10 Basic Types of Business Mobile App-Which one is right for your business?

Introduction to Types of Business Mobile App

Businesses more than ever before are depending on mobile devices to perform an array of critical tasks. There are mobile applications of all types to meet their needs.

The enterprise IT department only needs to choose the appropriate mobile apps for specific business tasks to make sure that all these tasks are taken care of very effectively. The question is since there are so many apps to choose from, what most businesses need? 

Well, when it is about choosing the appropriate apps for a business, there are a lot of considerations. You need to select the app that can serve your business purpose well and add real value to your business. Most important of all, the chosen apps must make the lives of your target audience easier.

Before we explain the most important types or categories of apps that most businesses find useful, we need to explain the choice of apps available in the market and custom enterprise apps built for business. 

Grabbing a Market App vs Building a Custom Enterprise App

At the very beginning, you have to take a call on whether an app available in the market will suffice your purpose or you need to build a custom app for your business. For example, you can opt for a CRM mobile suite available in the market, or you can create a custom CRM for your business internally.

There are pros and cons to both sides. Publicly available apps can be perfect when there is a budget constraint. But if you can afford a large budget and a fully-fledged development team, building a custom app in-house can be highly effective. You can also outsource the entire development project and allow an expert development firm to create a custom enterprise app for your business. 

As for outsourcing app development, you should look for destinations with a reputation of great developer talents and a competitive budget. For example, you can hire developers from Ireland for your enterprise in the US or Hongkong and boost your business process with an excellent app.  

Types of Business Apps for Enterprises 

While modern businesses depend on a multitude of apps for their various processes and tasks, some of the most common types of apps used by enterprises include the following.  

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Accounting Apps  

Accounting apps help save tons of time for businesses while enhancing accuracy in the accounting process. There are too many great accounting apps available in the market, including QuickBooks Online, Commerce Sync, Bench, Xero, Zoho Books, TaxJar, etc.  

Invoicing and Subscription Management 

For businesses managing third-party service providers, vendors, and subscription-based customers, the invoicing and subscription management apps play a significant role.

Some of the most notable invoicing and subscription management apps include Zoho Invoices, Chargify, Hiveage, Jobber, etc.  

Employee Productivity Apps

Personal productivity apps used by employees in business environments can do wonder in respect to boosting productivity and efficiency.

From collaboration on documents, spreadsheets to allowing remote meetings to help manage schedules, these apps are parts and parcels of enterprise environments. The entire Google Suite of apps and Microsoft suite of apps are examples of such apps. 

eCommerce Platform 

Whether you already have an online store or you are building a new one, you can opt for a mobile-based platform to make your online store. Some of the most notable options include Weebly, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, and many others. 

Inventory Management  

Inventory management apps help you manage and keep track of stock and your requirements of new stocks across the sales channels. Some of the most notable inventory apps include Stitch Labs, Shopventory, Sku IQ, and several others. 

Point of Sale (POS) Software  

The POS software helps to process transactions at counters of various businesses. Some of the most notable POS software apps include TouchBistro, Vend, SuitePOS, and many others. 

Human Resource (HR) Management 

Human Resource management tasks such as tracking employee schedules and managing payroll can be done quickly with such apps. Some of the most notable HR management apps include Deputy, TSheets, Humanity, Homebase, and many others. 

Form Building Apps  

Collecting customer data through forms and processing the data for further marketing lead generation is something most businesses need. To create firms for this purpose, there are various ready-to-use apps including Cognito Forms, Jotform, Wufoo, and many others.  

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Travel Booking Apps  

Business travel is an integral part of business operations. To make business travels worry less and secure, businesses use travel booking apps.

Round the year, for all their employees destined for travel, these apps allow booking flight tickets, train tickets, accommodation booking, scheduling journey, etc. Some of the most notable apps in this category include Booking.com, Skyscanner, Airbnb, and many others. 

Reporting and Analytics

Since business and customer data works now as the fuel to advance business with suitable strategies for ensuring competitive lead, reporting and analytics software apps have gained so much importance these days.

Some of the most notable reporting and analytics apps used by businesses include IFTTT, Dor, SumAll, Control, and several others. 


With the proliferation of mobile apps across all tasks and business-specific solutions, most companies no longer need to take expensive development projects for developing custom business apps. They can use multiple apps from the categories mentioned above and help their businesses run efficiently and grow.  

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