Learn on How to Plan Trip to Visakhapatnam(Vizag) in Fast Eficient and Detailed Manner in 30 minutes?

Trip to Visakhapatnam or trip to Vizag

In this blog post, I will cover our Visakhapatnam (Vizag) trip details. I will also customise the plan to trip to Vizag or trip plan to Vizag as per your need.

Vizag is one of the rare cities of India which has the pristine Bay of Bengal in one hand and beautiful valley (Araku and Lambasinghi) on the other hand.

Typical Vizag trip takes three days to cover but an explorer or honeymooner may extend five to seven days.

Visakhapatnam or Vizag

Vizag is having a very rich culture as well as historical heritage. Vizag offers something to almost all religions. It is the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh. Araku and Lambasinghi are unexplored hill stations.

Vizag is also known as ‘City of Destiny’. It is the headquarter of the eastern naval command. ‘Visakhapatnam’- the name came from God Vishaka. Visakhapatnam has a strong history with great Kalinga king. It also depicts a connection with British and French colonial rule.

As per history, The Kinga lost to king Ashoka. And the blotch bath of war changed Ashoka from Chandashok to Dharmashok. As lord Ashoka had Buddhism and embarrassed the same, Vizag depicts lots of Buddhism presence.

Today Vizag is an industrial city (popular for steel). It is the naval base of India. It is the fifth cleanest city in India.

Trip to Visakhapatnam- trip to Vizag
Trip to Visakhapatnam- trip to Vizag

Vizag offers something to every traveller. If you are on a quick business journey, you are on yearly leave and looking for a detailed journey, you are on Honeymoon to Vizag or just a leisure vacation in Vizag. It has beaches, hills, valley and several small tourist attractions. Overall, Vizag is a complete package.

How to reach to Vizag

Vizag/Visakhapatnam is well connected via rail, air and road from entire India. Being a Naval base of India, and steel plant, this city is almost awake 24X7.

Air – It is well connected from several cities of India.

Rail – It is a major junction connecting many routes. The train journey to Vizag has its own charm and once again it is well connected from various cities of India.

Road – It is connected by NH-5. Many volves, public and private buses run to and foe to Vizag. When you have your own car you can glide on NH-5 to reach Vizag. However, there are also several buses running from neighbouring states and cities.

Distance from various cities

  • Hyderabad- 700km
  • Delhi- 1880km
  • Mumbai – 1361km
  • Kolkata- 866km
  • Bangalore- 1015km
  • Pune- 1198km

Air, Rail and Roads are excellently covering the port city. However, if you like to drive, this is a perfect route to drive. Train tickets to Araku are always subject to availability hence you need to wait for a perfect and lucky day.

How to travel in Visakhapatnam?

Auto rickshaws are very popular in Vizag. The new app cabs are also gaining popularity. Apart from these, if you connect to your hotel front desk, they arrange sightseeing with A/C, non-A/C cabs. You can also try the cab rental service. (rev, zoom cars and local car rentals). Other than the car, bikes can also be rented from several vendors (popularly danced near the railway station).

You can rent a car from any of the local vendors or you can book a self-driven car. Before you finalise, google for the vendor’s rating.

Visakhapatnam offers several beaches, excellent coastal line. It is actually an untapped tourism destination often ignored.

Best time to visit Vizag

Being coastal side, Vizag is heavily hot and humid during summer and Vizag also experiences lots of rain during monsoon seasons. So, the best time to visit Vizag is from November to Mid-March.

The cool and clear weather lets travellers explore most of Vizag.

Another important aspect is the festivals. During winter, lots of festivals happen during the winter season. So, if you happen to be during winter, you can spectate many.

Popular Restaurants in Vizag

  1. Alpha Hotel
  2. Ramat
  3. ABs – Absolute Barbecue.

What to eat at Vizag?

Vizag has a mixed taste of North and South Indian cuisine. Chinese and continental foods are also available. In general, being South Indian city, idli, bora, dosa, pickle, card are commonly available.

Do not miss the traditional dishes like – Murku, Booralu, Appadams, Putharekulu, Anab shali, Pulihara.

Being a sea e city, it also offers lots of seafood items. Do not miss mud crab fry, sea crab masala.

Few roadside foods you should not miss during your visit to Vizag

  1. Tomato & Mirchi Bajji – Deep-fried tomato covered with gram flour (besan).
  2. Bamboo Chicken – A Smokey flavoured chicken item prepared in an empty bamboo stuffed with marinated chicken then fried with coal.
  3. Kabab – Chicken liver kebab burns on fire served with Soda. (try boneless fish fry, mutton kabab).
  4. Baked/grilled corn – Corns are burnt over coal. Add butter/spice/salt/lemon to add various flavor.
  5. Mixture – A mouth-watering dish prepared with puffed rice, chilli, peanuts, some chiwda, onions and tomatoes.

Things to buy from Vizag

Vizag is slowly becoming a popular tourist area and may not offer you lots of things to buy. But it certainly offers you clothes, handicrafts, sandalwood, coffee and many other spices, pickle etc.

Notable things to buy:

  1. Clothes
  2. Jewellery
  3. Sandalwood sculptures

Where to shop at Vizag?

Vizag being a small city, it does not have several malls. All malls and local shops are centrally located at Jagadamba Junction, RTC complex, TSR Complex and kurupam.

In Vizag, Jagadamba Junction is the main shopping centre. You need to walk in this junction to get the gifts for your loved ones.

How is the nightlife of Vizag?

Vizag is an upcoming tourist spot and slowly growing in terms of Nightlife. Yes, bring a small city you do not expect a nightlife like a metro. However here the list of hotels, that serves drinks –

  1. The Park
  2. Dimple of Daspalla
  3. Punnami
  4. Senora
  5. Vihar
  6. Ironhill
  7. Top the bar

Best tourist places of Visakhapatnam

  1. Rushikonda Beach
  2. Ramakrishna Mission Beach
  3. Yarada Beach
  4. Dolphin or Dolphin Nose
  5. INS – Kursura Submarine Museum
  6. Kailasagiri
  7. Simachalam Temple
  8. Katiki Falls
  9. Bora Caves
  10. Araku Valley
  11. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park
  12. Bheemli Beach
  13. Red Hills
  14. ThotlaKonda
  15. Ramanaidu Studio
  16. Zoo Park
  17. Tenniti Park
  18. Vuda Park
  19. Visakha Museum
  20. Aircraft Museum
  21. Kali Mata Temple
  22. Fishing Harbour
  23. Thajangi Reservoir (Lambasinghi).

Yarada Beach

Yarada Beach is the most beautiful, scenic and breathes taking beach in Vizag. It is the must-visit beach if you have come to Vizag.

Yarada Beach is named after the nearby village – Yarada. The uniqueness of the beach is, it is surrounded by hills from three sides. Yarada is situated on the other side of Dolphin Hill. The beach is near to Kali hill and depicts the natural cave. The sea view from Durgakonda and Venkateswara Swamy is a treat to the eyes and soul.

The best time to visit this beach is either during sunrise or sunset. If you are fortunate, find this beach without tourists. You can get perfect pictures in this place throughout the day.

Yarada Beach-Trip to Visakhapatnam
Yarada Beach-Trip to Visakhapatnam

The pristine golden sand beach is the cleanest beach of the Eastcoast. Yarada Beach journey is equally thrilling as the beach. One has to drive up to the diamond hill with a steep curve and common passage. If you are a gear headed person if you definitely love this route.

Yarada beach is not so popular among the tourists, that is the reason, tourism is not flourished that much. You will get decent food point here. Pack your food and water bottle beforehand. Do not forget to take tender coconut from local vendors.

If you have some more time, can also explore some other points –

  1. Gangavaram Beach
  2. Gangavaram Port
  3. Dolphin Nose.

Dolphin Nose/Point and Harbour

It is situated at a distance of 4.5km from Yarada Beach. This another viewpoint. Dolphin nose point is inside the guard of Indian Navy. Sometime you may not reach to the point due to security issue. However, the other side of the Dolphin Ghat is equally beautiful.

view from Dolphin Nose-Trip to Visakhapatnam
view from Dolphin Nose-Trip to Visakhapatnam

It is possibly a landmark in Vizag. The 350 metres single and massive hill resembles the Dolphin’s nose. Ross hill is the highest peak here.

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– The iconic and historical lighthouse was almost destroyed in 1876 due to a cyclone but later restored. This lighthouse can guide ships from a distance of 65 km. This place is a must-visit during sunset.

Lighthouse at Vizag

The subjective to build this was too warm to cargo ship (kind of a sea utility). Very few tourists actually venture this. Do not forget to give it a visit to understand its past glory.

Ross Hill

It is one of the hills that support three faiths. Mr Rose created a house here in 1864. Later the same house was converted to chapel Mother Mary’s church. It has three dedicated hills for Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

The third hillock made by Captain Blackmoon in the 19th century. The objective was to watch the ships roaming and going out of Vizag port.

Rushikonda Beach

Rushikonda Beach is another popular yet excellent beach in Vizag. Due to this beach, Vizag got the name as ‘Jewel of East Coast’. This is another must-visit place in Vizag. Rushikonda Beach is situated 16 km away from Vizag railway station.

Rushikonda Beach is overcrowded beach throughout the year. The crystal-clear blue water becomes colourful with the visitors exploring the sea.

Rushikonda Beach-Trip to Visakhapatnam
Rushikonda Beach-Trip to Visakhapatnam

The golden sand natural beach is considered as the best beach of Vizag. You can relax in the shade of palm enjoying the cool breeze. Swimming is allowed here but you need to be careful not to venture too deep as there are no/ less coastal guards around it.

If you get an option to stay at Rushikonda Beach, book APTDC, Haritha in Rushikonda. It is the best in Vizag.

This beach also offers several water sports, (Jet skiing, windsurfing, speed boat, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, sea kayaking). During sunset, the place becomes even more romantic. Can get resemble with Puri (if you are a Bengalee).

Do not forget to explore the hilltop restaurant for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Rushikonda Beach
Rushikonda Beach-2

Must watch

  1. Migratory birds
  2. 14th-century temple on Rushikonda Sapta Rushikonda Temple.

Ramakrishna Beach

It is located at 4km from the railway station and the longest beach in Vizag. This beach has a scenic beauty overlooking the city. But it is not suited for swimming. However, thanks to Andhra tourism Dept, the sea beach is neatly maintained and can enjoy several activities (sunbath, volleyball, beach football etc here).

RK Beach is jointly developed and upgraded by the municipal corporation of Visakhapatnam (MCV) and Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA).

Kursura Submarine Museum trip to vizag
Kursura Submarine Museum trip to vizag

Popular tourist attraction around RK Beach

  1. Kali temple-A small but magnificent temple near Ramakrishna Beach.
  2. Ramakrishna Mission Ashram
  3. Aquarium
  4. Several statuses of prominent persons
  5. Roadside restaurants
  6. Visakha Utsav
  7. Victory at sea – A war memorial, a memorial for the brave soldier who died in 1971 Indo-Pak war.
  8. Kursura Submarine Museum – A diesel-powered electric submarine.
  9. War Memorial –On the R.K. Beach road, you can find the war memorial, a tribute to the soldiers who lost lives during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. The memorial has fighter plane a tank, replica of missiles. No entry fees.

Sunset is the ideal time to visit this place. Do not forget to take Jhal mudi (spicy murmura) or baked corn.

Indian Navy fighter plane trip to Visakhapatnam
Indian Navy fighter plane trip to Visakhapatnam

Palm Beach

If you are looking for some picnic spot, less crowded yet a private and cosy area, Palm Beach is on the list. This beach is near to RK beach very near to VUDA park. You will get all the necessary items from the RK Beach area but can spend leisure time on this beach.

Kalingapatnam Beach

Kalingapatnam is far away from Vizag rail station. It is truly a remote beach with very fewer facilities. You will interact more with the fisherperson than any other visitors.

Once you reach the beach, the unpolluted deep blue sea along with the lush green surroundings will welcome to another paradise. The golden sand on the beach is not thick. So, you can enjoy roaming the area.

Kalingapatnam Beach
Kalingapatnam Beach

Being a very remote beach, it does not offer swimming. There is no restroom or locker facility. There is no lifeguard as well.

Mangamaripeta Beach

Mangamaripeta beach is another remote beach. Apart from the lovely beach, this beach offers a Buddhist complex (located at a highest). This beach not really crowd-free. Many visitors come to see this Buddhist establishment.

Gangavaram Beach

Do not miss Krishna temple. Most of the travellers come here to experience the deep blue sea, the cool breeze and huge hills structure just in the middle of the sea.

Gangavaram Beach
Gangavaram Beach

Lawson’s Bay Beach

Lawson’s Bay Beach is another less crowded yet picture-perfect beach near Vizag. It is located 25 km away from Vizag railway station. This beach offers crystal clear water, calm seashore. It is ideal for sunset or sunrise.

You can also enjoy seeing related some sports on this beach. The beach is full of soft sands. So, you can walk on the beach in barefoot. The slow and calm waves of the sea make it easy to do for swimming.

Being an isolated beach, with no lifeguard and the sudden drop in sea bed level, swimming is not recommended.

Ramakrishna Beach and Lawson’s Beach is often referred to as ‘twin beaches’ of Vizag.

Sagar Nagar Beach

Sagar Nagar Beach is another less visited, less crowded beach with lovely crystal-clear water with deep blue sky. Being less visited, you can spend some quality time with your beloved. This beach is an ideal place for hobby and professional photographers.

Sagar Nagar Beach is also very popular for wedding photography.

Kondakarla Ava Beach

Kondakarla beach offers a similar experience as Rushikonda Beach like – kayaking, sailing, fish catching, bird watching. Along with deep blue sea, golden sands, this beach is actually covered full bloom lash greenery and flower bed.

Bojjanakonda and LingalaKonda Buddhist monastery

Even if Thotlakonda and Bavikonda can show you the small setup, the Bojjanakonda and LingalaKonda show the massive yet beautiful Buddhist establishment.

If you are a history lover, you must visit this place to see the livelihood of ancient Buddhist (dated from 200 BC to 700 AD). You can see the fine cut of the rocks, the beds, rainwater harvesting, stairways, double stoned cave etc.

It is very close to Sankaram village (near Anakpalli 45 km away from Vizag railway station). You can take a bus from RTC complex bus stop to Anakapalle. Then hire an auto to these places. Alternatively, you can hire a cab straight from your hotel.

INS Kurusura

A Russian built submarine is at display here. It was decommissioned from 2001 -2002 and later rebuilt as a museum from 2002 to 2013. It displays the inside of the submarine. It is 6 km away from the railway station. It is I- 641 class submarine that served the Indian Navy from 1969 to 2001.

The submarine displayed at R. K. Beach has clocked 1,36,100 kms and it draws lakhs travellers every year.

Timing – 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Tuesday to Saturday)

10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (Sunday)


  • Rs 20 INR children
  • Rs 40 INR adult
  • Rs 20 INR for still camera
  • Rs 200-500 INR for the video camera.


Kailasagiri is another place that provides hills and beaches. It is approximately 20 km from Vizag railway station. Kailasagiri hill station is famous for its vista surrounding view. The hill is around 180 metres from sea level and 9 km from Vizag railway station..

Kailasagiri is also famous for shiva Parvati sculpture, ropeway, child’s park, truck.

Kailasagiri timing – 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Ropeway timings – 11:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. & 2:00 p.m. To 8:00 p.m.

Entry fee – Rs 5 INR/ head, ropeway cost – Rs 75 INR (round trip)/ adult, Rs 40 INR (round trip)/ child. Spread – 350 acre.

Must watch

  1. A nice stream flowing in the hill
  2. Titanic viewpoint
  3. Floral clock
  4. Shankha Chakra of Lord Venkateswara
  5. Gliding point
  6. Jungle trails
  7. Manicured lawns
  8. Art gallery
  9. Children park.

Note – The floral clock is the biggest in India (10 ft. diameter).

Indira Gandhi Zoo

As it is very near to Kailasairi hill park (5 km), you must not miss this zoo. It is a total of 625 acres. The zoo provides jungle-like feel with 80 types of species (including tiger, lions, panthers, deers).

Time – 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. (closed on Monday)

Entry fee – Rs 5 INR for kids, Rs 10 INR for adults.

Simhachalam Temple

Simhachalam Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and mother Lakshmi. The avatar is Varaha and Narasimha. The temple sculpture will surely amaze you.

Simhachalam temple is constructed on the Simhachalam hill. As per the local guide, it was constructed in 1098 by the great Chola king named as Kulothunga Chola. The artwork is similar to Konark, Orissa.

Some ports of the temple were destroyed by the Islamic invasions. The temple depicts a half man and half lion avatar of Lord Vishnu. You can certainly find the influence of Chola and Chalukya style architecture.

Must watch— horses made of stone, horse-drawn chariot, elephant and flower duration. Various postures of Lord Narasimha

This old temple is just 16 km away from Vizag railway station. This temple is surrounded by lush green jungle. You can notice the 16 piller engineering marvel dance hall and 96 piller massive cultural hall. The owner of this temple is Sri lakshiNarashimha Swamy.

You can venture it by road or by a local train.

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Bheemli Beach

Bheemli Beach is situated at Bheempatram which is derived from Bheema (one of the Pandava princes from Mahabharata). Bheemli Beach is near Gosthani River providing better fishing opportunities for local fishermen. There is a fort of 17th century, an ancient cemetery at Bheemli Beach. All the beach activities (mentioned in Rushikonda beach) are also available here.

Bheemli Beach-Trip to Visakhapatnam
Bheemli Beach-Trip to Visakhapatnam

The beach is situated 40 km from Vizag town. But the road through the sea will surely make a pleasant drive.

Bheemli beach is known for the statue of Buddha, five Pandava princes and a big dinosaur. It is ideal for swimming, adventure.

Must watch

  1. Seventh-century fort
  2. Cemetery of dutch.

Bheemlipatnam shows the proof of Buddhist existence way back in the second century.

Must visit

  1. Pavulakonda hilltop for Buddhist’s village and excellent view.
  2. Lighthouse
  3. Lord Narasimha’s shrine
  4. St. Peter’s church
  5. Maharaja guest house
  6. Clock Tower.


Thotlakonda is situated approx 15km from Vizag railway station on the way to Bheemli Beach. Thotlakonda is known as “The Hill of Eagle”.

Buddhist complex
Buddhist complex

The security and guide at this place informed us that this place was discovered by the Indian Navy Security during 1982. There are lots of Buddhist cave, iron & steels, sculptures, drinking water source present. If you are a history lover, you must visit this place. The view from the top is also stunning.


It is the lesser-known tourist spot very near to Vizag. This place is peaceful, free from the city crowd. You can spend quality time with your family in the lap of gorgeous nature.

Must visit– The hiking trail, the beautiful view of the ocean, the flora, flower beds.

Entry fee – RS. 10 INR / adult.


Bavikonda is another tourist destination, that is 15 km away from Vizag railway station towards Bheemali beach. This is another dance of Buddha’s presence during the second century. The hilltop also shows the Buddha’s establishment. The several art facts recovered from here are-

  1. Roman coins
  2. Satvahana coins
  3. Pottery

The hilltop also showed us

The Buddha’s rainwater harvesting system, Beds, small houses, mahalaya stupas, platforms, vihar, kitchens etc.

Gangavaram Beach

Gangavaram Beach is a crowd-free, less visited beaches of Vizag. Being less visited place, this beach offers pristine water, calm sunrise or sunset in the lap of mother nature. As far as beauty is concerned, this beach provides a splendid view. This is the reason, it attracts several movie makers to shoot at this beach. Swimming is prohibited at this beach.

Gangavaram Beach
Gangavaram Beach

Mangamaripeta Beach –

While going towards Thotlakonda on the way, you can get this beach. The uniqueness of this beach is the rocky beach bed. It is a rare formation of black rocks.

Mangamaripeta Beach-Trip to Visakhapatnam
Mangamaripeta Beach-Trip to Visakhapatnam

There is a rocky arch present on this beach. The excellent view of Sea from this rocky arch is even more beautiful.

Visakha Museum

Visakha Museum is 5 km away from Vizag railway station and on the R.K. Beach. It depicts several historical artefacts (stuffed animals, coins, ancient armoury, portrait, silk costume, letters, jewellery, diaries, manuscripts, scrapbooks).

This is a 150-year Dutch bungalow and converted to a museum in 1991.

VUDA (Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority) park

The excellent picturesque generally will elevate the tourist’s spirits for sure. There 2000 trees planted in 37 acres of land (57 acres total). You can play with the kid, do yoga, some physical activities here.

VUDA Beach View Park
VUDA Beach View Park

VUDA Park is a tribute to former Chief Minister of Andhrapradesh – N.T. Ramo Rao. The park is also having a musical fountain, boating club, pagodas, Kala Vedika, yoga centre, multigym, children park.

Hindustan Shipyard Limited

Monday to Saturday from 4 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Vizag Port

Visiting time – 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. The port is situated in between Dolphin nose hill and Ross hill. However, it is a natural harbour.

Kondakarla Ava

Kondakarla Ava is famous for lake, bird sanctuary and excellent surroundings. The calm water of the lake, surrounding Coconut trees, overlooking the hills will surely take you to a different world.

During Sunset, the area becomes even more live with the chirping of birds. The Sunrise or the Sunset can be a memorable experience.

You can also explore the lake by local boat riding at a Cost of 200 Rs INR. You yourself can pluck lilies from the lake.

If you are exploring the hill stations like Araku or Lambasingi here the spots you must not miss…


Borra Caves

If you are travelling to Araku, this is a step before you reach Araku Valley. It is 705-metre-high from the sea level. Once you enter the cave, the first thing you notice is the echo. The main attraction of the bracket is the shivalinga you can also go down have a look the shivalinga make prayer and come back. The constant erosion of the rocks creates a unique structure inside the cave. These structures (the play of mother nature) are interesting to observe.

This massive yet ancient Cave was originally found by William King George in 1807 during Geological Survey of India’s visit. This massive cave is the biggest cave found in India. Apart from its spectacular design it also offers lots of physical activities (like tracking). The 80 ft long tunnel is a must-watch. A Shivalingam and kamdhenu are also found inside this nature’s beauty.

– For the help of the tourists, this cave has 63 total mercury lamps, sodium vapour lamps and halogen lamps.

Must watch – a dinosaur shape, a serpent, an elephant’s foot, human brain.

Entry fee Rs.30 INR/person for still/video camera.

It still a developing tourist spot. You can hardly get water, tea or other snacks. It is advisable to bring your own water bottle or snacks with you.

Katiki Falls

Katiki Falls is another tourist destination in Vizag. Katiki waterfall is just 5 km away from Bora Cave. The Gosthani River pours water to this beautiful waterfall. The planting of the waterfall 90 degrees (vertical Cliff). The height of the fall is around 50 feet. The dance of falling water inside a dense green jungle invites us to capture the frame in mind as well as the camera.


  • Do not venture into the hills to go near the falls. There is hardly any chance of survival in case of an accident.
  • No normal car can go near this beauty, so you have to hire a local 4X4 car to reach here. The road is not good. Last part of the journey is via trekking. So if you have elderly or children with you, You can skip this.
  • If you are an adventure freak, you can certainly do camping or cooking here.


Once you are going towards Araku, you can find this small tribal village (75 km from Vizag station). Tyda offers an excellent view of Eastern Ghats. If you are a nature lover the calmness in the lap of mother nature will surely memorable here. It also offers hill tracking, blind watching. There is one APTDC approved resort here (named – Jungle Bell Nature Camp).

Tadimada Waterfall/Ananthagiri Waterfall

Tadimada waterfall is situated 30 km away from Araku valey and 3 m from Ananthagiri village. This charming waterfall is one of the best in Andhra Pradesh. It is 10 minutes from main road hence very well reachable via walking. If you want to reach here by car, the best will be to hire local SUV.

The height of the waterfall is 100 feet and it is best in the mansoon season. During mansoon the waterfall shows the full glory.

The rocks in the waterfall are very slippery, the water is general is very dirty other than the mansoon season. Swiming is permissibile but needs to be careful.

Chaapari waterfall

Chaapari waterfall is situated 50 km away from Araku valley and a must visit point. During the journey there is another excellant place called Paderu. You can take lots of piture of this beautiful, camera friendly place.

This waterfall is also known as Dumgiguda waterfall. The beauty of the fall is that there is no single stream(main stream), rather many small streams are flowing. The feeling of the streams are like natural jacuzzi.

Some portions of the fall are good for venturing out but some portions are bad(slippery and accident prone). Be very careful while venturing this fall.

Ananthagiri Hill

This is the base hill of Araku Valley. The entire hill is full of a coffee plantation. There are several other spices also available. There is various waterfall present at this place. Must watch the waterfall is Tadimada waterfall.

The coffee smell can be formed in the entire Valley. This is due to various coffee plantations around. Ananthagiri is one of the popular plantation areas.

Ananthagiri Valley View
Ananthagiri Valley View

Mostly the local tribals work their day and night to provide us with the best quality coffee.

Note – The first-ever organic coffee was planted, cultured and produced in Araku Valley only.

Many coffee plantations owner offer a stay in the plantation field in the form of camping and guest house. Check the facilities before you venture one.

Araku Valley

Your trip to Vizag will never be completed without visiting Araku Valley. The local tribes are not that much influenced by the modern world.

Araku Valley is said the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh. The valley is covered with lush green with several coloured flowers. Around the valley, there are coffee plantation, honey Bee breeding, the tribal village with tribal culture everywhere.

on the way to Araku-Trip to Visakhapatnam
on the way to Araku-Trip to Visakhapatnam

Araku Valley is full of mountains, streams, lush green fields, waterfalls. Being a hill station, the temperature is always on the lower side. You can get fog in the morning even during March April fall summer.

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Vizag to Araku journey can be done into two ways –

  1. Rail-By train Araku is 6 hours journey. The beauty of the train journey is that it passes through mountain, tunnels. You can see the waterfalls, the flowers, the valley.
  2. Road-You can also opt for the bus that takes around 3 or 4 hours. By road is also a good option though.

We opted for a self-driven car; we took hours to reach there. In general, the car can reach by 6 hours. We ventured a lot many spots, stopped our car for photography. We took many tea or coffee breaks en-route. We stopped all most all viewpoints.

Araku Morning 7-30AM
Araku Morning 7-30AM

They both offer you a different interesting view of the valley. In my views, why the road journey is even more beautiful than the Araku Valley. The road passes through several hills providing a lot many viewpoints, turns, twists. En-route you can find many hotels. These hotels serve tasty food. The speciality of Araku is ‘ Bamboo Chicken’. Do not miss one.

Arakan visiting spot –

  1. Lush green fields
  2. Padmarao Garden’s free water channel
  3. Coffee Museum
  4. Borra Cave
  5. Tribal museum

Note – I have seen many restaurants actually procure Bamboo Chicken from the open market. So, you can check before you buy them from hotels. Instead of procuring at a higher rate, you can roam around the Araku market and find a better vendor. Bamboo chicken shops are generally opened throughout the day.

Bamboo chicken- A Araku delicacy
Bamboo chicken- A Araku delicacy

The valley offers a lot of things to the visitors along with a relaxed stay here. I personally suggest staying at least 2 nights here to soak every drop of valley’s beauty.

Do not miss – Tribal dance(the ‘Dhimsa’ – a tribal dance performance.), Ananthagiri Coffee Plantations, Tyda

Galikonda viewpoint

As per the local guide, Galikonda viewpoint is the highest viewpoint in entire Vizag district (4320 ft above sea level) and the second-highest peak in the Eastern Ghats.

Definitely, the view from this place to the valley, hills, small streams and roads are breathtaking. It seems that nature has painted this spot with excellent colours.

Araku valley from Viewpoint
Araku valley from Viewpoint


  1. The absolute calmness will blow your mind,
  2. You need to carry at least one super zoom lens and one wide-area lens. The super zoom will help to capture the beautiful birds around and

Tribal Museum

Tribal Museum was inaugurated in 1996 to showcase the traditional livelihood of the tribes. It also depicts the cultural, social and economical pictures of the tribes.

The purpose of the tribal museum is to raise and spread awareness about the tribe’s culture and lifestyle. This tribal museum is actually a mud metal combined two-storied building.

Tribal Museum
Tribal Museum

Must watch – The bungalow shaped building, the natural red coloured roof, silver jewellery, weapons, hunting tools, utensils, crockeries, clothes etc.

You can purchase handicrafts, fine arts, spices, honey, coffee from this place.

Padmapuram Garden

This is lesser-known travel spot in Araku Valley. This garden was the main source of vegetables for the fighters in World War II. However, this is transformed into a Botanical garden now. This garden has several rare species of flora and fauna.

There is no entry fee here.

Must watch – The lush greenery, the colourful flowers, Rose garden, tree-top huts.

Must do – There is a toy train service that shows the entire garden. You may ride this. It is another source of joy for the juniors.


Lambasinghi is another hill station just like Araku Valley but it is not equally commercial as Araku Valley. It is known as ‘Kashmir of South’.

Lambasinghi is situated at Chintapally village, 120 km away from Vizag. Travellers experience snowfall in Lambasinghi. In winter season temperature may go down up to -2 t to – 5 Celsius. And just like Araku Valley, the valley is cool.

morning at 7-45
morning at 7-45

Just like Kashmir, there are several strawberry farms where tourists can pick their own strawberry at a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, Lambasinghi does not have much lodging options. However, there are lots of camping options available near Thajangi Reservoir. ‘The Kashmir of South’ is relatively untouched and less crowded.

As a result, there is hardly any great food stall/hotels available outside. But you can get food roadside or small makeshift hotels.

Must watch – Foggy morning/snowfall (if luck favours).

Best time to visit – Throughout the year but only in December to January if want snowfall.

Kothapally waterfall

This is a beautiful yet very less crowded waterfall. Kothapally waterfall is 20 km away from Lambasinghi and a must-visit place.


Matsyagundam is locally known as fish pool. It is very close to Paderu and a must visit place if you are exploring this side of Andhra Pradesh. It is close to a century old temple.(Sri Matsyalingeshwara Swamy).


As per local tea seller, there was a huge fight broke out between Singarajula(Snakes) and Matsyarajula(Fishes) near Gemmili. Mother Fish understood the situation, rescued all fishes and then put them here.

Obeying this belief, the locals do not consume fishes.

Gaming spots in Vizag

Bunkers N Bonkers

Want to play some game in Vizag that needs some amount of physical activities but ample of joy? Then Vizag offers paintball game. ‘Bunkers and Bonkers’ the paintball arena is hugely popular. It draws thousands of visitors every month. They not only provide high-quality pieces of equipment to play but also take care of the individuals. There is also a cafe attached to the arena, where you can relax and drink or even have some small snacks.

FAQ on Visakhapatnam trip

Q-Where do I get all the correct information on Vizag?
A- Please refer to ap govt website.

Q- Is it good for the solo traveller? Or is safe for ladies?
A-Yes, It is safe for the solo traveller. If you are a lady, please do not wear unwanted dress material. People of this portion still follow the proud Indian traditional wears. Please respect that.

Q- How is the cellular service?
A- In Vizag, you will get all kind of services. But if you plan to travel Araku and Lambasinghi, few sections will not have data services and cellular connectivity. During the journey, we have seen jio has better coverage than others.

Q- Can Vizag be covered in 3/4 days?
A- Yes, Here is the tentative trip plan :

Day -1
Kailasagiri – Simhachalam temple – Aircraft Museum – Submarine Museum – Fishing Aquarium – Kali temple – Fishing Harbour – R.K. Beach – Rushikonda Beach – Lawson’s Beach.

Day -2
Araku – (Borra Caves – Anthagiri waterfalls, Katika waterfalls. Several viewpoints including Galikonda) – Coffee plantation – Coffee Museum – Tribal Museum – Sunset at Araku.

Day -3
Sunrise at Lambasinghi – Kothapalli waterfalls – Strawberry fields – Night stay.

Day -4
Return to Vizag – Thotlakonda – rock beach – Bheemli Patnam – Buddhist complex.

I have given all viewpoints and sightseeing in Vizag. You can customize as per your need.

Q-Do I need a map for Vizag trip?
A-If you are travelling by hire cab or a self-driven cab, you probably need map support. If you do not have an offline map service like ‘mapmyIndia’ and if you rely on Google Map or any other online map service, then it is better to download an offline map. Few sections will not have data services and cellular connectivity.

Your online GPS and map service may not guide you correctly.

Q- Where do I stay in Vizag?
A- There are several budget hotel to star hotels available in Vizag. You can choose one. The stretch of Vizag is huge. Try to book a hotel at RK beach, Rishikonda beach(APTDC hotel). Bheemli beach is also having some great hotels.

Q- Can I get Bengali food in Vizag?
A- Even though I suggest to explore the local foods, there is are few great restaurants:

  1. Hotel Nimantran- They have two branches. Both offer the same menu.
  2. Little India-Not a proper Bengali but can serve Bengali food

Q- Where do I stay in Araku or Lambasinghi?
A- In Araku APTDC has the best hotel. In lambasting there is no good hotel. I would suggest staying at Araku and visit Lambasinghi.

Q- Are there ATMs?
A- In Vizag, there are plenty, but in Araku or Lambasinghi, almost no ATMs present. It is good to carry enough cash. Hotel booking can be done online with card though.

Q-How much money do I need to carry to visit Araku and Lambasinghi?
A- Depends on your buying habit, spending habits. Rs 1000 INR/head/day is enough apart from hotel cost.

Q- Can I get OLA Uber in Vizag?

A- Yes, Inside airport only ola stand is present. For Uber, you have to go out of the Airport. But remaining Vizag ola and uber is present. For Araku and Lambasinghi, you need to book outstation or another service available there.


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