3 Sunset Points You Should Not Miss While Travelling to Gandipet

Introduction to view Sunset Points You Should Not Miss While Travelling to Gandipet

Gandipet is one of the massive lakes near Hyderabad spreading across almost 50 km. The lake offers a lot of flora and fauna to the visitors. Gandipet is otherwise popular as Osman Sagar Lake (on the name of the late seventh Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Osman Ali Khan).

This is a manmade dam to protect the twin city from the aggression of river Musi during the flood.  It was planned to store excess water from Musi to here. Even today this dam acts as a source of drinking water for two sister cities.

When the lake itself a beautiful place to visit but several sightseeing options make it more attractive. If you want to spend some quality time with your family or beloved and want some peace from the daily hustle-bustle life, surroundings of Osman Sagar (Gandipet lake) can provide you with the same. It is a perfect place for a picnic, family outing and some refreshment.

As per the security guard here, we can also opt for boating. But during our visit, we could not find them. You need to be lucky and get the necessary information about boating before you go.

There are several options to stay never Gandipet (Sagar Mahal run by Telangana Tourism Department is the most popular).

There are limited food options nearby. Telangana State Tourism department operated canteen is the only source of food. It provides ok ok food. I would suggest you bring your own food and water with yourself.

While you are here, the sunrise can be picture perfect. But the sunset is even more beautiful. In this post, I will tell you 3 spots you should not miss while enjoying the sunset.

How to reach Gandipet

Gandipet is 12km away from Gachibowli and 15km away from Hitech city. But the best way to venture Gandipet is to travel by cars, bike, cycles. You can also opt for ola, uber or any private taxi.

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There is a govt bus service also available  (but it is not so popular) Mehipatnam to Gandipet Route No-120.

You can hire zoom car too! There is no train connectivity to come to those places. Nearest airport- Rajib Gandhi International Airport.

Travelling to Gandipet
Travelling to Gandipet

Gandipet Park

This is a small yet beautiful park just behind the parking. The sunset on the calm water of the dam is excellent. The enjoyments become double by hearing the chirping of birds as they return home. There are plenty of seats to relax with your family.

Entry fee- 5rupees.

There is a toilet facility but it is very basic. You can get food items from the canteen. There are ample of car parking in all these places. Gandipet changes 20 Rs. INR/car.

Time to corer- 3-4 hours.

Sunset on the Rock Garden Canteen

Once you park your vehicle and start moving forward along with the dam after you cross Musi river, you will find this place. You cannot access this place by car or bike. You need to walk.

This is another beautiful place to watch the sunset. From this place, you can get a 180-degree view of the lake. The multicolour sunset along with the shadow will be everlasting in your mind.

On the other side, you can see how the water is being treated and supplied to twin cities.

Lake View Point

This plan is a little away from Gandipet. While approaching toward Nehru Outer Ring road, you need to bisect Hyderabad Mokila road and enter into the bypass road.  You can find small canyon on the right side. If you have sometimes you can explore the canyons. Just after passing the canyons, on the left side, you will find this hidden treasure.

The evidence of human encroachment is evident everywhere. This hidden gem will vanish soon. But the scenery of this place is breathtaking. Wait for some time to set the sun, and you can enjoy a colourful sunset in the backdrop of pillars. During a rainy afternoon, if you are lucky you can discover rainbow along with plenty of colour shed of the sky.

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There is no toilet, shelter or canteen nearby. You need to carry all the things with you. The area becomes crowded if rain starts in Hyderabad.

Why target sunset at these places? 

There are several factors that make sunset as an excellent option in these places-

  1. Camera friendly- As per spaseekers, around 286 million photos were posted to Instagram on sunset. Sunsets are truly camera friendly. You can use your phone to frame a beautiful sunset. As this is not in the east, you can get ample time to capture those photos. Off course you can bring your expensive lenses and DSLRs. But a phone camera is also able to click a postable image.
  2. Psychological effect- After the day’s handwork, you do not need to drive far to reach this place. This excellent and picture-perfect spots can wake your travel experience better to end the day in a nice ending note.
  3. Finally, as per psychology, an excellent sunset can boost your well being by increasing generosity and enhance life satisfaction. It can surely refuel you for the next day’s hectic schedule.
  4. Not so far- It is very close to Hyderabad so, travelling is super easy with your car, bike or even cycle.
  5. Crowded during the evening- These places are explored more during weekends and during the evening. As per the study, 55% of people come on Sunday afternoon. Whereas 35% of people enjoy the sunset on Saturday afternoon. So during this time, you won’t feel alone or unsecured.
  6. Lots of food options near Gachibowli- Within 10 mints drive from these places, you can reach financial district and Gachibowli circle where numerous cafes, restaurants and food junctions are available.

What you do and what you don’t?

  1. Protect nature as far as possible.
  2. Do not smoke or litter around these places.
  3. Drive carefully as it passes via the village.
  4. Do not venture the bushes or jungle to reach the lake.
  5. There are snakes around and during the rainy season, they come close to the shoreline. Be very carious.
  6. Do not stay after 6:30 pm just after sunset as this plea does not much security.
  7. Do not go out to water if you do not know how to swim.
  8. The slope is rock-based and very uneven. Be very careful while hiking on this part.
  9. There is a warning board stating the lake is Inhabitat of a crocodile but we could not spot one. You never know what happens when you enter the water.
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Few improvements point to Authority

  1. There is very less maintenance for this place.
  2. Toilets and canteen facilities can be improved.
  3. A lot of migratory birds come in this area, the govt can build a watchtower or some sort of facilities to encourage bird lovers that will boost tourism.
  4. Fewer numbers of security personnel.
  5. No guide facility.

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It is often criticized that Gandipet lake and surrounding is overrated and it is losing its charm as the human encroachment reached till the dam. Many say there is no point to visit Gandipet as it is no more a perfect place to hang out. During our visit, we found that Gandipet is still a nice place.

Human encroachment is present but you can still enjoy a nice sunrise or sunset here. Nature lovers will find its beauty for sure with natural and paranormal excellence around these places.

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