Is Mangastream A Trending Alternatives For Reading Manga In 2020

Introduction to Trending Alternatives For Reading Manga

Free manga sites are a great way of getting instant access to your favourite manga online. You can visit these sites for free and without going through hectic registration processes, you can read your favourite manga with ease. This is how easy it has been made by manga sites to enjoy your favourite manga online.

But still, you need the best site for reading manga online. This is the only way you can have a fun time reading your preferred manga.

In this article, we are going to talk about Mangastream and its best clones and alternatives that you can visit in 2020.

About Mangastream

Mangastream was one of the most popular and widely used sites for reading manga online. It was immensely famous in the manga readers community, thanks to the impressive features that it had to offer.

It offered quick access to a huge collection of manga that the users could read here for free. For years, it was among the top-rated manga websites and its popularity was totally unquestionable.

This website didn’t require you to create an account, nor did you have to pay any kind of fees for using the services of this website. It was totally free to use and the user experience on this website was out of this world.

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Trending Alternatives For Reading Manga
Trending Alternatives For Reading Manga

Is Mangastream Active?

The official Mangastream site stopped working a few months back. In fact, it was taken down by the website owners under the terms of DMCA policy.

This website offered free digital copies of manga prints without permission from the original content creators. Although this is how free manga sites work, they had to take it down because otherwise it would’ve been turned into a legal matter.

The bottom line is, mangastream is not operational anymore. But still, you shouldn’t lose hope, there are a number of mangastream alternatives out there that you can use instead. We are going to talk about some of these sites here in this article.

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Mangastream Alternatives in 2020 


MangaFreak is one of the best mangastream alternatives that you have online in 2020. It is almost as old as mangastream and is among the few sites that are loved by manga readers all over the world.

This website has a massive collection of manga that you can read here for free. Also, you don’t need to spend any kind of money for using the services of this website.


MangaFox would be an awesome choice for reading manga online. This website was also taken down a few months back but now it is back again under a different domain name. You can check it out to read manga online. It has a decent user interface and although there are a lot of ads here, these ads won’t affect your manga reading experience that much.

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MangaPanda offers an extraordinary level of ease of access that is hard to find in other free manga services that you have out there. With this service, you get to read manga on your PC as well as your mobile phone. MangaPanda has a mobile app that can be installed on android devices and that can be used to get access to the latest manga through mobile devices. MangaPanda offers excellent user experience which is on par with paid manga services.


MangaPlus is an official site for reading manga online. Here, you would find a massive collection of manga from all genres that you can try out. You can go to Past News to learn more about MangaPlus and all there is to know about similar trending manga sites online. This website offers you HD quality manga that you can read on this site, without having to set up an account or anything like that.

Wrapping Up

That is pretty much it. This is all you need to know about mangastream and its most popular alternatives. Although mangastream is not working anymore, this doesn’t mean that you can’t read manga for free anymore. Just visit the sites that we have talked about in this article and you should be good to go. Check out these top-rated websites for reading manga online in the best possible way.

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