers;
  • Some international students;
  • Protected persons;
  • Immediate family members of Canadians;
  • Extended family members of Canadians;
  • People who come to Canada for compassionate reasons; or
  • Any other person subject to the exemptions listed on the government web page.
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Originally, travel restrictions were put in place from March 18 to June 30 in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Since then, they have been renewed month by month.In October, Canada eased travel restrictions for students and extended family members.

The federal government also allows people to come to Canada for compassionate reasons, such as:

  • Be present during the last moments of a loved one’s life or provide support or care for a seriously ill person;
  • Provide medical support to a person in need; or
  • To attend an end of life ceremony or a funeral; Before coming to Canada, compassionate travelers can complete an application for limited release from quarantine before the 14 days have expired. Travelers to Alberta may also be able to obtain early release from quarantine.

The only other exemptions from the mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement are:

  • crewmembers;
  • Immigrants invited by the Minister of Health to participate in the response to COVID-19 and other health workers;
  • members of the visiting forces who come to work;
  • For the immigrants coming to receive medical services within 36 hours of arrival;
  • cross the border in a cross-border community;
  • persons entering Canada on a "ship" for research, as long as they remain on the ship; and
  • other circumstances listed in the new decree.

In all cases, Canadian border services officers have the final say over who can enter the country. As there is a separate ordinance in place, Canada has also restricted cross-border travel between it and the United States since March. This order was extended earlier this month.

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For help on moving to Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic, consult with Nationwide Visas – Canadian immigration consultant and start your immigration process.

Canada during the COVID-19
Canada during the COVID-19

to know more,

  • Ban on flights to Mexico and the Caribbean: Effective Sunday, January 31, Canada’s major airlines will be suspending flights to Mexico and the Caribbean — favorite sun destinations for Canadians looking to escape the winter. This measure will remain in place until April 30.
  • Mandatory COVID-19 test for all international air arrivals: All passengers arriving on international flights into Canada will be subject to a mandatory PCR test in the airport. This test requirement is in addition to the mandatory negative COVID-19 test results required prior to boarding a flight to Canada. The only airports to accept international flights will be Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.
  • Mandatory hotel stays for international air arrivals — at their own expense: While waiting for results from the new mandatory PCR test for air arrivals, travelers must stay at a designated hotel for up to three days at their own expense which is expected to cost more than $2,000. The exact start date for this measure hasn’t been announced, although Trudeau stated that it will be “as soon as possible in the coming weeks.” If test results come back negative, travelers will be able to leave the hotel to complete their mandatory 14-day quarantine period at home. If test results come back positive, travelers will be moved to a government facility.
  • COVID-19 testing requirements for the Canada-U.S. land border: Although details were limited, Prime Minister Trudeau stated, “We will also, in the coming weeks, be requiring non-essential travelers to show a negative test before entry at the land border with the U.S. and we’re looking to stand up additional testing requirements for land travel.”
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