4 Best Tudor Watches For Your 2021 Collection

Introduction to Tudor Watches

Last year’s pandemic was totally unwanted and unexpected. However, we have to deal with the consequences daily and cope with surviving.

But we must not let these negativities affect us any longer as we enter this new year.  As we step into this new chapter in our lives, we must also refresh our wardrobe and accessories.

Wristwatches are sometimes taken for granted by other people. They tend to see them as unnecessary accessories, provided that we have our mobile phones to tell us the time.

But luxury wristwatches are different, and time display is not their only function. They are part of your outfit and improve your aesthetics. Here are four Tudor watches for your 2021 collection:

Knowing Your Brand

Although some really do background checks on the brands they are about to invest in, it is also pretty interesting to know more about their history and rich culture.

Tudor watches are very well-known for their remarkable and distinctive designs. They continue to live up to the people’s expectations and make an exceptional etch in the Swiss watchmakers’ industry.

The Tudor trademark started way back in 1926, and they are related to the famous Rolex. The company Veuve de Philippe Hüther created this brand on behalf of the Rolex innovator Hans Wilsdorf.

He then personally took over the company ten years after. Then, in 1946, Hans Wilsdorf founded the company Montes Tudor SA, and then the rest is history.

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Don’t miss these cheapest Tudors:

Tudor Black Bay

With a brief history check, we now know why Tudor watches look a little similar to Rolex watches. The Tudor Black Bay is an excellent choice for gentlemen who prioritize the looks of masculinity.

The black dial, dot indexes, and snowflakes hands blend perfectly together. It can easily match with tall gentlemen because of its larger structure with a 41mm steel case.

Its round shape and black leather strap are good combinations for a more robust approach. Caliber MT5602 operates the Tudor Black Bay to ensure optimum performance and durability.

With this watch’s brute looks and strong performance, you definitely need to consider adding this to your 2021 luxury wristwatch collection.

Tudor Royal

If you are looking for a unisex wristwatch, you need not search any further and check out the Tudor Royal. This exquisite timepiece is applicable to any occasion.

Whether you are attending a grand and formal event, a ball, or you just like wearing something while strolling with your casual attire, the Tudor Royal can flexibly match your outfits effortlessly.

It has the same size as the Tudor Black Bay as it comes with a 41mm round stainless steel case. Although this may appear more delicate than Black Bay, the Tudor Royal is still a wise choice for gentlemen.

It has a classy black dial with Roman numeral indexes and a current-day display which is quite unique for a wristwatch design.

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Tudor Classic

The Tudor Classic is perfect for the ladies who are seeking the right luxury timepiece this 2021. Although this wristwatch is best for formal occasions, you can still wear this on casual walks and protrude from the typical crowd.

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It will be hard for the other competitive ladies out there to outclass and outshine you when you acquire this beautiful Tudor Classic.

This ladies’ watch comprises yellow gold hands with index hour markers. The black dial’s outer rim also has these yellow gold hands minute markers.

Tudor Classic comes with a 28mm, cushion-shaped stainless steel case operated by the Tudor Caliber 2671 with a 38-hour power reserve. This luxury watch is perfect for ladies who love black, silver, and gold combination.

Tudor Style

Last but not least on our list is the Tudor style for men. This wristwatch may look simple, but it provides a different level of slick elegance and charisma.

It has a smooth combination of stainless steel and black dial, which is the preference of charismatic gentlemen with simplistic yet elegant needs. The Tudor style is a must-have for your 2021 wristwatch collection.

Tudor Style is somewhat smaller than the Tudor Black Bay as it comes with a 38mm round stainless steel case, which expresses a more delicate approach.

It operates with the Tudor Caliber 2824 and a 38-hour power reserve. If you seek a simple, elegant, yet powerful timepiece, you go for the Tudor Style men’s watch.


Finding the perfect timepiece is somewhat challenging, provided that you are investing a generous amount of money. Tudor is long known in the quality Swiss watchmaking industry and will not disappoint.

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